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Thursday, December 15, 2011

At WBHS for Fair Park Christmas concert. PACKED. I'm sure this will be adorable! Always well done. This is a much better venue.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Freedom From Religion Gets the BOOT in AZ


Curtsy - CitizenLink:

A federal judge in Arizona ruled Monday that the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) does not have the legal standing necessary to stop Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer from declaring days of prayer for the state.
FFRF, which is based in Wisconsin, filed its lawsuit last year. In dismissing it, Judge Roslyn Silver wrote that “encouraging” prayer isn’t injurious to anyone.

Read the whole story HERE.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Word Up from Rebecca Kleefisch

Nativity Set is UP at the Capitol Rotunda

This is awesome!

Wisconsin Family Council has donated a beautiful Nativity set that is now present in the State Capitol rotunda, despite the objections from Freedom from Religion Foundation. Thanks to Julaine Appling for her persistence in pursuing this beautiful depiction of our Christian heritage and REAL reason for Christmas celebration!

Saturday, December 10, 2011


I attended the "Stand With Walker" rally in West Bend today. I believe it was organized by Jim Geldreich, chairman of the Washington County Republican Party. Local residents, members of W-C3, CSC, all rallied together and it was a fun morning! It was well attended, with over 100 people lining Paradise Drive. One thing was obvious throughout the two frigid hours we stood there on this sunny Saturday - WE ARE the 99%.

Took some pics and a video... Enjoy!




Thursday, December 8, 2011

Liberty Counsel Publishes "NAUGHTY OR NICE" List for Christmas Season

Liberty Counsel

Get the scoop on who's "naughty".....and who's not!

Not-So-United Way, PLANNED PARENTHOOD = Direct Giving is Always Best

In this recent article in the West Bend Daily News (you'll have to scroll all the way down to the bottom for the article), United Way received a glowing report, encouraging local Washington County residents to give, give, give. Many, if not most, of the organizations supported by United Way are reputable and trustworthy. However, let's shed some light on reality.

United Way supports PLANNED PARENTHOOD. Click HERE if you don't believe me. Nationally, in 2008, United Way contributed an estimated $1.9 million to Planned Parenthood. Additionally, United Way donations to local charities refer women to family planning services that include abortion. The national United Way website (www.LiveUnited.org) also directs volunteers toward Planned Parenthood. While not every state/agency, or Washington County for that matter, promotes Planned Parenthood, many do. One is too many.

This Christmas season, let's not contribute to killing babies. I think it's in poor taste.

Yes, yes, I know that you can choose to "designate" where your donation goes according to whom you wish to support. However, don't be fooled. That option is a misnomer. If you "designate" to a specific charity, that just means less of the UNdesignated funds will go to that charity.

In addition, United Way will take some off the top for overhead, meaning LESS goes to the charity.

SOLUTION = Give DIRECTLY to the charity of your choice. Nobody needs a middleman to help us send a check.

Remember, too, that "time is money." If you can't afford to give, maybe dropping in at the location of your favorite charity and lending a hand would be a great option for you, and a blessing to them!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Walker Administration Holding Hoodlums Accountable for Mess

Though the hoodlums, er, I mean, protesters/Recallers/thugs/slobs that have been defacing our State Capitol, leaving behind garbage, odors, food products, profanities, and bathroom facility unmentionables are angry over this decision, Walker's people have it right. As of December 16, if you make the mess, you get to clean it up or pay for those who will do it for you.

Hey, Recallers....OWN IT.

The Scott Walker Administration says it will tighten access to the Capitol starting December 16th, requiring permits and payment from protesters.

Holding the Recall Fraud at Bay...Tea Partiers, Conservatives Lend a Hand

Just for good measure, ya know.... Integrity and all.

Tea Party leaders in Wisconsin are happy with what they are calling an overwhelming response to their efforts to verify the signatures on the Governor Scott Walker Recall petitions.

