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Thursday, April 29, 2010

West Bend Mayor Puts Opposition to City Council up for Library Board Appointment

On May 3rd, THIS MONDAY NIGHT, the Common Council will be asked to vote "yes" to Mayor Kris Diess' appointment of liberal Molly Zuehlke to the library board.  Please read the excerpts below from Ms. Zuehlke's own blog.  Is this the best that Mayor Diess can do?  Is this appropriate?  Or is it assurance that the library board will continue to stay filled up with the same-old/same-old?  We all know the answer to that one.  Contact your alderman.  Tell him to vote NO.  We already know that Deb Anderson will rubber-stamp this one:


Just venting.

Last night the common council of west bend voted to not approve the mayor's appointments to the library board in direct compliance with few loud, opinionated and censorship minded individuals. They say it only takes about twelve contacts to the alderman in a city to sway them one way or another (and the Maziarka's have shown us maybe it is even less), so let's let them know that we are disappointed in those who voted with Maziarka's and the small minority who think it's the city's job to legislate morality.

Here is the article in the WB News.

Here is what the Maziarkas had to say about last night. (what are these people really asking for anyway? and keep in mind they choose not to follow through with any formal complaint, so what action is the library supposed to take?)

So contact your alderman (you can find them here) or for that matter all five who voted against these appointments, and let them know that we have voices too.


Molly Zuehlke

Ticked-off West Bend Citizen.

and this:

John and I feel like we live in a REALLLLLLLLLLLLLLY conservative area, and sometimes get a little disheartened about the atmosphere of judgment that surrounds us. But we were pleasantly surprised by the turnout at the the Democrats of Washington County Headquarters opening. Lots of people. A little diversity. And lots of, that's right I'm going to say it, hope. I think we've caught a little of it. The kids made a great little sign for their window that says "Kids for Obama" We're contemplating knocking on doors here, but I'm slightly nervous about literally getting a shot gun pulled on me. Anyway, I'm sure we'll get to it. Make ourselves useful. At least when the bigots win, we can say we tried. (Could I be more blunt? I know, you're used to it. It's Molly.)

2nd District Alderman in West Bend Sets Up Survey Re: WHEDA HOUSING

This Alderman is trying to get the word out in West Bend that WHEDA subsidized housing is coming soon to a downtown near you if you live in the city.  NOW IS THE TIME to speak up, even if you are NOT in his district.

View Alderman Steve Hutchins' web page HERE, and contact your local alderman about this issue.

The low-income housing would sit directly between a local restaurant and the new multi-million dollar art museum in downtown West Bend.

Save the..........ANIMALS???

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Local Library Takes Up Advocacy for.....gorillas?

Our local Young Adult Librarian, Kristin Pekoll (you know, the one who apparently chooses the sexually inappropriate books for our youth at our library) is now partnering with WBHS students in advocating for ..... gorillas.

Today's West Bend News:

A number of our animal species are becoming increasingly endangered. 

    Among them are the gentle, noble and intelligent mountain gorillas. Internet sources say only about 600 to 700 of these majestic creatures are alive today and that number dwindles as their homeland is destroyed. 
    The West Bend Library is partnering with S.e.e.d, the environmental club at West Bend High School, to show people that what we do locally can affect things globally. 

I have no problem with those who want to spend their time trying to save gorillas, whales, pandas, ants, et. al,  from extinction, but I am wondering....

Would the library consider partnering with pro-life WBHS students by placing a box for maternity clothing and baby items for collection at the library to encourage women not to kill their babies?

Do public libraries generally advocate for anything not related to library issues?

Since the last library board meeting minutes posted are from February 2nd, one can hardly know if the library board approved this advocacy or not, but one can certainly learn a lot about the crappy, leaky roof.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Monday, April 26, 2010

Um, I think this may not be as joyous of an occasion as this toddler thinks it is.....

Sunday, April 25, 2010

West Bend School Board Work Session and Reg. Meeting MONDAY

Details Of:Board Work Session
Date:4/26/2010 (5:00 PM - 6:15 PM)
Calendar:West Bend School District (General)
Description:Jackson Elementary - Multi-Purpose Room (behind gymnasium)

Details Of:Board of Education Meeting
Date:4/26/2010 (7:00 PM)
Calendar:West Bend School District (General)
Description:Jackson Elementary School
W204 N16850 Jackson Dr.
Jackson, WI

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

West Bend City Council Removes 30-Year Veteran and Board President, Barbara Deters, from Library Board

I attended the West Bend City Council meeting and watched the alderpersons swear in.  I stayed for the mayoral appointments to various councils and boards.  A number of interesting bones of contention were on the slate tonight.

