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Monday, August 15, 2011

Local Resident Bullied for Participating in Dane County Fair

We would expect nothing less from liberal rag Wisconsin State Journal:

A part-time nurse from West Bend, Wisconsin, set up an interactive creation-based booth with a sign reading "Interpret the Evidence" at a local county fair. TheWisconsin State Journal reported on Mary Weigand's booth with the headline "Creationist seeks to debunk scientific fact at Dane County Fair."1 But was she actually trying to debunk "scientific fact," or was this headline just a mudslinging smear?

By examining fossils on display, booth attendees investigated for themselves whether or not fossils show a gradual transition between life forms, as Darwinism predicts. The booth presented an alternative scientific explanation that appears to fit the fossil data much better. Each visitor was left to discern whether fossils show discrete created kinds with no undisputed transitions between forms, as biblical creation predicts.


The claim that this booth is attempting "to debunk scientific fact" is apparently a shallow slander. Instead, it looks as though Weigand and her sponsors actually promote just the opposite approach: Encouraging people to do better science by interpreting hard evidence using common sense, instead of relying on the dogmatic propaganda that is necessary to prop up evolution's failed paradigm.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What Democracy REALLY Looks Like - Republicans Hold WI Senate

Senator Alberta Darling holds on to her seat in the Senate with a generous lead over Sandy Pasch. A victorious celebration for Sen. Darling indeed.

The election results lend a strong statement to the union thugs, et al, that Wisconsin will not be bullied. The electors have spoken.

Results HERE

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Recall Elections Today - Polls open at 7

Curtsy Boots and Sabers:

Recall Election Maps

I heard that a lot of people have been going to the West Bend City Hall to cast absentee ballots even though there isn’t an election in West Bend tomorrow. That speaks a bit to some of the confusion with all of these elections. So… for those folks in my neck of the woods who want to go vote for Senator Darling, here’s a map of her district. If you live in it, then go vote tomorrow at your normal polling place.

For the rest of you, here’s a map with all of the districts that will have a recall election. The districts shaded in red have an election tomorrow. The districts shaded in blue have an election a week from tomorrow.