In one day, more than 1,000 volunteers from across Wisconsin and the nation have already signed up to help two Tea Party groups verify the petitions in the upcoming gubernatorial recall.


Thursday, December 1, 2011

Freedom From Religion Disses Christmas at the Capitol

Via Julaine Appling/Wisconsin Family Council:

Dear Freedom from Religion Folks:

At this Season of great joy for the Savior's birth, faith will prevail, as always.
There is A God.
Satan is alive.
Angels, heaven and hell are real, and you will know soon enough.
There is only one world, and you only get one chance to get it right.
Religion is about being sure of what you hope for and certain of what you do not see.
It is denial of these Truths that hardens hearts and enslaves the soul.
This Christmas, receive Him who died for you. Freedom isn't about religion, it's about being free.

Merry Christmas

Christmas Tree Lighting This Weekend at State Capitol

Invitation via Sen. Grothman's office:


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas here at your State Capitol as folks busily decorate the grounds in anticipation of all of the visitors that will be coming over the next several weeks! Remember Bing Crosby? -http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GcZAwoip5aY

The Capitol Christmas Tree will be lit during two performances of the Kiwanis Club Christmas Pageant at 4:15 and 5:15 p.m. this Sunday, December 4th. http://www.doa.state.wi.us/events_detail.asp?eventid=1147&locid=4

Video about this year's tree that comes to us from the Brule River State Forest:

Come early as Tours of the Capitol run from 1-3 p.m. on Sunday.

P.S. How nice it would be if a Church, civic organization, business or family stepped forward and sponsored a Capitol Nativity like they have in other states.

Article about Wisconsin's Christmas Tree:

Monday, November 28, 2011

Lakeland Union School District gives OK to Recallers

Disturbing. Contact your local officials.

Via Joyce Ban
Republican Party of Oneida County

Today we had some disturbing news as we find that the Lakeland Union School District Administrator Todd Kleinhans has condoned the presence of Recall Walker petitioners on public school property over the weekend. Saturday there was an event sponsored by the Latin Club, a craft show. Recall Walker petitioners took the liberty of positioning themselves outside the entrance of the event.
The administrator has stated that “Any group has a right to peacefully assemble on public property”.
I would agree. Though I am certain that during our recent recall process we never would have been given the OK to set up a table out the doors of this school as the Recall Walker were granted.
If you believe school property is not an appropriate place for political agendas, please call Administrator Kleinhans today and share your views.
Todd Kleinhans (715) 356-5252
Here are the Lakeland School District Board members for you to contact:
"Anderson, Shari" <sharijo7@msn.com>,
"Berg, Jonathan" <cjlight@charter.net>,
"Gabert, Tom" <gabert.tom@gmail.com>,
"Handrick, Joe" <jhandrick@reinhartlaw.com>,
"Kleinhans, Todd" <kleinhans@luhs.k12.wi.us>,
"Nimsgern, Shari" <s_nimsgern@yahoo.com>,
"Peck, Barb" <sunriseresort@centurytel.net>,
"Schaub, Ed Jr." <ejschaub@hotmail.com>,
"Smith, Gary" <garyds@frontier.com>
Contact: Letters to the editor or any of these media links:

Lakeland Times

500 Chippewa St.

Minocqua, WI 54548


Ray Rivard rrivard@lakelandtimes.com

Richard Moore mmoore@lakelandtimes.com

or Editor: editor@lakelandtimes.com

No limit

News Of The North


Star Journal

24 W. Rives

Rhinelander, WI 54501


Craig Mandli



350 words

North River News (formerly Rhinelander Daily News)

314 S. Courtney St.

P.O. Box 778

Rhinelander, WI 54501

Joe VanDerLaarschot



250 words

Bill to Require Notarization on Recall Petitions Introduced

I think this is an appropriate move. As we witness a statewide recall effort based on the simple "dislike" of the current governor, this is another measure that will help to keep things on the up and up.

