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Sunday, August 31, 2008

God doomed the RNC - according to THIS man

Statement from SCGOP Chairman Katon Dawson: "The outrageous behavior of two of the Obama campaign's highest profile supporters in the south is despicable, a cynical politization of life and death. I call on Barack Obama to immediately denounce Fowler and Spratt and demand sincere apologies from these members of the Democratic leadership."

I couldn't agree more. Watch this rude and inhumane conversation on an airplane between former National Chairman of the Democratic National Committee Don Fowler and Congressman John Spratt of South Carolina....


Rumors and Speculation - Hers or Not?

I can't believe that there is so much hoopla over whether Sarah Palin's Down syndrome baby is hers or not. What does that have to do with the vice presidential candidacy? I am trying to understand the connection. Really I am. Just can't connect those dots.

Asking for medical records and "proof" of the baby's birth is insulting and an invasion of privacy.

But I guess the dems will stop at nothing, not even something this low, to tack SOMETHING on to her name that might cost a couple of votes. I say...."it ain't worth it."

McCain makes changes to RNC

SAINT PAUL, Minn. - At the recommendation of Sen. John McCain, the 2008 Republican National Convention announced substantial changes to the convention's program and actions being taken to help with Hurricane Gustav relief efforts. On Monday, all program activities beyond the official business that must be conducted in accordance with party rules will be cancelled. Among the other actions announced today are the formation of the Affected States Working Group, the establishment of an Affected States Information Center, and the chartering of a DC-9 to transport affected delegates.


Connect with Pro-Life McCain

West Bend is "going there"...

Read post below about Green Bay School District.


Guess what? West Bend is going there.

Check it out:


Green Bay School District "Diversity Strategy"

Yeah. It's true.


The curriculum, instruction/resources and measurable objectives are aimed towards, among other classes of children, "sexual orientation."

Nothing to Fear

"..........Palin exposed current Alaska Republican Party Chairman Randy Ruedrich, who was also an AOGCC commissioner, for ethical violations.

In 2005, Palin co-filed an ethics complaint against Murkowski's longtime aide and then attorney general, Gregg Renkes, for having a financial interest in a company that stood to gain from an international trade deal he was helping craft. "


This is a candidate who is NOT AFRAID.

Lake Michigan is Oil Resource


Six years ago, the debate about putting a drilling rig on the shore of Lake Michigan and directing it to spots under the lake’s bottom was put to an end when Michigan joined other Great Lakes states and banned so-called slant drilling. Now, the high price of fuel is driving that debate once again. State Representative Frank Lasee of Green Bay plans to propose a bill to once again allow drilling under the Great Lakes from Wisconsin’s shores.


"SARAPPEAL" - Yes, she has it.

I was listening to an interview this morning in which one of the guests referred to Republican VP pick Sarah Palin as having "Sarappeal." Indeed, she does! For many reasons...most of which are listed in an earlier post.

Listening to others respond, the concensus seems to be that the VP pick is not usually a consideration when voters go to the polls, nor does anyone really care about the VP candidate.

I think this is one election year we are going to see that proven wrong. This year, Sarah Palin is going to make the difference. Heads are up, eyes are forward and ears are tuned in. She has the nation's attention, and she WILL be the consideration on November 4. People DO care.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Palin gets thumbs up...

I have been reading a lot of blog "stuff" and it seems that lefties are pushing the "inexperience" button to try to crush the Palin choice of McCain. I have also seen posts that are putting McCain in the grave before his term ends. (I must admit, that has me amused...).

Let's begin with the latter. Here are some statistics to put everyone at ease.

Presidents who became President by succession:
Chester A Arthur
Calvin Coolidge
Millard Fillmore
Gerald R Ford
Andrew Johnson
Lyndon B Johnson
Theodore Roosevelt
Harry S Truman
John Tyler

There have been 43 presidents of the United States. That is a not-so-whopping 18% of successive VP's. RELAX EVERYBODY!

Now, let's talk about Palin:

She has a lot going for her, in my opinion. Here are some examples:
1. Nobody hates her.
2. She satisfies the "woman" issue (weak, but this is important to SOME)
3. She has a social rapport with social conservatives AND libertarian republicans.
4. She's pro life.
5. She's pro gun.
6. She's pro family.
7. She has vetoed wasteful goverment expenditures.
8. She has the necessary background and expertise to address gas prices.
9. She has produced change in her own political circle that Obama cannot lay claim to.
10.She is a refreshing face on the McCain campaign.
11.Nobody hates her.

I read a blogger who referred to the Democrats who are rolling over and playing dead with their party with the nomination of Sarah Palin as MCCAINOCRATS.

Nicely said. Welcome!