As most will recall, Barbara Deters, the library board president who led the revolt against the citizens of West Bend during the issue concerning sexually explicit books for minors, was named for reappointment by Mayor Kris Deiss.  Alderman Michael Schlotfeldt took issue with this reappointment and asked to have Deters removed from the blanket vote of all library board reappointments on the agenda.  As a result, the discussion went around the table.  You can watch for yourself:

After all had their say, the vote was taken:

I would applaud Alderman Schlotfeldt for keeping track of the issues concerning Deters, bringing them to the forefront, and requesting consequences for behavior.  Five of the seven aldermen present tonight (Nick Dobberstein was absent) agreed with Schlotfeldt and the vote went down 5-2 to remove Deters from the board.  An excellent decision.

Next issue that seemed to ruffle some feathers were the Planning Commission and Redevelopment Authority. Newly sworn-in alderman, Ed Duquaine requested Jed Dolnick be removed from the Planning Commission.  He felt that Dolnick's views did not necessarily represent the City of West Bend.

Alderman Steve Hutchins wanted Atty.  Doug Fitzgerald and Mike Palm removed from the Redevelopment Authority as he felt it was time for new ideas and new blood.

Both Duquaine and Hutchin's requests were voted down.

New alderwoman Deb Anderson likes rubber stamps.

Monday, April 19, 2010

UW Madison College Students Use Intellect to Come Up with UNDIE RUN

This is just pathetic.

In order to raise funds for "charity," some UW-Madison students are using their high intellectual status to come up with this provocative and very professional fundraising idea:  The "UW-MADISON AXE UNDIE RUN."

Via Facebook:

"Imagine showing up in clothes....then taking them off to donate them and then running around campus streets in a fit of joy and celebration, of course, only in your UNDIES!"

Only in Madison.  

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Washington County Supervisors go to court; Meyers files complaint against Tennies

Back in March of 2009, it seems Washington County Board Chairman Herb Tennies refused to allow two other county supervisors into an open meeting.  Those supervisors have now filed a complaint with the DA's office and is going to court.  Meyers has stated that he would have been satisfied with an apology from Tennies, but Tennies seems to be fresh out.

Meyers has now created a website that allows constituents in Washington County to view documents leading up to the case.  Good idea.

Be informed.

Check out Bill Meyers' website.  Is someone trying to hide something?

What is it with the leadership in West Bend that seems to be consistently shutting out taxpayers?  Witness the West Bend School Board's president, Joe Carlson, in September of 2009 HERE.

Click HERE to view State of Wisconsin vs Herb Tennies.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Day of Silence disrupts classroom time in West Bend

Special interest groups.  Groups that teach minors how to take their agenda into the public school, steal valuable educational time and take control of teachers are reprehensible.  Taxpayers should really be speaking up about activities such as these.  This past Wednesday, FRIDAY, April 17, deemed the "Day of Silence" by national organization GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian, Straight, yadda, yadda, yadda) saw the intrusion of attention-seeking youngsters stealing classroom instructional time from classmates and coveting the period to promote their agenda and causing a distraction to the learning environment.  Activities for the participants included placing duct tape over one's mouth, having others speak on your behalf, and having teachers authorize non-participation in the classroom that day.

No special interest group should have the ability to seize, jeopardize and compromise educational time to the tune of even 1 cent of taxpayer money.

While students have every right to express themselves, this is not an appropriate way to do so.  (Whatever happened to t-shirts?)  School administration needs to get a grip on any special interest groups that intend to rob kids of education and taxpayers of their money.

The CODE OF CONDUCT for the West Bend School District states that children must be removed from the classroom if they exhibit:

(d) Behavior which interferes with the ability of the teacher to teach effectively.
(e) Behavior which is inconsistent with effective teaching and learning in the classroom

Why has our school district allowed this group to sabotage our tax dollars, which are already under scrutiny?  Our school board tells us we are short of money.  We are taxed to the max and hear cries for more.  Yet we allow special interest groups to enter the classroom where students are held captive and undermine teacher authority.  Very disturbing.