Democrats say enthusiasm remains high in the effort to collect 540,000 valid signatures to force a recall election against Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. Republicanssay they've been alerted to multiple instances of misconduct and fraud, and one Republican senator says he will reintroduce a bill requiring recall petitions to be notarized.

State Senator Glenn Grothman (R-West Bend) says requiring notarization is an extra step in reducing fraud and misconduct in the signature-gathering process. Republicans are also downplaying the recall efforts. "There have been a lot of numbers thrown around by Democratic activists who are pushing for this recall. We view these numbers as dubious because there have been multiple instances of recall fraud," Ben Sparks, Communications Director with the Republican Party of Wisconsin said.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

West Bend SENDIK'S: The Party and The Secret

(Fresh string beans 99 cent/lb. See below.)

I had my first opportunity to get over to the new Sendik's Food Market in West Bend today. If you haven't been there yet, you're in for a treat. The store is arranged in traditional Sendik's style with a vast array of perfect produce that pleases the eye from the moment you begin the walk through the store. Dried fruits, nuts, chocolates, all neatly stacked with an outrageous plethora of selections. The staff is extremely courteous and friendly, whether it's someone who is stocking products or serving behind the meat/bakery counters, checking out, bagging...

Here is what I noticed most profoundy...it was like going to a party. The countenance of the employees was catching in a most festive manner. Couples, families and friends were chatting and laughing in nearly every aisle. It was what one could document as a "warm and fuzzy" experience. :-)

Now, for the secret....

From time to time I am known to drop in on the Sendik's in Germantown to get a glob of their homemade pizza dough. Actually, it's not Sendik's per se, it's made by Sciortino's Bakery in Milwaukee, and the stuff is phenomenally mouth-pleasing. I normally make all my own yeast breads, doughs, rolls, etc. I seldom stray from anything short of scratch bakery. This is the one exception, and rightfully so. I cannot make a better pizza crust. Simple as that. I believe this dough is made with a high-gluten flour. The flavor, texture and eye appeal all add up, and the price is right, too, at $1.97 for one crust that makes an 18"-20" diameter pizza. I'm adding a picture of what was left of our lunch today. This crust is so easy to work with. Just lightly grease your pizza pan with shortening (Crisco; not oil, and not cooking spray). Gently stretch the dough, then lay flat on pan and work it to the edges with your fingers. It's extremely pliable and I have never torn a single crust. Spread on your favorite sauce, toppings and cheese... Bake at 400 until golden.

You'll find the secret pizza crust near the Bakery in the cooler where the cakes are stored, bottom left shelf.... shhhh!!!!

Sendik's had out a sample of their own recipe of "Vidalia Onion Summer Tomato Salad Dressing." No MSG, low in sugar, 0 fat, 40 calories per 2 Tbsp, superior flavor. Yep. I bought it.

Sendik's has already gotten off to a great start in West Bend (click and scroll down to "Rain Gardens Lauded"). It's easy to ascertain why.

GIGANTIC blackberries are 99 cents/lb. Wow ---no limit!
Fresh string beans - 99 cents/lb. Freezing some today. (See mess o' beans above.)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ousted Library Board President, Barb Deters, Stumbles Through Weak Presentation

Two weekends ago, Barbara Deters, former library board president, gave a power point presentation regarding the 2009 library issue at the UW-Milwaukee School of Informational Studies (liberal librarian school). Amidst outright lies that were told, Deters mentions her fear of the new members of the library board and city council.

Listen to the entire video to hear how she ridicules our City Council, slams the citizens/families of West Bend, snarks about Christians, and lies about a number of issues. Revealing his true colors, former library board director, Michael Tyree, weighed in during Q&A at the end.

As Deters mangles her way through this presentation, she disturbingly appears to be speaking as a direct representative of the West Bend Community Memorial Library, or at least she would like others to think so.

Interestingly, Deters states she was "forced" to retire from her position within our school district. I have confirmed that this, indeed, is a lie. Nobody forced her to retire.