Palin receives approval from Wisconsin Right to Life

The state’s leading right-to-life organization today is praising Senator John McCain’s selection of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate.“We are elated that Senator McCain has chosen Governor Sarah Palin,” said Susan Armacost, Legislative/PAC Director of Wisconsin Right to Life. “She is a dynamic and extremely popular governor. But it is in her private life that Governor Palin has shown extraordinary strength of character.”


Thursday, August 28, 2008

If you missed the Sensenbrenner/Burkee Forum....

You can watch it here:


Barack Speaks......

West Bend will LOSE...

..if voters turn down the proposed referendum Question #1. They will lose much needed renovation and repairs at 7 district schools in the West Bend area.

And voters WILL turn down Question #1 -

1. Because it forces taxpayers to take on the burden of a new school while routine maintenance from past District neglect weigh like a "monkey on our back."

2. Because nobody likes a referendum option that has two completely different financial concerns addressed with polar opposite purposes. It appears "sneaky."

3. Because nobody wants to spend the $108 MILLION that it will take to cover both referendum questions, so the obvious new school will take a back seat and a "no" vote.


Sensenbrenner/Burkee Forum Coverage

Topics included controlling energy costs, illegal immigration, extending
the Bush tax cuts, our heavy tax burden, the size of our Armed Forces,
Russia-Georgia situation, and Iran. Audience questions delved into their
core values, what they would target in budget cuts, eliminating the IRS, the Kyoto treaty, what they would do about trade and federal deficits, change in Pakistani leadership, and some I missed because I needed to field a phone call (it was on vibrate so it wasn’t THAT one). Then the men made their closing statements.


See full report on "Musings of a Thoughtful Conservative" blogspot...


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Burkee Jabs Sensenbrenner

In a closing statement at tonight's forum between Jim Burkee and Jim Sensenbrenner, Burkee decided to take a jab at Sensenbrenner by insinuating that Sensenbrenner has made himself unavailable during a five-week paid time off.
I was sitting next to Sensenbrenner's wife. Know what she said? "He has a busy schedule. He hasn't seen his wife in 30 years!"
Can somebody tell Burkee that the Donny Osmond look is out?

Who IS this suited man???

Nice tie.

Sensenbrenner - Burkee Forum TONIGHT - Germantown

in a public forum TONIGHT at 7 p.m.
Moderator: Owen Robinson

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Jackson Elementary in Jeopardy

Here's the problem.

Referendum Question #1 includes: Maintenance, updates, etc., for some WB area middle and elementary schools.

Referendum Question #2 includes: Maintenance and expansion of Badger Middle School.

Referendum Question BLUNDER includes: Jackson Elementary School is attached to Referendum Question #1.

Here's the solution: Separate Jackson Elementary School out as a separate referendum question.

Why does leaving it tagged on to Question #1 jeopardize the passing of this referendum?

1. The average citizen that is not in favor of building a new school until the enormous burden of the neglected maintenance in West Bend schools is dealt with will not vote YES.
2. Just because people want to vote for updates does not mean they want a new school shoved down their throats in the process.
3. If the taxpayers vote this down because the "two became one", then it will be all the longer before Jackson ever sees a school.

JACKSON - are you listening?

John Kerry goes Hollywood

Um, yeah. This is downright scary.

Monday, August 25, 2008

West Bend Referendum Questions Formed - $108K on the BILL

It's official.

According to Brian Brewer from R.W. Baird, voting "yes" for both referendum questions will cost taxpayers in the ball park (pun intended....get it? Brewer - ball park?)of $108,800,000. I confirmed this with him after tonight's School Board meeting. He states the interest is based on an approximated 5% over 20 years. As interest rates fluctate, we could see an increase/decrease in the amount of interest at the tune of $8K per 1%.

Kudos to Policy Writing Committee

Well-deserved KUDOS go to the Policy-Writing Committee of MIKE WESTON, KATHY ZARLING AND BRUCE KOENIG.

While I must admit that you could see some frustration with the situation, they were respectful, listening and open to the desires and requests of their community.

After hearing one after another opponent to the currently-written policy, this committee took the suggestions of the parents/citizens/taxpayers present and tabled the policy, promising to review the suggested Elmbrook School District policy as a model.

This is a fine example of connecting with the values and the ideals of the community who elects you. (Koenig and Weston are School Board officials.) The meeting went smoothly. Weston stayed on track and gave everyone an opportunity to speak.


Witness DENIED at closed West Bend School Board Session

Bart Williams of West Bend filed a formal complaint against the West Bend School Board for inappropriate slander and broken policies. At the last School Board session, the Board told Williams they would meet with him and his wife during a closed session meeting tonight. The Williams couple asked me to stay and witness the meeting, but I was asked to leave as the Superintendent, Pat Herdrich stated "We decided after the close of the last meeting, off the record, that we would not allow you to have a witness present." Does somebody have something to hide?

