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Friday, April 29, 2011

New School Board LEADERSHIP to be Chosen SATURDAY

New Board Leadership to be Chosen Tomorrow Morning

April 30, 2011
9:30 a.m.
1. Call to order
2. Board Reorganization
a. Election of Officers
b. Committee/Other Assignments
3. Adjourn into executive session pursuant to Wis.
Stats. 19.85(1)(c) to consider employment, promotion,
compensation or performance evaluation data of any
public employee over which the governmental body has
jurisdiction or exercises responsibility, and take any such
action, if necessary, based on its discussion namely:
administrative structure and transitions.

Monday, April 18, 2011

A Public Apology to Sen. Glenn Grothman and Rep. Pat Strachota

Dear Sen. Grothman and Rep. Strachota,

Thank you for coming to Jackson tonight to take part in the West Bend School District's "work session" for the School Board. As you may not have previously known, tonight was also the last night for outgoing board president Joe Carlson. I realize you were invited to this work session to discuss the changes taking place with the state budget that you have boldly supported on behalf of the majority of conservative taxpayers throughout Wisconsin. It was hoped that you would be able to share your ideas and suggestions in order to lend support to our local school board.

I'm sure you didn't expect to be taken hostage by our Superintendent, Pat Herdrich, our soon-to-be dethroned board president, Joe Carlson, and Kewaskum schoolteacher/board member Kris Beaver, who all repeatedly addressed both of you by your first names (though Carlson was sure to state "Dr." Herdrich when pertinent) and raised their voices angrily at you. Numerous times you were harshly demanded to come up with figures that were not yet determinable. Over and over again the condescending nature of the conversation was aimed at you until finally board vice president Tim Stepanski said enough was enough.

As if the bait-and-switch agenda for the evening wasn't enough, our local liberal recall election king, Waring Fincke, was front and center, and was aided by a young high school student who was trying her best to look intimidating with her video camera aimed on Sen. Grothman. The recall renegades were disruptively commenting as both of you tried to answer questions that were already rude and discourteous. What was worse, they followed you out of the room at the end of the meeting and waved signs in your faces and chanted, which prompted a police escort. I would never have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes. A police escort for our State Senator and Representative in order to safely leave a School Board Work Session at Jackson Elementary School!

I am terribly embarrassed by the representation of the people on the school board who disrespected you, downplayed your positions, and mocked you to a waiting crowd. It felt like a set-up. Perhaps it was. I know there are other school board members who did not appreciate what took place. It is not representative of the people in our school district - the ones who know what you stand for and support you 100%.

Our new school board members bring a refreshing new outlook and a positive attitude. Our superintendent has one foot out the door as she seeks employment in a neighboring district. The tide is turning in West Bend, and it is a deep breath of fresh air.

Your input is valuable and your dedication is admirable. You have endured much and it has not gone unnoticed.

My apologies, once again, for this evening's untoward outcome.

God bless your time and efforts as you go forward in Wisconsin.