Some of the more amusing quotes:

WVCY (Deters displayed fear of the moral media.)
20:45 "There is a Christian television station in the community that she was on..." (Context: Deters was referencing the media that "helped" to cover the town hall meeting that Jim and I held in the school gym, and how we had the advantage of radio, newspaper and television coverage on our side.)

40:32 "Mark Belling weighed in on this. I have never met Mark Belling in my life, but he categorized me as an 'old lefty bag.'" (I'll let Mark defend himself on that one...)

27:50 "Mark Belling and Charlie Sykes weighed in on this all the time." (Actually, they only weighed in on this a couple of times. "All the time" is a bit over the top.)

27:32 "..but there was another blog that was very influential in this whole thing, and it's called Boots and Sabers. And if you ever want to read an interesting blog, then go to Boots and Sabers. It's written by a man named Owen Robinson. He lives in the West Bend area. There are times that he is called upon to substitute for Mark Belling on his radio show. So, you kind of know where he's coming from." (Wow, really? I don't think I've ever heard Owen on Belling's show, but I could be wrong....)

31:11 "At that point, I was back being president of the board..and one of the things that had frustrated board members to no end was that we had never spoken about all of these things that were out there because the board president didn't put it on the agenda. If it's not on the agenda, you can't talk about it at a board meeting. You can't talk about it privately with other board members, because that would then be called a "rolling quorum" and the city attorney will come down on you like a ton of bricks and you could be in trouble because you're not supposed to sidestep the public transparency of an organization like the library board by having side meetings or telephone conversations or email exchanges that don't get publicized as being part of a public agenda." (See below, 35:15)

35:15 "About a week prior to the meeting, I had contacted every board member, probably violating rolling quorum rule, but...I said to them, after the motion, that's when the library board members are going to speak...I'm not going to limit you on time, and I don't care what you talk about, but that's going to be your time to say what you feel about this issue."

41:06 (Open mouth, insert foot.) Deters finds it amusing that Net Nanny restricts access to my personal blog because it contains "pornographic material." The material in question are direct quotes from various books we were challenging for the very same thing - pornographic material. Though Deters denies the passages in the books as pornographic, she notes that my blog is, indeed, blocked from Net Nanny for what is deemed pornography. :-)

PFOX (Parents and Friends of Gays and Ex-Gays)
22:16 Deters mocks our request for balanced literature on the gay lifestyle. States "not one of the books" on the PFOX website has "ever been reviewed by a reputable source" and that they are "poorly written," and that this is the reason they hadn't been purchased for our library. (PFOX offered to donate a book(s) in order to assist in lending a balanced viewpoint regarding homosexuality to young adults. This offer was rejected by Deters and her clan in 2009, confirming what we had stated from the very beginning - one viewpoint only.)

Deters conveniently leaves out that the organization, PFOX, is Parents and Friends of Ex-gays and Gays. She lends heavy bias to her belief that homosexuals cannot change their behavior while attacking PFOX's mission to lend assistance to those choosing to leave the homosexual lifestyle.

44:15 "She had a lot of help from outside West Bend. Phyllis Schlafly gave her money and moral support." (LIE. I had just begun the Washington County Chapter after the library issue had come to an end. Phyllis Schlafly has never given me money. Ever.)

And there's so much more. But you don't have to take my word for it....

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Conservatives Response to the RECALL Drive

Cursty: Boots and Sabers

Words worth heeding. Conservatives, do your part.

As I’m sure you are aware, the attempt by liberals to recall Governor Walker begins tomorrow. It is an utterly misguided effort. Read my column tomorrow for some more thoughts on that. But as a conservative guy in Wisconsin who supports Scott Walker and the direction he is leading this state, here’s what I plan to do and suggest y’all might consider doing it too.

1) Record and report.