Harassment policy tabled ONCE AGAIN

With a HEFTY turnout of OPPONENTS to the current harassment policy, the policy-writing committee of Mike Weston, Bruce Koenig and Kathy Zarling tabled the policy once again. Community members came out in full force tonight and requested the committee take a look at the excellent job the ELMBROOK SCHOOL DISTRICT has done by incorporating everything into ONE Code of Conduct. Plain and simple. ONE POLICY FOR ALL. WAY TO GO, EVERYONE! The community spoke LOUDLY tonight!!!

Harassment Policy VOTE tonight


Two meetings tonight. Attend one or attend BOTH.

The policy-writing committee (the three people who wrote the harassment policy) will be meeting tonight at 6 p.m. They will virtually take the harassment policy they have revised, which was only changed to put the word "religion" back into it after a local member of the clergy took it to battle, and present it as completed.



Saturday, August 23, 2008

Pro-Life Wisconsin's Candidate Endorsement List

Here is a link to the list of Pro-Life Wisconsin's 100% pro-life candidates they have endorsed.


NOTICE that in the 59th District, McCarty is NOT mentioned on this list. BEWARE.
(He is also a CAMPBELLSPORT school board member, and a member of the Campbellsport school district policy-writing committee).

If you would like YARD SIGNS for your home to support Pro-Life Candidate DAN LEMAHIEU, send an email to: danlemahieu@gmail.com

Referendum Choices? Don't be fooled...

"Both Badger and Jackson on the same referendum puts the cost too high to pass, and doing one or the other might not garner enough support to pass. The two-question format allows for both on the same referendum.

“I’m feeling that there is going to be support for both questions. A message I seemed to hear from people is they wanted more choice and why did you give us just one question. This seems to meet the need in that regard,” Van Eerden said. "


The “two choices” referendum is a JOKE. This is why:

Everybody KNOWS we need to update a number of the schools. By including Jackson school as a part of that choice, it is an automatic shoe-in.

Everybody KNOWS we need to make updates to Badger. So what’s the point of separating it out? I could see if it was a tear-down and rebuild, as formerly proposed…but it is NOT. Another “shoe-in”.

People are going to look at this as two, nice, conservative choices because we are simply just renovating and taking care of maintenance problems, aren’t we? Nobody reads the fine print and sees that the idiotic idea of the security systems is included as a “nice to have”. It certainly is not a “need”.

Including Jackson right now is, unfortunately, probably not a good idea. It should be a long-term goal that is included in a plan that is laid out over the next few years. We simply need to deal with the neglected maintenance issues, and the ADA compliance issues. This should be a third item on the agenda, separate from the remodeling of the other area schools, if it is a referendum question AT ALL. (Since there isn’t even any land available.)

Time and again the 20-year bonding and principal amount is not given straight-up to the taxpayers. That is a HUGE amount and significantly increases the final referendum cost. When you put together the total referendum, it is a package that nearly hits $100,000,000. People will not look at it like that and the school board likes it that way.

My Mistake... and My Apology

I am not too proud to eat crow and an apology is due to Mr. Kris Beaver for implying a relationship that is, as stated by him to me, nonexistent.

As per his email request to me:
I have removed the sentence from my blog that stated such, and extend my apology. I will be checking with my source of information as to this error, but will stand corrected publicly.

Again, my apologies.

West Bend Referendum - You can't always get what you want...




"Kris Beaver, as a representative of the West Bend School District, was present to explain about the Listening Sessions that will be held at various venues to discuss why the referendum failed.


As a resident of Jackson, Mr. Beaver wanted to know why the Resolution supporting the Referendum was not passed on a unanimous vote. "

Gee, I hope that Mr. B is not playing the hat-switching game with the Jackson Village Board this time around.... You can't ALWAYS get what you want.

Friday, August 22, 2008

West Bend Parents - Harassment Policy on Board Agenda

West Bend School Board Meeting - Parents can speak to harassment policy



Talk points given....made easy for you!


New Polling Place in West Bend - Church/State Complainers

What the heck.

High voter turnout for the fall election has already effected the city, two weeks before the primary and more than two months before the general election. The Common Council decided to move the District 3 polling place based on congestion problems at City Hall in past elections.

Dobberstein asked whether it would be appropriate to postpone the decision in order to give time to District 3 residents who may be uncomfortable voting in a church.


Schanning said when she posted that question of church-and-state separation on a municipal officials’ list serve, she was amazed how many polling stations are held in religious facilities.