Great article from FOXNews.com:

Gay Day of Silence a Waste of Tax Dollars, Critics Say
Thousands of public schools are planning to allow students affiliated with a gay and lesbian advocacy group to sponsor an anti-bullying "Day of Silence" on Friday, but family organizations say the demonstration is a disruptive waste of taxpayer dollars and are calling for families to pull their kids out of school.

Another article from the American Family Association:
School administrators err when they allow the classroom to be disrupted and politicized by granting students permission to remain silent throughout an entire day.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thompson hijacks AFP Tea Party event - McKenna lends 2 cents

I went to the Madison TEA Party today.  More out of curiosity than anything, you could say.  Weather certainly cooperated.  Crowd was being estimated at 10,000, but I believe that was a bit inflated.  You can read about the event HERE.

Tommy Thompson used the event to draw attention to himself and publicly state he would not be running for governor.  (Good.)

I took lots of pics and will post some of them below.  




Madison Tea Party TODAY

From North Shore Exponent:

Vicki McKenna today made a strong appeal from many people in the State of Wisconsin to converge on the State Capitol in Madison on April 15th to join Americans for Prosperity for the Taxpayer Tea Party and Rally at the State Capitol in Madison. Herman Cain also said today “it is important for Wisconsin Citizens to Mobolize and organize and localize” to make April 15th successful for those who are opposed to the Obama Stimulus.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Fire Victim donations overflow into local empty store

Furniture donations were so massive that Community Church needed to look beyond the three donated semi trailers.  George Prescott stepped up to the plate and lent the use of the former KB Toys/Halloween Express building that is currently vacant.  Volunteers are currently working at the site to shift clothing, toys and shoes to the location, which is already 2/3 full with the furniture donations.  More volunteers are needed.  No experience necessary, just c'mon over!  Sunday - from the time you read this until the job is done!


Friday, April 9, 2010

OVERWHELMED w/support - No more ITEM donations needed at this time for fire victims

Tables are overflowing.  No more floor space is available.  Two semi truck trailers are bursting.  (UPDATE:  A third semi truck trailer just pulled in.....).  THANKS TO:
(Drop a phone call and tell them THANKS!)


Community Church is extending an overwhelming message of gratitude to the community of West Bend and beyond.

No more donations can be taken at this time in the areas of clothing or furniture.  Small appliances and kitchen items, new bedding and bath towels, alarm clocks, new socks and new undergarments will still be taken.

Financial donations may be made to any M&I Bank.

What a great community we live in!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Menomonee Falls Library CENSORING Children's Artwork

Curtsy to Randy Melchert -

Listen to Mark Belling talk about it (MP3 – Part 1) (MP3 – Part 2) (MP3 – Part 3)

Menomonee Falls Public Library is holding a parochial art fair this month:

Keep in mind that libraries are opposed to censorship (this pix was taken today in West Bend’s library):


Let’s see what’s so controversial!


Unfortunately, the judging for this art show has already taken place and the children who had their artwork tossed will no longer be eligible for an award.  Yet another librarian confused about who she serves.  The taxpayers are the ones these librarians represent, yet they continue to censor books, and now children's artwork.  Shameful.

Keeping an open ear....

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

WEST BEND Fire Victim Donation Site has NEEDS....

Here is footage from Channel 4 news tonight - CLICK HERE.

There are plenty of clothes now!  The following items are still needed:

New socks
New bedding
clocks (kitchen/alarm)
small appliances
pots and pans
storage containers such as Tupperware/Rubbermaid

FINANCIAL DONATIONS:  If you care to make a monetary donation to help these 25 displaced families, you can send it to M&I Bank in West Bend at 321 N. Main Street, West Bend, WI  53095.  Checks may be made out to:  Community Church f/b/o Stonebridge Apartment Fire

Kruepke Trucking has donated a trailer for storing furniture.  (Can use another trailer if anyone can help.)  West Bend small business owner from Volcano store has donated (and assembled) many, many racks and hangers, etc. for displaying clothing and helping with space.

Many calls have come in for furniture pickup.  Pickups are needed in the HARTFORD, JACKSON, MEQUON, HUBERTUS, KEWASKUM, MENOMONEE FALLS AND DELAFIELD AREAS.  CAN YOU HELP?  Call Laurie at 414-322-2566.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Weigand/Marquardt SMOKE incumbents - Duquaine and Bassill Victorious in West Bend

The results are in.  The tide is changing.