A recall drive is a public activity and participants are generally working in a public setting. I will take pictures, record conversations, take videos, and publicize it all. I hope that the folks are on their best behavior, because a lot of us will be watching. In fact, the Republican Party has set up a website to collect all of these reports. You can find it at Recall Integrity Center.

2) Power of the purse.

Just like the recall employees/volunteers, everyone who signs a recall petition is signing a public document. I’ll be looking at those names and making them public - especially for people in my neck of the woods. If you sign the petition and happen to own or run a local business, you can expect me to publicize that fact and decline to spend any more of my hard earned dollars with your establishment. After all, if you get your way I will need those dollars to pay my taxes.

3) Explain yourself.

As a close follower of the issues, I am well-equipped to debate the recall effort, the motivations, and the consequences. If you come to my door or approach me in public, you can expect a lengthy debate. I don’t really care if I convince you the error of your ways, but the longer you are talking to me, the less time you are spending collecting signatures. If you get frustrated and storm off in a huff, I’ll enjoy posting the video/audio. Heck, even if you don’t, it will be fun to highlight your lame arguments.

4) Show ID.

Every recall petition must be signed by the person circulating it. As such, anyone signing it has a responsibility to verify the identity of the circulator to make sure it’s on the up and up. If you ask me to sign it, I will ask for ID, record your information, and use that information as I see fit. If you are from out of state, you can expect to see your name in lights. If you refuse to show me an ID, I’ll be forced to take a picture and ask my readers if they know who you are. I will also ask if you are being compensated and, if so, by whom.

5) Send the cash.

During this period, there are no campaign finance limits on donating to Governor Walker. If you support Scott Walker. If you oppose returning to the days of Doyle and Democrat rule. If you support representative government where politicians serve the terms for which they were elected. Send a check. Do it now. Before you forget. If you have a lot of money, send a big check. If you don’t, then send a little one. It all adds up and there’s no better way to show that you support Scott Walker’s Wisconsin than by sending a check and casting your vote.


I will not physically threaten or curse anyone collecting signatures. Nor will I do so to anyone who signs the petitions. I will be polite, friendly, and engaged. But I will make every personal effort to ensure that the entire process is legal, lengthy, and unpleasant for all concerned.

Just one man’s response…

Monday, November 7, 2011

"Occupy" Spreads Hate and Violence Across Nation

Ever so slowly, the "Occupy" hippies are taking their hate to the streets across the nation, employing violent behavior as their weapon of choice. This disturbing group does not represent the people of our great country, and will fizzle out once they realize that the average American will not "tolerate" their unruly, filthy, and immature methods of tantrumming.

Friday, November 4, 2011

W-C3 Group Tells ALL RE: County Budget

From W-C3:

Washington County Board held a rare evening meeting to approved County's $118 million budget. When Supervisor Mark McCune tried to introduce his $1,000,000 budget cut amendment, County Board Chairman Herbert Tennies found McCune out of order refusing to let him speak.
 The Chairman then refused to allow an amendment citing HIS authority to make up rules. A motion was made to allow the Board to vote on the Chairman's decision. Supervisor William Meyers, Richfield said, "The U.S. Constitution Article 1, Section VIII established the rule of law over the rule of any man. You don't get to just make up the rules, Mr. Chairman." To which the Chairman responded, "Yes, I do!"  19 of the 30 Supervisors agreed and voted in favor of the Chairman, making Washington County the first Hugo Chavez-style republic in Wisconsin. With this vote, the narrative of a functioning democracy is no longer allowed. Under Tennies, Washington County now will only allow dissent so long as those dissenters agree with the Chairman.  Supervisor Mike Bassill, West Bend said, "This action sets a dangerous precedent for the future." One Supervisor, who asked to remain unnamed, stated, "Meyers is the real problem here. You need to go along to get along. He won't do that!"  Video of the meeting is available by contacting Mike Ryan, West Bend Community Television Coordinator, (262)335-5157, wbcctv@ci.west-bend.wi.us. Additional information is available by contacting W-C3 at http://www.w-c3.org/contact.php or by calling 262.628.2940.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

UNHealthy Youth Act gets the BOOT

This is a great day for schoolchildren throughout the state of Wisconsin.

