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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Washington County Supervisors go to court; Meyers files complaint against Tennies

Back in March of 2009, it seems Washington County Board Chairman Herb Tennies refused to allow two other county supervisors into an open meeting.  Those supervisors have now filed a complaint with the DA's office and is going to court.  Meyers has stated that he would have been satisfied with an apology from Tennies, but Tennies seems to be fresh out.

Meyers has now created a website that allows constituents in Washington County to view documents leading up to the case.  Good idea.

Be informed.

Check out Bill Meyers' website.  Is someone trying to hide something?

What is it with the leadership in West Bend that seems to be consistently shutting out taxpayers?  Witness the West Bend School Board's president, Joe Carlson, in September of 2009 HERE.

Click HERE to view State of Wisconsin vs Herb Tennies.

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