Homeschoolers are being asked to pilot the program to draw homeschooled kids into the program and increase revenue.
$6400 per capita for online academy versus $6800 paid out for opted out students. Academy will generate revenue. Sounds like another charter school offering in the recent past that was rejected because it was not "innovative." This academy is no more innovative. Interestingly, I don't hear Beaver or Miller chiming in with their barrage of curriculum and innovation questions.
Ted Neitzke presenting on-line learning academy. Vitual blended charter school discussed because "we" wanted a "charter" school.
Todd Miller, Bart Williams and Rick Parks all officially sworn in as board members.
Doug Ziegler says the meeting is too long. Board also needs more time to go over information given to them.
Regular school board meeting is now nearly one hour overdue. Work session still going on.
Herdrich: the current governors budget will not allow us to make up the difference for any budget reductions. Tax to the max is a faulty notion.
Williams.."i wont support tax to the max" budget.
Neitzke says at this point in the game its almost too late to make significant budgetary cuts before fall.
Williams standing firm on ideas for budget cuts. Example: he challenged dean of students for mclane. Dean is gone now and mclane is doing fine.
Carlson is on to badgering Williams' suggestions.
Additional note: Waring Fincke, et al followed Grothman and Strachota out into the hallway and jeered them with signs and hostility. NICE representation of our school district. Both officials were duped into coming to a meeting to assist with strategy and, instead, were verbally assaulted and attacked by Herdrich, Carlson and Beaver.
John Grundahl says CFAC will be looking at parameters set by school board and work to meet those needs.
Stepanski says we need to look for more solutions. An operating referendum should not be our only option.
Parks says some things williams brought up ared worth looking at. Acting like a loose cannon.
Marquardt verbalizing his dissatisfaction with lack of response to suggestions re: leadership structure last year.
Randy marquardt saying old pay structure is still posted on line.
Stepanski saying agenda for evening not accomplished. Meeting already running over.
Beaver advocating for two athletic directors for high schools. What about cutting salaries???
Police escorted Grothman and Strachota out of the building.
Williams says he has been asking for details on spending and hasnt gotten them to date.
Rick parks showing true liberal colors..attacking Williams.
Todd miller says one person cannot handle the athletic director position for both high schools.
Herdrich against hiring freeze. Means class sizes will increase. Williams says he is addressing non teaching positions.
Post retirement health bennies need to be looked at per williams.
Bart williams bringing up suggestions for budget cuts. Suggesting hiring freeze. Cut 25 percent of library budget ...cut back supplies.
Stepanski stepping in. Says the budget was to be addressed and instead there was everything else being discussed. He is offended and disappointed.
Carlson is advocating for K4. Asking for # on waiting list for headstart...60ish. Suggesting the additional headcount would benefit school district.
Carlson asking grothman about 4K.
Carlson pushing grothman for guesstimate. Cut him down for not having a ballpark figure. Saiid he should email him (carlson) when he gets that figure as he hadnt received many emails from grothmans office.
Grothman explaining support for voucher program.
Strachota says that our teacher salaries and bennies are in the ballpark.
Carlson has done nothing but harrass Sen. Grothman. Try to get him to give a percentage for future revenue limits. Looking for crystal ball prophecy here.
Sen. Grothman just arrived.
Attending school board work session at Jackson school. Crowd of about 50 or so. Mostly hostile. Joe Carlson cutting off Rep. Strachota. Speaking in condescending ridicule to her to the delighted crowd. Getting his last licks in before he gets dethroned at 8 p.m.

Washington County Conservative Citizens Forms

Saturday, tax freedom day, was also the first organizational meeting of Washington County Conservative Citizens or W-C3. W-C3's mission is to provide a central networking place for conservatives. Our stated goal is to bring our County's conservative majority together with a common point of contact.

Bill Meyers, a Washington County Board Supervisor and Treasurer for the group said," It is a Herculean task to bring so many diverse groups together. We were blessed today to have in attendance several of our elected State representatives, members of every prominent Political Action Committee and some of the most important and well respected individuals in Washington County. With this level of participation, we will succeed."

W-C3 is an offspring of the petition drive by Citizens for Elected Executive (C4EE). During their petition drive, the group's organizers saw a void between locally focused Political Action Groups and the broader, statewide focus of our political parties. It is common that many elected offices such as School Boards and County Supervisors cross the geographical borders of cities, towns and villages. W-C3 will be a platform for diverse groups to work together towards a common goal. Ideally, each group will remain autonomous but will now have the opportunity to support each other.

Mike Bassill, another Washington County Board Supervisor and spokesman for the group said," Our own apathy has allowed liberals to take over our local governments. That is going to change starting today!"

W-C3 has scheduled a second organizational meeting for June 9, 2011. For more information, their web site currently under development is www.W-C3.org or contact Mike Bassill atMike.Bassill@W-C3.org.

Porn at the Public Library - All materials for all ages..

....and so the mantra goes with the American Library Association, and even our own West Bend Community Memorial Library. PARENTS BEWARE.

A man has been convicted of disorderly conduct in connection with an incident at the Hudson Area Library late last year.