The so-called UN"Healthy Youth Act" forced upon school districts/parents/minor children by the liberal Planned Parenthood fans is now receiving the well-deserved boot. View last sessions fiasco HERE. Control of local curriculum with regards to HEALTH education will now revert to local communities and school boards, where it belongs.

‎Today in Madison, the "Strong Communities...Healthy Kids Act" (SB 237) passed in the Senate Education Committee on a partisan 4-3 vote (with one amendment). This bill repeals & revises the so-called "Healthy Youth Act" that the liberals passed last session.

Good news, indeed.

Washington County Budget Proposal On Line

Washington County Supervisor Mark McCune, Erin, a long time advocate of smaller government, has requested a levy reduction for 2012 of $1,000,000. McCune said, "I have gone on record several times outlining my belief that Government needs to shrink going forward, and I believe the County should start this next year with my proposed reductions."

A spokesperson for W-C3, Washington County Conservative Citizens, when asked for a comment on the proposed cuts, said he had not seen the specifics but "for 2011 Washington County has a $2.85 per thousand tax rate compared to Waukesha County is at $1.97 and Ozaukee County is at $1.74. $2,000,000 would be better."

For copies of Supervisor Mark McCune's budget proposal or additional comments or questions, the Supervisor may be contacted directly atwashsupervisor@nconnect.net or W-C3 at bill.meyers@w-c3.org or 262.628.2940.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Walker: Reforms & Results

Guess what, folks? It's working!

This has been a year of historic change in Wisconsin. Facing a $3.6 Billion deficit, Governor Scott Walker and state lawmakers got to work making the hard decisions to get the state's finances back on track. Their reforms gave local governments and school districts the tools they so badly needed to balance their own budgets without raising taxes.

Change is hard. As one school board member and small business owner recently told us, "It's not easy doing what you think is right."

The good news is, the reforms are working.

Read the latest blog info from Gov. Walker HERE.

Friday, October 14, 2011

New EMBRYONIC Billboard in Green Bay

This is sweet. Kudos to PLW!

Pro-Life Wisconsin is excited to announce the launch of a multi-media effort, spreading the personhood message across Wisconsin. The personhood movement has tremendous grassroots support in Wisconsin and throughout the country, and we are excited to be able to spread that message even further.

A billboard located on Highway 41, south of Green Bay, features people at different stages of development, along with the tagline, “You, Me, Everybody… We’re all just grown-up embryos.” The billboard directs viewers to PersonhoodWisconsin.com, a website launched to promote the personhood movement here in Wisconsin.

To view the billboard, click here. The billboard will move to a different Green Bay location every thPLWree months.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Baby Killing Suspended Indefinitely in Rockford

As breaking news shows, things aren't so safe and legal at the abortion mill in Rockford, Illinois. According to the suspension notice released by the Illinois Department of Public Health on September 30, 2011, “the department had found conditions at the facility that are a direct threat to the public interest, health, safety and welfare requiring immediate, emergency action.”

For folks that might not be aware, this stateline abortuary operates out of a multi-story abandoned old brick school. Tens of thousands of innocent children (including many Wisconsinites) have lost their lives at this facility.

MANY Wisconsin teenagers travel over the Wisconsin-Illinois border to have abortions to avoid Wisconsin's parental consent laws. In fact, the abortion mill referenced below has ads in the Yellow Pages of at least one stateline phonebook that highlights: * No Parental Consent, * No 24-Hour Waiting Period
ROCKFORD — The Illinois Department of Public Health has suspended the operating license for the Rockford abortion clinic.

The reasons for the suspension are outlined in a three-page notice, dated Sept. 29 and signed by Damon T. Arnold, the director of the state department.