Several villages and towns in Washington County use churches as polling places. If voters had strong objections, they could vote via absentee ballot, she said.



How about this?

If voters have a "problem" with voting in a building that belongs to a church, they can just simply stay home.

I am so sick of the separation of church and state bias being used and abused.

"For those who cringe when politics and the church are mentioned in the same sentence, just let me say this...if you care about your family, your children, grandchildren, and the kind of country they’ll inherit after your gone, (if God forbid there’s still a country left) then you’d better get over the “separation of church and state”." - RAY LEWIS

It's a BUILDING, for cryin' out loud! Thanks, First Baptist, for allowing the community to come in and trample all over your nice, new building. Your example of unselfishness is a testimony to West Bend.

Sykes - World Without American Soldier -



Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Classic Car Family Fun Night TONIGHT

Classic Car Show & DJ Entertainment
Date: August 19, 2008
Time: 04:00 PM
Event Description
Classic Car Show & DJ Entertainment every Tuesday Night at the Dairy Queen on Main Street!!


Entrants receive a coupon for a free Combo Meal and a coupon for a 10% discount that can be used on anything, even items that are already discounted! We also offer a special DEEPLY discounted item for anyone who wears our DQ Cruise Nights T-Shirt.

Examples of discounted items include: $1 Pecan Mudslides, $1 Double Cheeseburgers, $1 Small Blizzards.

Come in and VOTE for your FAVORITE Classic Car! Include your name and address on your voter form and you will be entered into our weekly drawing to win a FREE SMALL BLIZZARD! At the end of the night the Voter forms are counted and the Classic Car with the most votes will receive a "Peoples’ Choice Award" trophy! Cool Cars, Great Food, Fun Entertainment, a Perfect Family Night!

Seniors being robbed...

This is just pathetic. And it makes me angry.

Mequon - For the fifth time this month, an elderly person has been robbed by two women who used false pretenses to get into the victim's home.The latest robbery happened in Mequon, where an 84-year-old man was robbed by women who claimed to be hospital employees, police say.The robbery is the second in Mequon, and similar robberies have occurred in Wauwatosa, Cedarburg and Milwaukee.

Madison: Drinking age too high - Students don't respect law

"Alcohol education that mandates abstinence as the only legal option has not resulted in significant constructive behavioral change among our students," the statement reads. "Adults under 21 are deemed capable of voting, signing contracts, serving on juries and enlisting in the military, but are told they are not mature enough to have a beer. By choosing to use fake IDs, students make ethical compromises that erode respect for the law."


Yeah, that's right. Lower the drinking age because the students don't respect the law. That's that answer.

I agree with the statement above about the capability issue. So let's solve this problem. Raise it ALL to 21. There. Settled.

Monday, August 18, 2008


Petition to Respect Parents' Rights

Protect West Bend's Students From Far-Reaching Harassment Policy -


click on title above.

Over 200 signatures on hard copy and GROWING!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Michael Phelps for President

Let's face it:

1. Everybody loves him.
2. He appears humble.
3. He works well with a team.
4. I am more inspired by him than any presidential candidate we are currently looking at today.
5. Add your own...

Wisconsin State Law - apple pie & cheese

At one time, Wisconsin State Law made it illegal to serve apple pie in public restaurants without cheese.

Ahh..the good old days...

When legislature did "good" things.

Now we have to fight to uphold the constitution in our schools and apple pie is served naked.

Saturday, August 16, 2008


TICKETS...are only 25 cents each! Kiddie rides are ONE TICKET. All other rides are TWO TICKETS! Concessions are affordable, too....!

Located along the bay of Green Bay on the city's east side.

Back to School Hours
Open daily, August 18 - September 1 (Labor Day) - 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Post Season Hours
Open September 6 & 7, 13 & 14, 20 & 21, 27 & 28 - 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Closed for the season beginning starting September 28, 2008 at 6:01 PM

We took our kids there for many years, and they reminded us of it tonight! Even as teens/college age, there is something for everyone!

Tilt-a-Whirl, Ferris Wheel, Scat, Scrambler, Giant Slide, Etc!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Boots & Sabers questions West Bend School District referendum tactics

Here’s an interesting article about West Bend’s pending referendum in a construction trade rag of all places (trying to drum up pro-referendum votes from construction workers?).


Thoughts on WB Schools Maintenance Problems

Warren Schmidt stated in a recent article "15 Minutes with..." in the West Bend News -see earlier post) that he had a:

"$5.5 million annual operating budget and 98 staffers."

Wouldn't you think that would take care of a lot of "needed" repairs at just 12 buildings? It seems to be more than sufficient, especially if there is a 5 or 10 year plan and key issues are addressed each year. Oops!)