Timothy W. Anderson, 36, 1521 Ward Ave., Hudson, was sentenced to one year probation and fined $137.50 March 30 for the misdemeanor offense. The charge resulted from the investigation of a Dec. 9 complaint that Anderson was viewing pornographic material online in the Hudson library.

Hudson police were called to the library when a patron noticed Anderson watching a porn video on a computer in the “Teen Section” and reported it to the librarian, the criminal complaint said. The incident occurred about 1:50 p.m.

The court ordered Anderson to continue with current mental health treatment as a condition of probation. A 75-day jail sentence was imposed and stayed.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Prosser Declared Winner

Glad this hoopla is over. This is great news!

The Milwaukee county canvass is complete, and a conservative justice has weathered attempts to link him to Wisconsin's governor and a divisive union rights law and won re-election, according to county vote totals finalized Friday.

Tallies from each of the state's 72 counties show Justice David Prosser defeated challenger JoAnne Kloppenburg by 7,316 votes. State election officials said they will wait to declare an official winner until the deadline for Kloppenburg to seek a recount passes. She has until Wednesday to call for one.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

West Bend School District Supt. Vying for Position In Men. Falls

You heard right!

Three in running for Falls superintendent job

The race for superintendent in Menomonee Falls is down to three. Interviews are being conducted this week to replace long-time superintendent Keith Marty, who will be leaving for St. Louis at the end of the school year.

Charles Johns, principal at Rolling Meadows in Northern Illinois, will interview for the job this week, as will Pat Herdrich, the superintendent of West Bend schools. The superintendent of the Greenfield School District, Conrad Farner, will be the third candidate to vie for the spot in the Falls.


Parents Outraged Over SEX Survey for KIDS in West Bend

Referring to the recent SEX SURVEY for 11-18 year olds in the previous post, I've decided to share a few things I learned over the course of the past 24 hours.

I've received numerous calls, Facebook messages and emails from parents/friends who want to know what this is "all about." They have seen a few of the questions from the survey posted here and elsewhere and are outraged. Parents are feeling that a government-run school should not be digging into the sex lives (or lack thereof) of their kids. I agree. This has crossed the line of parental authority.

While the survey letter indicates a parent can opt out, why is this an automatic OPT IN? Why wasn't a return reply envelope included to encourage parents to send their opt OUT response back to the District?

The letter home should have indicated that a response was REQUIRED one way or the other, and included a return envelope.

WB East HS Principal Cassandra Schug has indicated that parents can COME IN to review the "updated" survey, but it has not been made available via the internet. Most certainly this survey can be scanned and posted quite easily.

This is unacceptable.

Call or email your school board members IMMEDIATELY and ask to have this PLACED ON THE AGENDA as an "action item" to be discussed as a board.

Contact info for School Board Members is as follows:

Joe Carlson jcarlson@west-bend.k12.wi.us
Todd Miller tmmiller@west-bend.k12.wi.us
Kris Beaver kbeaver@west-bend.k12.wi.us
Dave Weigand dweigand@west-bend.k12.wi.us
Randy Marquardt rmarquardt@bkoenig@west-bend.k12.wi.us
Doug Ziegler kbeaver@west-bend.k12.wi.us
Tim Stepanski tstepanski@west-bend.k12.wi.us

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

West Bend School District Serves Up Sex/Drug Survey for 11-year-olds???

Please make it stop.

From "What's New in West Bend Schools":

Sex and Drug survey for kids 11-18 years old

How would you like your son or daughter to go to school and be asked:

During your life, with whom have you had
sexual contact?
A. I have never had sexual contact
B. Females
C. Males
D. Females and males

During the past 3 months, with how many
people did you have sexual intercourse?
A. I have never had sexual intercourse
B. I have had sexual intercourse, but not
during the past 3 months
C. 1 person
D. 2 people
E. 3 people
F. 4 people
G. 5 people
H. 6 or more people

If you attempted suicide during the past
12 months, did any attempt result in an
injury, poisoning, or overdose that had to be
treated by a doctor or nurse?
A. I did not attempt suicide during the
past 12 months
B. Yes
C. No

These questions are found on the upcoming survey sponsored by the West Bend School District, and your child will be filling it out unless you opt them out. The complete survey can be found at:http://www.dpi.state.wi.us/sspw/pdf/yrbs09hsques.pdf
It has been updated for this year.