According to the notice, the department “found conditions at (the Northern Illinois Women’s Center) that are directly threatening to the public interest, health, safety and welfare requiring immediate, emergency action.”

Read full story HERE

Friday, September 30, 2011

Rihanna told to "put it back on" by farmer

This farmer had no problem recognizing and addressing offensive behavior on his property. Unfortunately, he didn't go far enough. The cigarette dangling from her mouth is not only a bad testimony to youthful fans, it's downright uncool, unattractive, and unhealthy. Oh, and this wasn't the first time she's been told to get dressed.

Alan Graham, 61, pulled up in his tractor and told the sexy singer to cover up and later claimed: "Her behaviour was inappropriate."

Rihanna was recording a video for We Found Love with Scottish DJ Calvin Harris in a muddy barley field near Bangor, Co Down - ahead of three sell-out shows at Belfast's Odyssey Arena this weekend.

The filming was taking place close to a busy dual carriageway when she stripped to a bikini after removing a long checked dress. But the sight became too much for Mr Graham's Christian beliefs and he politely asked the filming to stop.

The father of four, a member the Democratic Unionist Party on North Down Borough council, said today: "She understood where I was coming from. We shook hands and parted company on good terms."

Read entire article, which includes the video shoot, HERE

Monday, September 26, 2011

Your vote COUNTS - TONIGHT - Tax Levy Increase? Just say NO.

If you aren't there to stand up and be counted TONIGHT, you don't count.

As far as the District is concerned, they will be asking residents to tax and spend every single dollar that they are allowed to by state law in this budget. The weight of this budget falls on the former administration under Pat Herdrich's reign. Say "no" or it will be "so."


From the WBDN:

The community will be asked to approve the highest allowable levy at the 92nd annual meeting of the electors Monday.

West Bend School District voters will be asked to authorize the School Board to levy $37.4 million.

The tax levy proposed is $458,566 less than last year, according to Superintendent Ted Neitzke.

The mill rate will depend upon property values, which won’t be known until the middle or end of next month.

If property values stay the same, the mill rate will not increase. However, if property values drop, the district is anticipating an increase of about 7 cents per $1,000 of assessed value.

“At the end of the day, we are asking everybody for less money than we did last year,” said Neitzke. “We can’t control what will happen with the mill rate, and we can’t spend any more. So if you want the schools to do more and tax more we can’t. And if you want the district to reduce more, we did.”

Residents will be asked to stand to vote in favor of four resolutions: the tax levy, the disposal of district property, board member compensation, and the 2012-13 annual meeting date.

Eligible voters will also be able to speak to the proposed resolutions for up to two minutes.

Library's Banned Books Week a Homosexual Smokescreen

Like I've been saying....

Curtsy to Dan Kleinman of Safelibraries.org.

Banned Books Week is Gay Promotion? Author Admits ALA Faked 2010 Top 10 Challenged Book List

A recording I made of an author essentially admitting that the American Library Association's [ALA] Top 10 challenged list is faked and used to promote a political agenda has become the subject of an exclusive, top billed report on WorldNetDaily:


The ALA faked #9 and awarded school librarian Dee Venuto for LGBT-related reasons, a librarian who admitted in a New Jersey Education Association publication that she cannot bring herself to read racy material for children so she lets her students read it for her.

Might the ALA have faked #1, And Tango Makes Three, also about the same "big deal"? Well, it was challenged only four times yet it is supposedly #1. We are talking about an organization that used plagiarism to promote Banned Books Week, after all.


If the ALA has to artificially push LGBT material higher on the list, obviously there is no crisis about the "big deal." Evenprogressive critics of the ALA decry the ALA's use of BBW as "propaganda."

Can anyone ever trust the ALA for anything ever again? Really, I mean it. Faked lists. Plagiarism. Political agenda. Propaganda. So much more I'm leaving out for brevity. Is there no limit to the ALA's dishonesty?