Maybe what we need is a Habitat for Education group. How interesting if the community would come forward and strap on their toolbelts and volunteer to take care of these needed repairs. Concerning the "trailer" option - I would think $80,000 could build a nice additional classroom(s).

I heard of a cartoon of a Castle-size school with every adornment possible. A father is walking his son to school and the bubble above says, "Just think how smart this new school will make you."

Thursday, August 14, 2008

WI BADGERS Football Family Fun Day - Aug. 17

Meet the Badgers!


The University of Wisconsin Athletic Department invites fans of all ages to Camp Randall Stadium for a summer-time tradition. Wisconsin Football Family Fun Day is scheduled for Sunday, August 17 from 3-5 p.m.

Head Coach Bret Bielema and the Wisconsin football team will be available for autographs and photos. Fans will also receive the 2008 Wisconsin Football team poster courtesy of Famous Dave’s, while supplies last. Admission is free.


Formal Complaint Filed with D.A. RE: Video

Dear Attorney Martens,

At a recent West Bend School Board work session I had the opportunity to view the six-minute video presentation that is to be used to inform district residents about the upcoming referendum in November.

As a citizen and taxpayer, my “first impression” of this video was that it:

1. left one feeling “guilty” if they don’t agree with the current referendum and
2. abused area officials and businessmen for the purpose of coercion.


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

China's way of making us feel at home.... Or is this another Olympic category we don't know about?

West Bend School District Referendum Survey Cost Discrepancy - Exceeds $17,000




Invoice Dated 06/23/08: 26,100 "Dear Neighbor" Letters $783.00
Invoice Dated 06/23/08: 26,100 Surveys $1500.75
Invoice Dated 06/23/08: 26,100 Frequently Asked Questions Flyers $783.00
Invoice Dated 06/23/08: 26,100 Business Reply Mail Envelopes $848.25
Invoice Dated 06/23/08: 26,100 Postal Patron Envelopes $978.75
Invoice Dated 06/20/08: Mailing (26,019 surveys) $1,129.74

(Labor not included, which was quoted to me at $21/hr)
ORIGINAL EMAIL from Pat Herdrich -

Note: This is all we were allowed to know, though I explicitly asked for the "total cost of the survey to the taxpayers".

I received your request with respect to the survey costs.
The contract cost with the research firm Matousek & Associates out of Green Bay is $10,500 for the study.

Let me know if you need any further information.

Superintendent of Schools
West Bend Joint School District #1
735 South Main Street
West Bend, WI 53095

There is more than a referendum issue here. This appears to be more of an integrity issue. But YOU can decide.

West Bend Referendum still tops $90K mark

The School Board, in a work session on Monday, took no formal action but agreed in principle to a two-question referendum.

Question one builds a new, 650-capacity Jackson Elementary School at a new site, puts a two-story expansion onto Silverbrook Middle School to allow for 900 students, puts an expansion on Decorah Elementary to handle 650 and puts secure entrances at all 10 schools. The cost is about $41 million.

Question two remodels Badger Middle School with a two-story portion to hold 900 students for $27.4 million.

The district’s financial advisor is calculating the interest on each question. (Estimated at work session to be approximately 26.5K'ish).


So let's take a look here -

After coercive video tactics, biased newspaper articles (i.e. 15 Minutes with Warren Schmidt, WB News/Aug. 7; public patting of selves on backs - watch School Board session of 08/11, this went on heartily at the end of the work session, as well; the faulty referendum survey that provided inconclusive results and wasted taxpayer money, public slander of citizens who questioned any of the above, I guess one can only conclude that the West Bend community will be too "ashamed and intimidated" to vote for anything less than "all of the above" on the referendum.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Complaint filed, rejected - Plot Thickens...

On July 6, the Williams emailed a written complaint
about Herdrich over whether or not 31 referendum options were available on the
district Web site during the recent community survey period.

The Williams developed an alternate, $29 million
referendum plan on their own this spring that was revised into a $34 million
plan. They wanted to know if that was one of the 31 options.
District legal opinion found no “intentional misleading
or unresponsive communication” from Herdrich in regards to that complaint.

FULL ARTICLE HERE: http://activepaper.olivesoftware.com/Repository/ml.asp?Ref=V0JETi8yMDA4LzA4LzExI0FyMDAxMDA=&Mode=HTML&Locale=english-skin-custom

Let's go to the top of the story now..... Mr. Williams says he has issues with Dr. Herdrich's conduct, states such to the School Board, then is chastised by Mr. Carlson (the attorney calls it "warning") publicly and "feels intimidated" by said School Board. The attorney says "sorry, can't find evidence of this".