Parents received a letter this week informing them of the survey and advising them to fill out a form if they want to OPT OUT their child, and return the form to the school. No return envelope was provided. The date of the survey was not given. If a parent fails to return the form their child is automatically going to be a participant in this anonymous survey. The school district asks that all students take part in the survey.

I have a few questions myself.

1. If the district insists on asking such questions of our children, shouldn't the option be to OPT IN and not OPT OUT?
2. How many children will participate in this survey without parental knowledge?
3. Is this a good use of our tax dollars and class time?
4. What thoughts enter a child's mind when such questions are posed?
5. How can a parent decide if they want their child to participate when the survey was not included in the correspondence?


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Another Washington Cty. Supervisor Speaks Out

This is sweet.

April 12, 2011

Senator Alberta Darling
Wisconsin State Legislature
Room 317 East, State Capitol
POB 7882
Madison, WI 53707-7882

Senator Darling:

I hope my letter finds you and yours well and rested from your Budget hearings. After the speech by one of my fellow County Board Supervisors at your hearing, I feel it is my duty to supply some balance to what was said.

The speaker I am referring to is County Supervisor Ralph Hensel. For the record, Supervisor Hensel is the Chair of the Washington County Finance Committee. If you are unclear on his position on spending, I always say, “Don't listen to what I say, look at how I vote.” These records are available online at the Washington County web site. In the interest of full disclosure, Mr. Hensel is also a retired teacher living off a tax payer funded pension plan.

Mr. Hensel does not speak for a majority of the taxpayers in the reddest County in Wisconsin, Washington County, on spending taxpayer money. That said, as the Finance Committee Chair, he does have control of the purse strings of Washington County. Apathy on the part of many has allowed our local government to be taken over by the liberal minority. That mistake will be corrected soon.

Oddly, I find myself, after a fashion, agreeing with Supervisor Hensel. I do agree that we need to change Wisconsin's pension funding but I think a level playing field is in order. My 401K retirement plan is a voluntary plan and, in the interest of fairness, the State plan should also be voluntary. I would ask that as part of the 2012 budget plan, you change the State plan from mandatory to voluntary. This would give public employees the same advantages I have funding my retirement.

On the subject of union bargaining rights, I also agree change is necessary. I disagree with both Supervisor Hensel and Governor Walker in providing both civil service protections and some bargaining rights. To me, this sounds like being partially pregnant. I would ask that as part of the 2012 budget plan, you either allow the unions full bargaining rights with no civil service protections or, as the framers of civil service protections had originally intended, give all government employees protections and end all bargaining rights, period.

Finally, as a veteran of County's Finance Committee, I see significant opportunity to limit spending at the local level but the will to do so is lacking. I have no doubt that with your knowledge of State spending, you and your Committee also see the opportunities. I would ask that as part of the 2012 budget plan, you speak for those of us who changed the face of Wisconsin's government last November and continue to do our will.

Best regards,

Supervisor Bill Meyers, District 24
Washington County Board of Supervisors

Monday, April 11, 2011

JFC Tidbits - Wash. Cty. Sup. Hensel, MICAH and More Madness

A few noteworthy tidbits worth passing on.

Seems that local Washington County Supervisor and, ahem, former schoolteacher, Ralph Hensel, spoke in opposition at today's JFC Budget Hearing. Seems that Hensel, also a former schoolteacher, made mention of the Constitution, indicating that it clearly stated separation of church and state when referencing school vouchers. An unfortunate incidence of a public school teacher not knowing what the US Constitution says.