See more on National Hogwash Week here:

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Parental Power Struggle in West Bend - Who's REALLY In Charge?

Blogged in it's entirety from What's New in West Bend Schools:

The policy committee met last night. The following items were on the agenda:

Review of process for policy revision and Review of the following:

a. Policy 370 – Co-curricular Activities

b. Policy 333 – District Programs/Activities

I sensed a bit of a power struggle in the policy meeting.

I’ve always thought that the administration resented policies made by the board, and they often wrote “administrative rules” to undermine board authority. The discussion that followed confirmed my initial thought.

Dave Weigand, policy committee chair, requested a review of policy 370-District Programs/Activities. He requested, among other things, to have the policy state that written parental permission be obtained yearly for students in each club they participate. His intent is to give parents information on the clubs and obtain parental permission for clubs specific for each co-curricular athletic or non-athletic club. “It’s important for parental permission to participate, “ Weigand stated.

Valley Elliehausen, from administration, stated she, “wouldn’t advocate for a parental permission” policy for clubs. Further, she said that the district uses a Code of Conduct and students and parents sign it for clubs. Weigand, fighting for parental rights, continued to advocate for parents, stating he would like to see parental permission in district policy. Valley then said parental permission could be part of an administrative rule, but would not agree it should be district policy.

Weigand also requested the policy state that the elected school board review all clubs (every level) yearly in order to gage interest and participation, etc. Valley again stated that the administration, and not the board, reviews clubs, “That’s our role” she stated. Al Pauli added that the school principals at the middle school level review clubs. The discussion went on to reveal that the only time the board hears about clubs is when cuts are being made due to “budget constraints” and/or non-interest.

That leads me to wonder why the GSA was brought before the school board last spring and summer.

Valley began the policy meeting by letting the board know that the administration will be making a schedule of policies to be reviewed and anytime an administrator comes forward with a policy they want reviewed, their wishes will “trump” the process. Weigand added that the board would also have the ability to make suggestions for policy review on a case by case issue.

Valley asked that the board contact her to indicate policies to be reviewed, and she would then check with other districts’ and the School Board association to find out what other districts are doing.

By her comments, I came to understand that it wasn’t as important to her what the Board in West Bend thinks, but is concerned with what is done elsewhere.

I wonder what the local taxpayers think of those priorities.

Valley stated she does not want policies from the board telling how to run the district. According to district administration, the board operates “over” and not “under” the line. In other words, the board is to set policy for the administration to use in writing “rules”. Randy Marquardt, board president, wants policies to be general and “guiding”. Dave Weigand stated he wants “the board to make the intent clear” in policy.

This seems a minor difference, but in practice it is a major issue. In looking over some older policies, I noticed that the past boards have clearly written their intent and even steps to follow in policy. I sense a recent shift in where the real authority lies, and that shift is not moving toward the elected board.

After discussing policy 370, Weigand moved on to policy 333 regarding “passive permission” for activities in the district. This is a newer policy, written in 2007.http://wbsd.schoolfusion.us/modules/groups/homepagefiles/cms/496946/File/Board%20of%20Education/Policy/300/333.pdf?sessionid=b7a340531557af5affc1867a3bea1239

Weigand argued that an “opt in” and not an “opt out” would be more appropriate for activities such as surveys, etc. “We want parents to have opportunity to opt in rather opt out”, giving parents true authority over their minor children.

He further stated that the way it is now is “reversed”. Weigand also said that the Cedarburg School District has an opt-in procedure for human growth and development courses.

Randy Marquardt agreed “on certain issues”. He also stated he has, “no problem endorsing that kind of change.”

Weigand charged Valley, as administrative liaison, to work on the suggested changes to the two mentioned policies.

Valley also mentioned a policy proposal from board member Bart Williams about “truth in disclosure for referendum”. More details will be forthcoming as the board looks into this-hopefully-as the board engages in activities they were elected to do.