Well, here you go -

Mr. Williams is not alone. I, too, filed a formal complaint regarding this survey. I brought up the same issue as Mr. Williams regarding the 31 options not being posted, as promised, for those taking the survey. As well, I listed numerous other lacks of survey integrity, such as those stated by Mr. Williams, and more.

Read blog report: http://wissup.blogspot.com/2008/07/on-line-referendum-surveys-dont-count.html

and School Board response below:


I am responding to you as one Board Member. I am confident in the work performed for the district on the survey after our review on Monday night and felt that we asked questions on Monday to address your concerns and the concerns of others which were raised. The survey is valid as we learned from the answers and the cost for doing a survey to get the input from thousands of taxpayers is the most cost effective way to do this. I respect your opinions and your right to disagree. Pat would you copy my response to the rest of the board.

Thanks, Joe

Joe Carlson


Now let's address the "intimidation" suggestion by Mr. Williams, then YOU decide.

Mr. Williams has, time and again, presented the lengthy proposal, complete with facts and figures, done on his own time, on behalf of the taxpayers. I am not particularly endorsing the plan (and not particularly dismissing it, either), but I am "appreciating" the efforts on his and his wife's part to save taxpayer's money and find a suitable referendum that could feasibly pass and do some "damage control" from past lack of integrity issues concerning building maintenance, and the lack thereof.

I personally witnessed the school board ignore Mr. Williams as he sat and waited for an opportunity to present the tweaked referendum proposal. This, after being told by the School Board at a previous work session that he needed to meet certain criteria. He was never afforded the opportunity, though he did comply with their requests. This, alone, gives taxpayers/citizens the "idea" that the Board is not interested in what they have to say.

Moving right along, you can see by the response to the survey issues that neither Mr. Williams or myself were able to obtain any satisfaction for the faulty and unethical referendum survey. Here again.... "Not listening"

Now, let's talk about public slander. The School Board did not like the fact that I had numerous questions and requests regarding the recently rewritten harassment policy, as well as survey and referendum issues. In order to make informed decisions, I asked questions and requested information per Open Records requests. The Board, in a taped, public session, mentioned me by name and complained about my "costs" to the district because of my "38 emails", blah, blah, blah. (Mind you, some of those were simply "thanks for your help", or "could you clarify that", or "sorry you aren't feeling well today", but never mind the details...). This went from public slander in the Board room and on closed circuit television, right to the WB News for all to see. Know what I heard (from many, many people)? "I'll NEVER address the School Board in public if that is what they are going to do in public!" and the like.

These are only a FEW words of factual information. Maybe someone ELSE ought to review the complaint by Mr. Williams. Someone not directly tied to a paycheck by the School District.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

West Bend Seniors Hurting/ SURVEY RESULT INFO

I sat and reviewed the hard copies of all of the referendum surveys at the District office.

Here is what I learned:


WB School Board Work Session/MEETING - Referendum Finalization MONDAY NIGHT

Board Work Session
Education Service Center –
Board RoomWest Bend WI 53095
August 11, 2008
5:30 - 8:00 p.m.

The CFAC-2 Committee will finalize the referendum choice along with total expenditure information tonight. Sit in and listen to what is being discussed and presented to the School Board in the meeting that follows.....
Regular Board of Education Meeting
Education Service Center
West Bend WI 53095
August 11, 2008
8:00 p.m.
FOR FULL AGENDA of each meeting,
click on Title of this post to be redirected...

Friday, August 8, 2008

Referendum Survey Cost WB Taxpayers - HOW much??

The $10,500 figure given to me (and the general public) by the WB School District as a cost for the referendum survey is not accurate. It is only the "estimate" based on 1500 returned surveys. A total of 2321 surveys were returned, so this raised the cost significantly. Matousek's charges ONLY are 1.00 per internet survey and 1.50 per mail survey.

This is simply the "BID" amount prepared by Matousek & Associates.


Think about this. They told us it was $10,500, but it was NOT, because the estimate was for a quoted 1500 surveys and over 2300 came in.

Now add on PRINTING, POSTAGE AND STAFF LABOR charges. OUCH AND DOUBLE OUCH. Let's get the REAL figures.

Thursday, August 7, 2008


OK, this morning's paper made my BP go up...


How very interesting just as the referendum is the hot topic of the day.

Al Dunn prefaces the article by stating: "Now couple that with tough economic times and a voting constituency that may not be willing to spend the money needed to refresh, refurbish and build new facilities for future enrollments."

THAT, in and of ITSELF, is enough to make me scream!

Here is a portion of the interview:
DN = Al Dunn
WS - Warren Schmidt

DN: Conversely, what don’t you like?