West Bend School Board
DAVID WEIGAND           3259  28%
Kathy VanEerden (inc.)2542  22%
Lynn Corazzi (inc.)        2435  21%


Duquaine  56%
Salmon   44%

Anderson   63%
Lefkoski  37%


District 3
Hensel  55%
Krochalk  45%

District 5
Bassill    67%
Adam (inc.) 33%

District 7
Ustruck  52%
Bichler  48%

District 13
Bertram  65%
Stern  35%

District 14
Helmle   24%
Krueger   76%

District 22
Goeman  51%
Jung  39%

District 27
Myers  54%
Brady  46%

Election Results will appear HERE

Currently, after retrieving voter numbers from all of the local polling places, we are up to 10% voter turnout.

Personally visited Town of Jackson, where they were heavily staffed and super-friendly.

Village of Jackson volunteers were some really nice folks, as well.  Someone outside of the polling place had a van parked in the lot with RECALL posters on the windows.  She was handing out flyers to recall Village Board members Scott Mittelsteadt and Jeff Brandner for their  push to disband the police department and other financial accusations on the flyer.  They were also asking people to sign a recall petition.  I believe you only need 25% of the voters who voted in the previous election to get the recall onto a referendum, so I guess that's what she was attempting.

Town of West Bend, Town of Trenton - all rather quiet, but again, volunteers were great people!

Stay tuned for updates on election results.

General Election TODAY! VOTE! POLLS OPEN 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.!

Conservative choices in West Bend:

School Board: Randy Marquardt, Dave Weigand
Wash. County Supervisor: Mike Bassill
Aldermen: Ed Duquaine, John Bichler

The list of polling places is below!

City of West Bend: West Bend City Hall, Attn: City Clerk, 1115 S Main St, West Bend 53095

District 1, Meadowbrook Manor, entrance 475 Meadowbrook Drive

District 2, WB Public Library, entrance 630 Poplar Street

District 3, First Baptist Church, 2300 S. Main

District 4, City Hall, Council Chambers, east entrance, 1115 S. Main

District 5, Public Agency Center (PAC), 333 E. Wash. Street, Rm. 1113A and 1113B

District 6, Wash. Cty. Courthouse, 432 E. Wash. St., Rm. 2024

District 7, Moraine Park Technical College (AMTC Bldg), Door T2, 2151 N. Main St

District 8, Cedar Ridge Retirement Campus, 113 Cedar Ridge Drive
Town of Jackson: Town Hall, 3146 Division Rd, Jackson 53037
Village of Jackson: Village Hall, N168W20733 Main St, Jackson 53037
Town of Addison: Addison Town Hall, 127 First St, PO Box 481, Allenton 53002
Town of Barton: Barton Town Hall, 3482 Town Hall Road, Kewaskum 53040
Town of Polk: Polk Town Hall, 3680 WI-60, Slinger 53086
Town of Trenton: Trenton Town Hall, 1071 Hwy 33 East, West Bend
Village of Newburg: Newburg Village Hall, 614 Main St, PO Box 50 West Bend 53060
Town of West Bend: West Bend Town Hall, 6355 CTY Rd Z, West Bend 53095

Monday, April 5, 2010

Plea for assistance with FIRE VICTIM DONATION SITE!

Already the donations have heaped high, higher and ...................!   This is very exciting, but HELP is needed!  

CLOTHING RACKS are needed to hang items up.
Nice BOXES of a fairly large size are also needed.

MANY HANDS are needed from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. to take in items!  The response is ALREADY overwhelming!  No need to call ahead, just DROP in and PITCH in!

Community Church of West Bend, 2005 S. Main Street, across from Starbucks/Menards.  Go to the rear of the building.

Full video of debate between Judge Paul Reilly and Linda VanDeWater/Wash. Cty. Sups. 3/31/10

Eagle Forum Hosts Circuit Court Judges/Wash. Cty. Supervisors in Forum 3-31-10 from Ginny Maziarka on Vimeo.