This is the same guy who signed THIS petition:

From http://www.savelocalcontrol.org/ scroll down--

Donna Tarpinian, Member, Stoughton Area School District Board of Education
James R. Anderson, Village President Sauk City,
Roberta Rasmus, school board member, Chippewa Falls Area Unified Schools
Jeri Lawrenz, Retired clerk, Town of Dane
Thomas Green, Assistant Village Superintendent, Village of Merrillan
Paul Ehlinger, Town Supervisor, Town of Wabeno
Larry Henke, Town Chairman, Town of Neshkoro
Gina Palazzari, School Board Member, School District of Menomonee Falls
Karen Bowen, Retired member, two-term president, Oshkosh Area School District Board of Education
Ivan Collins, Rock County Supervisor, Rock County Board
Steven Nass, Jefferson County Supervisor, Jefferson County, WI
Steve Doyle, County Board Chair, La Crosse County Board
Susan Kopras, Village President, Village of Exeland/Sawyer County
Sue Disch, County Board Supervisor and 2nd Vice Chair, Green County Board of Supervisors
Sue Disch, County Board Supervisor and 2nd Vice Chair, Green County
Brian Kranz, City Administrator, City of Kewaunee
Thomas Eagon, District Attorney, Portage County
Vernon Koch, Supervisor, Sheboygan County Board
Dennis Uecker, Village President, Village of Hustisford
Bob Von Haden, City Council Member, City of Eau Claire
Chris Schmidt, Alder, District 11, City of Madison Common Council
Kenneth Brown, 4th Ward Alderman, Ladysmith City Council
Patrick King, City Council Person, City of Wautoma
John Van Dinter, Chairperson, Town of Westport Dane County, Wi
Analiese Eicher, District 5 Supervisor, Dane County Board
Debra Durchslag, School Board Member, Rhinelander School District
Debra Green, Village Clerk-Treasurer, Village of Merrillan
Christopher Robinson, Former Alderman - Fifth District, City of Stevens Point
Steven Nass, Jefferson County Supervisor, Jefferson County, WI
Loretta Drinkwater, Trustee, Village of Oxford
Beth Roberts, Alderperson, City of Park Falls
Kathleen Pellerin, Retired Clerk-Treasurer, Village of River Hills
Debra Eichsteadt, Village Clerk, Village of Biron
Dianne Hesselbein, Dane County Board of Supervisors,
Duane Swanson, Village Trustee, Village of Crivitz
Diana McGiney, Past President, School Board, Stevens Point Area Public School District
Dana Wachs, City Council, Eau Claire
Ed Bowen, Member, City of Oshkosh Plan Commission
Denise Duranczyk, Dane County Board Supervisor, Dane County Board
Diana McGinley, Past President, School Board, Stevens Point Area Public School District
Tony Palmeri, Alderman, Oshkosh Common Council
Kathy Stresman, Vice President, Brown Deer School Board
David Liebenthal, Supervisor, Town of Fountain Prairie
Kerry Kincaid, City Council President, Eau Claire
Trish Cummins, Former School Board Member, Eau Claire Area School District
Lisa Totten, School Board Member, Stevens Point Area Public School School Board
Jim Abrahamson, Kewaunee County Board Supervisor, Kewaunee County Board
Tod Ohnstad, Alderman, City of Kenosha
Colleen Weber, city council person, City of Altoona
Ronald Huebner, Supervisor, Town of Fountain Prairie
Matt Veldran, County Board Supervisor, Dane County Board
Andrew Werthmann, City Council member, City of Eau Claire
Karl Dommershausen, Commissioner, Janesville School District Board
Beverly Krejci, Supervisor, Town of Harrison, Marathon County
Jerry Voigt, former Town Chairman, Town of Cedarburg
Margaret Wood, Supervisor, La Crosse County Board
Patrick Miles, County Board Supervisor District 37, Dane County Board
Marilyn Holte, Supervisor, Chippewa County Board
Laurie Dutcher, Deputy Clerk, Waukesha County
Jim Wexler, President Pro Tem, Middleton Common Council
Don Richards, Mayor, City of River Falls
Chuck Erickson, County Board Supervisor, District 13, Dane County Board
John Lenarz, Member, Gilman Town Planning Commission
Kathy Bultman, School Board Member of 9 Years, Monona Grove School Board
Ralph Hensel, Supervisor, Washington County

Wonder how his constituents in District 3, West Bend, would feel about this? They can always drop him a note and tell him themselves... ralph.hensel@co.washington.wi.us (which he seldom checks)
629 Highland View Dr. , West Bend, WI 53095 or call him at (262) 334-7965

And more tidbits....