WS: I don’t like that fact that we can’t make the improvements at our buildings. It’s always working short.

DN: That leads to the next question: A big issue percolating now is the condition of the facilities. What, in your opinion, is the most urgent fix needed?

WS: Badger School, mostly because if you look at the real numbers of kids that are coming up, it’s only going to get worse. You’re going to put another up to 120 kids into a very old structure where you really get concerned about the quality of education, the way they have to move through the building.

DN: What happens if the referendum fails again?

WS: In order to address the number of kids coming up there, very likely (we’ll need to) fill in the Badger swimming pool. That will probably have to happen to make five or six classrooms out of the swimming pool area. And probably more trailers, which is a shame. It costs $80,000 to set up a trailer, and it’s just wasted money.

DN: Any other big priority items beyond that?

WS: No, if we have that thing taken care of, everything else is easy

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Cow Tipping - To be performed ONLY in Minnesota

Comical "cow tipping" video. (For humorous purposes only. Don't try this at home, or..on the farm...)

Do you know the Preamble for your state?

The constitutions of all fifty states reference God, mostly in their preambles.

Virginia 1776, Bill of Rights, XVI ...

Religion, or the Duty which we owe our Creator . can be directed only by Reason ... and that it is the mutual duty of all to practice Christian Forbearance, Love and Charity towards each other...

Washington 1889, Preamble.

We the People of the State of Washington, grateful to the Supreme Ruler of the Universe for our liberties, do ordain this Constitution .

West Virginia 1872, Preamble.

Since through Divine Providence we enjoy the blessings of civil, political and religious liberty, we, the people of West Virginia .. reaffirm our faith in and constant reliance upon God .

Wisconsin 1848, Preamble.

We, the people of Wisconsin, grateful to AlmightyGod for our freedom, domestic tranquility

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Jackson Residents should be outraged...

The resignation of the Jackson Elementary School principal comes as no surprise. He did the right thing.

Had this man been allowed back into the school, I believe that area residents would have been a force to reckon with.

The question are these..

How did he ever get into the Jackson Elementary School in the FIRST place? Who decided that his prior conviction that required him to take ANGER MANAGEMENT and BATTERER'S INTERVENTION classes "would not impact job performance." ??????????? (Click on title to link to full article.)

JACKSON RESIDENTS SHOULD BE OUTRAGED that more was not done to protect their very young children from someone with a background such as this. And a PRINCIPAL nonetheless, whose standards of conduct should be upheld with the utmost scrutiny. What is the example that has been set before them now? Do they feel they can "trust" their authority figures at the school? Do Jackson PARENTS feel like they can trust the decisions made on their behalf concerning the hiring of personnel within their public school?

The Jackson children were placed at risk with poor decision-making. Someone needs to be held accountable.

Jackson Elementary Principal Resigns -

Jackson Elementary School Principal Jeff Baas, charged with misdemeanor resisting an officer after receiving his first drunken driving ticket for an incident in June, resigned on Monday.

Superintendent Patricia Herdrich would not say if Baas would have been fired had he not resigned..............

..................... (Click link on title to read entire story)

Baas, according to the criminal complaint, was found at 11:03 p.m. June 5 attempting to drive away in his car..............

The officer fired the Taser a second time, and Baas rolled onto his back, still not complying with the officer’s instructions, putting his arms out to his sides. Backup officers arrived and helped handcuff Baas and take him into custody.

This is the second time in three years Baas has had interactions with police.

Among other requirements, Baas was ordered to take an anger management class and attend batterer’s intervention counseling. The charge of misdemeanor damage to property was dropped in March 2006 after Baas complied with all the court’s terms and conditions.


The district hired Baas in summer 2005. Had it known of the anger management requirement, Superintendent Patricia Herdrich said the district would have received legal advice before hiring Baas. Baas had disclosed the court case in the interview process and the district deemed the incident would not impact job performance. (WHAT???)

Baas was clearly the top candidate for the job, Herdrich said. (As opposed to WHO? Saddam?)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

West Bend REFERENDUM choices revealed..

A West Bend School District subcommittee on Monday developed four referendum options to present to the School Board, three of which are new.

Option D, developed in the three-hour meeting’s closing minutes, seemed to garner some enthusiasm because it addresses the district’s two “lightning rod” items at once — Badger Middle School and Jackson Elementary School — and maintains the district’s grade configurations of kindergarten through fifth grade and sixth through eighth grade, another hot-button issue.

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Monday, August 4, 2008


Ok, so here is my take, for what it is worth. I sat through the entire roundtable CFAC-2 meeting tonight and here are the ups and downs:

What I liked:
Pat Herdrich's statement "Removing the pool [Badger] would be a direct savings to the taxpayers." (See savings $$ below.)