Washington County Supervisors start at 40:21 of the video.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Local Church Works With Red Cross to Assist Fire Victims - Donations Being Taken

Community Church of West Bend will be opening it's doors as a collection site for the families that were displaced from the fire at the Stonebridge apartment complex over the weekend.  Donations may be made between the hours of 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. at Community Church 2005 S. Main Street at the rear entrance of the church building from Monday, April 5 through Saturday April 10.  Larger furniture items will be accepted on Saturday, when the drop-off hours will be from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Clothing items should be in like new or new condition; sizes range from newborn to adult.  Other suggested items for donation are:  toiletries such as toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, deodorant, hairbrush, comb, shampoo, conditioner, women's personal products; diapers, formula, canned/dry goods, pots, pans and dishes in very good condition, silverware, glassware (full sets), dish soap, cleaning supplies, dish towels, bath towels, bedding (new), pillows (new), alarm clock and any other practical items.  Furniture items may include dining/kitchen table and chairs, couch, end tables, beds, bed frames, dressers, lamps, throw rugs and bath rugs.  Pet food will also be collected.  Contact Laurie Purtell at 414-322-2566 for more information, questions, or assistance with pickup of large items.  Community Church is working with the Red Cross to assist the victims of the fire.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Streamlined sales tax project - chocolate chips, candy, fruit drinks all now taxable

Under Gov. Doyle's streamlined sales tax project, a large number of items are now taxable from online and catalog retailers.

Some of the familiar items that have been changed are, chocolate chips, flavored (sweetened) water, candy bars, fruit drinks, and soft drinks.

Here is a partial list from Tax 11.51 Grocer's Guidelist (complete list can be found here starting on page 96 of the Department of Revenue Emergency Rule)

(2) GUIDELISTS. (a) Taxable sales by grocers. Taxable sales include sales of the
following items:
Adhesive tape.
Air fresheners.
Anti-acid products.
Ash trays.
Auto supplies.
Baby needs, except food.
Bags of all kinds.
Baking chips, sweetened.
Baking chocolate that contains a sweetener in the form of bars, drops, or pieces.
Barbecue supplies.
Batteries, except hearing aid batteries.
Beauty aids.
Bird food and supplies.
Bobby pins and rollers.
Bottled water, sweetened.
Bowl cleaner.
Breath mints, unless they contain flour.
Bubble bath.
Cake decorations, non-edible.
Cake decorations that are candy.
Calcium tablets.
Cameras and supplies.
Can openers.
Candy apples.
Canning and freezer supplies.
Caramel apples.
Caramel corn.
Cat food and supplies.
Charcoal and starter.
Chewing gum.
Chocolate chips, sweetened.
Chocolate covered raisins and nuts.
Cigarette lighter fluid, wicks, flints.
Cleaning equipment and supplies.
Clothes lines.
Cocktail mixes.
Cod liver oil.
Coffee drinks that contain sweeteners, unless it also contains milk or milk products.
Cold remedies.
Combs and brushes.
Confections that are candy.
Cough drops.
Deli items, as explained in sub. (3) (g) 2.
Dental aids.
Dietary supplements.
Distilled spirits.
Dog food and supplies.
Drain cleaners.
Dried fruit with sweeteners.
Drug sundries.
Dry cleaners.
Dry ice.

Stonebridge Apartment Complex up in flames- 2 Alarm

The Stonebridge Apartments are up in flames.  It's an enormous fire with assistance being called in from Jackson and Allenton Fire Departments.  We know a family that lives in the complex.  They were able to escape unharmed and believe all have evacuated safely.  The building is a total loss.  Channel 12 and 6 helicopters are hovering and it can be seen on the news at 5.

Our prayers are with them.

Update:  Over 20 families lived on the second floor, which has been leveled by fire.  Most of the families had small children.  The Red Cross is on the scene.  Consider gathering items that could be used by families with young children, including clothing and toiletries, to be prepared to donate to these families in need.  I'll post a drop location once one is announced.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Reilly and Van De Water go head-to-head in West Bend - Cty Supervisors square off

It was an interesting forum if you weren't able to tune in to the community cable channel.  Check the schedule and catch it if you get a chance.  Here are a couple of videos that show the closing comments of Van De Water and Reilly.  The darts were flying..........

Only three of the TEN Washington County Supervisors attended.  Constituents should be offended that their supervisor candidates were disinterested in sharing their platform with the taxpayers who will be placing their ballots in the box in less than a week.  Supervisor candidates Mike Bassill, Robert Adam (inc.) and John Bichler carried on a respectful, informative and amicable discussion.

Missing were:  Ralph Hensel, David Krochalk, Paul Ustruck, John Stern, Daniel Zell, Richard Bertram and Donald Stern.