There was an onslaught of "poor me" MICAH proponents speaking out on behalf of the Gimme Group. Don’t let the name fool you. MICAH stands for Milwaukee Inner City Congregations Allied for Hope. Sounds all nice and Catholic, right? Nope! The Archdiocese (of Green Bay) cut the apron strings last year (with sister organizations ESTHER and JOSHUA) , and rightly so. Lest we have forgotten - read THIS POST from last year for a quick refresher. The trickle down from WISDOM and GAMALIEL is telling. Another George Soros travesty and an organization that Obama "community organized."

MICAH is nothing more than a group that supports killing babies, in-state tuition for illegals, government-run healthcare, drivers licenses for illegals, killing babies, are in favor of Regional Transit Authority (RTA) and repeal of the QEO, killing babies, opposed to voter photo ID, opposed to the statewide voter registration list, killing babies, opposed to property tax freezes and support restrictions on 2nd amendment rights of Milwaukee County residents, and supports killing babies.

Killing babies. Nice Christian ring to it. It's no wonder they need the government handout to survive.

Guilty by association.

View Gov. Walker's "Brown Bag Lunch" videos...

This is awesome! View these former "Brown Bag Lunch" sessions with Governor Walker and plan to join in, as well...

Go HERE to view.

Watch LIVE streaming of Kloppenburg Review of Milwaukee County Canvass here..

Watch the LIVE stream of the Waukesha County canvass HERE.

See current totals HERE via Randy Melchert.

(Livestreaming will be on and off during the day.)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Thursday, April 7, 2011

West Bend Police Department Puts Smack Down on Thank-You Card for Sen. Grothman

Thought I'd try to do a nice thing...

WEST BEND – Over 100 signatures were collected within a matter of hours today at West Bend’s city hall in response to a recall effort for State Senator Glenn Grothman.

The signatures, however, were on a “thank you” card for Grothman.

“We love Senator Glenn Grothman,” said card maker Ginny Maziarka. “I knew my simple card would be well received.”

Instead, I was dissed by my own police department...

A town of West Bend woman said she will file complaints about how she was treated by West Bend police officers Tuesday as she attempted to gather signatures on a thank you card for a local politician.


Next, Maziarka said, a West Bend police officer told her that it was illegal for her to ask people to sign the card as they approached City Hall, and she could only collect signatures as voters exited. Maziarka said the officer told her to turn her back to people entering.

A short time later, Maziarka said the officer returned with City Clerk Amy Reuteman and Maziarka was given a Government Accountability Board memo addressing the circulation of recall petitions at polling places.

That memo was issued to offer guidance to municipalities of the Government Accountability Board’s
interpretation of a criminal statute pertaining to recall petition signature drives at polling stations, said Mike Haas, GAB staff counsel.

Said Maziarka: “I looked through the bullet points on the memo and could find nothing that related to thank you cards. I saw vague terminology asking to refrain from ‘campaign activity’ and what petitioners ‘should not’ do. I saw nothing about thank you cards,” she said.


Some of the more interesting things I heard that day:

  • We need more senators like him!
  • This is great!
  • Someone's got to get the budget in line.
  • I just gave $500 to his campaign. Does that tell you how I feel about Glenn Grothman?

On the card:

  • Never quit!
  • Thanks for all you do.
  • God bless!
  • Power to the people!
  • Keep up the fight!
  • Great ideas about voucher to private schools!
  • You make us proud!
  • We are thankful that you are wiling to stand up for our beliefs. We appreciate your courage!

Here are some photos from the "eventful" day:

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

West Bend has a new mayor! Congrats to Kraig Sadownikow!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Kewaskum's Andrew Kuehl NOT a Responsible Choice for School Board

I've heard rumblings that Andy Kuehl is casting himself in the conservative light to gain a Kewasku School Board seat. NOT SO, dear ones.

Lest we forget:

Andy does not appear to have the best interests of children in mind. A seat on the school board should be the FURTHEST thing on anyone's mind.