Randy Stark (developer)saying time and again to be "forthcoming" with the community because a "second referendum is closer than you think".

Randy Stark (yes, again) pushing the team to consider long-term goals, identifying and listing costs and playing devil's advocate.

Todd Miller chairing the committee without giving any forceful opinions or pushing any agenda. Just guided it along smoothly. Nice job.

Listening to Joe Carlson state that the new and improved referendum is currently being reworked "because of our economic environment". Something the community has been saying all along. Let's do what we can "afford"....and what is "necessary"..

I didn't have to hear "It's Badger or nothing" yet one more time.

What I DIDN'T like:
When the new ideas were finally placed on an easel (an overhead projector was available), nobody could read them. Sorry, but I like convenience.

Hearing that the City of West Bend won't take up a portion of the obligation for Badger Pool, though it is a service to the West Bend Community. (It costs the District $100,000/yr. to maintain the pool.) What is up with THAT?

The fact that the round table was never introduced to the "audience" (us onlookers) as I have noted as a courtesy in the past. I'd like to know who the red-headed guy is that talks a lot. (I'd also like to see Randy mentor him.) I am sure it was an oversight, but it left me wondering who some of the the more verbal gentlemen were.

The meeting ended with four skeletal choices being narrowed down. They included things such as:
Keep Badger and put on an addition
Dump Badger and put up a new school
Land only for Jackson
Land AND school for Jackson
Additions on Silverbrook, Decorah and Fair Park
Keep the Pool at Badger
Dump the pool at Badger

Final cost estimates are being reworked and will be presented at the next work session on August 11.

The public is invited to attend. BE INFORMED.


Board Facilities Committee / CFAC 2
(Citizens Facilities
Advisory Committee)
Education Service Center, Board Room
735 S. Main Street, West Bend

Monday, August 4, 2008
5:30 – 8:00 p.m.
1. Recommendation for Badger Middle School.
2. Framing lower cost facilities options.
3. Long-term role of CFAC 2.

Sunday, August 3, 2008


5:30 P.M.
Education Service Center – Board Room

A little info about the committee..............

John Duwell (school board member) and Randy Stark (WB Mutual Facilities Manager) work together.

Todd Miller
(school board member and co-chair of CFAC -2 committee) and Rod Moore (West Bend Clinic Facilities Supervisor) work together.

Kraig Sadownikow rubs elbows with John Duwell and Randy Stark as he is the developer from American Design & Build Inc. who built the Hampton Inn & Suites and a 24,000-square-foot office building at the intersection of Paradise Drive and South 18th Avenue on West Bend's southwest side. It's located just east of the West Bend Mutual Insurance Co. headquarters.

It seems that those who stand to make a profit if a referendum is passed (the roofer, Mr. Marquardt, and the developer, Mr. Stark) are on this team. It also seems that there is a conflict of interest with the hand-selected Stark and Moore, who are board member co-workers.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Local Doctor - 7 years and going strong.... Fundraiser on Sunday

Doctor, family make helping Guatemalans their mission in life
Soderlings plan benefit picnic to raise funds for schools, shelters


After a three-month visit to Guatemala, the Soderling family decided to spend two years in the impoverished country, working to better the lives of those who live there.

That was seven years ago.

With a successful career as an Ob/Gyn in West Bend, Michael Soderling went to Haiti in 1999, working at Hospital Lumier for two weeks.

“I came back feeling like I was being called into doing something full time for mission work, but with my practice, I thought I could do it one to two weeks a year,” he said.


SUNDAY, 8/3/08
11 A.M. - 2 P.M.


Visit with the SODERLING FAMILY!

WB School District Residents - Petition


Petition requests policy be tabled until these requests are met:

1. Develop a policy that respects the Free Speech Rights of area students as guaranteed under the First Amendment; and

2. Develop an even-handed policy that applies to all students and does not provide preferential treatment to certain groups of students; and

3. Develop a policy that respects the rights of parents by requiring Parental Notification when a student is involved in a harassment disciplinary action which is not the current practice. Many parents are offended by the notion that disciplinary proceedings may take place without their knowledge; and

4. Develop steps for disciplinary action that respect the rights of both parties to a harassment case.

As currently drafted, the proposed policy allows alleged "victims" to self-define what they view as "harassing" or "offensive" conduct. Without having reasonable standards put in place, the proposed policy makes the West Bend School District and its taxpayers vulnerable to legal challenges and uncapped compensatory settlements.

NO provision for parents in new harassment policy. Parents are not required to be notified in cases of student disciplinary action, nor are they allowed to be in on disciplinary sessions with their children. (OUCH)