If one could check "dislike" on the ballot, perhaps that would send a clearer message to someone who deceptively calls himself conservative. One can easily see via the links above that he is something very different than what he lets on.

A vote for Andy Kuehl on Tuesday? Only if you want to leave the kids in your district wide open to an "anything goes" mentality. Remember, you're responsible for what you fill in. Better safe than sorry. VERY sorry.

Cantrall Delivers on the UK

Local Wisconsinite and personal friend, Josiah Cantrall, writes this piece for the Washington Times after his recent trip to the UK.

Recent foreign policy reforms by the United Kingdom have left the American right brimming with jealousy. First, the U.K. issued a harsh review of the United Nation's inefficiencies, then they de-funded four UN programs, and now Prime Minister David Cameron has expressed a new attitude towards multiculturalism. Since when have UK Conservatives become, well, so conservative?

Enter Project Umubano. Outside of the UK, very few are even aware of it's existence. Yet since its implementation in 2007, the project has steadily transformed the Conservative Party's entire approach to foreign relations.

Prime Minister David Cameron touched on this last December during his speech to the Young International Democrat Union. Seated inside the Houses of Parliament, alongside the Thames River, my colleagues and I listened as Cameron described the historical perception of Conservatives as heartless capitalists with no regard for impoverished nations and individuals. Though dutifully offended, Cameron also noted his party was ill-prepared to change these viewpoints. It all began there.


During their annual two week trips to Rwanda and Sierra Leone, Conservative Party officials and members of parliament participate in civil society projects. They work directly with underprivileged groups and obtain in-depth knowledge of their cultures.

Working with local partners and NGOs, participants use their professional skills to provide medical, business, and educational training and resources. It's not a publicity stunt. Attendees contribute their own money and work alongside common laborers and local ethnic groups.

Lawyers work with justice officials and teach corporate law. Doctors and nurses train local people while providing free clinical work. Businesspeople hold clinics and consult local firms. Athletic individuals and professional coaches teach sports and train coaches. Members of the education field train local teachers, distribute books, and offer English classes for nine hours a day.

Conservative leaders credit the project for their new understanding of human suffering and the opportunities modern countries have to assist the poor and underprivileged.

However, compassion and knowledge haven't changed their stance on fiscal responsibility. If anything it strengthened it. Conservatives are now unashamedly questioning the decorum of wasting British pounds on failing UN programs

After reviewing their UN contributions, the British government has pulled funding for four programs and issued harsh criticism.


Compassionate conservatism is for spineless moderates? Think again. Project Umubano has taught participants liberty is ubiquitous, and a free world upholding the equality of all mankind is a world where free market and pro-democratic principles prosper.

The heartless capitalist image may be gone forever.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

West Bend School District Compensation is HOW MUCH? New Ad tells all.

This advertisement ran in the West Bend Daily News today. All the more reason to vote for Bart Williams and Doug Rakowski in the upcoming school board race. Hold off on casting that third vote. It would simply be wasted on candidates that support this kind of nonsense. Not to mention that any other votes would be a vote for union-backed shenanigans.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Wausau Library Censors Movie - Defies ALA Policy

In an odd twist of fate, the Wausau Library has been in the midst of a battle concerning the use of a meeting room for a movie. Thanks to the Pro-Life Thomas More Society lawyers, the victory actually went to the taxpayers.

While here in West Bend our librarians were so afraid of a parent's request to protect minor children from porn that they called in the ALA themselves, in Wausau they are doing just the opposite!

Public library meeting room policy apparently depends on the political whims of library directors. Contrast two recent incidents. In Litchfield, CT, a library refused to prevent a talk by an anti-Semitic speaker. On the other hand, in Wausau, WI, a library canceled the showing of an anti-abortion movie.

West Bend says, "All things for all people, regardless of age."
Litchfield, CT, says, "All things for all people, unless it doesn't fit our political agenda."
Wausau says, "Ditto what Litchfield says."

Or is that what West Bend was saying all along? YOU decide.

Deborah? Wherefore art thou, Deborah?