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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Wisconsinites give the thumbs down to Obama on Rasmussen Poll

Rasmussen poll reveals what we already knew.

1* How would you rate the job Barack Obama has been doing as President… do you strongly approve, somewhat approve, somewhat disapprove, or strongly disapprove of the job he’s been doing?

26% Strongly approve

20% Somewhat approve

8% Somewhat disapprove

46% Strongly disapprove

0% Not sure

Doyle didn't exactly get accolades, either.

2* How would you rate the job Jim Doyle has been doing as Governor… do you strongly approve, somewhat approve, somewhat disapprove, or strongly disapprove of the job he’s been doing?

11% Strongly approve

25% Somewhat approve

20% Somewhat disapprove

42% Strongly disapprove

1% Not sure

Opinions on the Governor's race are listed at the website, as well.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Losers: WI Families/Teens/Parents/Taxpayers/School Districts

Winners on AB 458:

1) Planned Parenthood (the State's Largest Abortion Provider)

Losers on AB 458:

1) Wisconsin's Families

2) Wisconsin's Teens

3) Wisconsin's Parents

4) Wisconsin's Taxpayers

Planned Parenthood's Sex Ed Bill is heading to the Governor's desk to be signed into law. Now concerned citizens will want to focus their attention on how their local school districts will respond to this offensive state mandate from Madison.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article - Note the Abstinence Poll at this link (left margin)


Here is How Legislators Voted on Final Passage of the Bill in the Senate and Assembly Yesterday:

Senate: Passed Straight Party-Line Vote 18 Democrats In Support, 15 Republicans Opposed http://www.legis.state.wi.us/2009/data/votes/sv0165.pdf

Assembly: Passed 48 to 43 - http://www.legis.state.wi.us/2009/data/votes/av0346.pdf

Who Are My Legislators? - http://www.legis.wisconsin.gov/w3asp/waml/waml.aspx

While many common-sense Pro-Family amendments were offered in the State Senate, only Senator Grothman's amendment requiring instruction on Wisconsin's sexual assault/sex offender registry was successfully adopted. Text of the amendment: http://www.legis.state.wi.us/2009/data/AB458-SA1.pdf

Full Bill History including fiscal estimates, Roll Call vote sheets, amendments, etc., for Planned Parenthood's Sex Ed Bill (AB 458): http://www.legis.state.wi.us/2009/data/AB458hst.html

PINK SLIPS delivered to DEMS at State Capitol

Seems these were handed out door to door at the Capitol yesterday.  They were also noted to be hanging in the elevators as, um, new decor?  I think pink looks good on Democrats, but hey, if the notice fits...

Yes, we are watching.

AB458/SB324 Planned Parenthood "Un"Healthy Youth Act passes Senate and Assembly today

Sat in on the Senate yesterday.  Listened to Grothman and Olson put up the fight on this bill. Plenty of sound amendments were offered.  All reasonable.  All shot down.

Sen. Lena Taylor, the ungifted speaker that she is,  used ad hom attacks and nonsensical rhetoric to retort common sense.  Bottom line, this bill only passed because the Dems outnumber the Republicans.

Sen. Olson stated, "When a public entity takes on parental authority, parents should have a say."

Taylor responded by saying that this bill is a "road map to do it right" and that it is meant to "take away leadership."

Indeed, Ms. Taylor.  Indeed.

Of the six amendments offered by the GOP, the Senate rejected all but one, Sen. Glenn Grothman’s Senate Amendment 1 requiring that the legal ramifications of underage sex (i.e. sex offender registries, etc.) be taught along with the comprehensive sex ed required by this bill. It was a long, hard fight in the Senate, much like the Assembly, with the exception that the majority party actually voted on the GOP amendments instead of tabling them.
The bill flew to the Assembly who was in session yesterday afternoon.  The Assembly voted to pass the bill, and it's on its way to Doyle's desk for the rubber stamp.

Great thanks and appreciation to the Senators (particularly Grothman, Olsen, Leibham, Lazich and Hopper) who fought against this dangerous bill in the committee and/or on the floor.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Obama's State of the Union - All I wanna say is "They Don't Really Care About Us"

Cliches.  Rhetoric.  Health care push with no plan mentioned.  These Filipino prisoners sum up the general concensus of last night's speech:

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Favred - the definition

A new word is being added to the dictionary.

Favred (FAHrv’d), v. To bring one’s team to the brink of victory through brilliant maneuver, but to lose by committing a colossal unforced blunder. Example: The Democrats favred their chances for health care reform when they lost the Massachusetts Senate seat.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Everyone who has sex has an STD - says Dr. Vanessa Cullins


West Bend School District Budget Info Meeting TONIGHT

Heads up.

"Parents of students in the West Bend School District will have an opportunity to hear how their children could be affected by budget reductions next year.
School sites throughout the district are in the process of hosting meetings with parents to provide information, as well as to collect feedback, about the proposed budget reductions.

The informational meeting will take place at the high school level at 7 p.m. on Monday night in the West High School Library.

“It’s not any new information,” said East High School Principal Cassandra Schug, who will be making the presentation with West High School Assistant Principal Ralph Schlass. “We just want to make sure that everyone has an opportunity to see and know the information.” "


"For the complete list of district budget reductions, visit www.west-bend.k12.wi.us and click on “Budget Update.”"

More info HERE

Friday, January 22, 2010

West Bend School District Locks in Students, Locks out Taxpayers for Challenge Day

New on the West Bend School District website is an announcement that hasn't been seen or heard of on any other venue that I know.  I have spent time calling around and asking parents of high schoolers, but nobody has heard of the recently announced "Challenge Day" our school district is offering from February 16 through February 19.

Mind you, it all sounds wonderful.  Teaching kids how to be nicey-nice to each other.  The CHALLENGE DAY HANDBOOK, which I read in its entirety, mentions tears, counseling and "finally identifying" certain students who need to break down and release, but is this the job of our local public schools to purport psychosocial disorders and psychiatric problems?  

The Challenge Day vision statement is:

"Challenge Day successfully addresses some common issues seen at most schools during our school programs including cliques, gossip, rumors, negative judgments, teasing, harassment, isolation, stereotypes, intolerance, racism, sexism, bullying, violence, homophobia, hopelessness, apathy, and hidden pressures to create an image, achieve or live up to the expectations of others."

I would think that HOMOPHOBIA is a pretty SUBJECTIVE TERM for a program like this.  Is our school district supporting the reinforcement that kids with a core belief system that opposes homosexuality go against it? 

But wait, that's not all.  According to the page that lists the costs to employ the service of this California-based program, taxpayers in the West Bend School District will be sucking this cry-fest to the tune of $16,000 to $18,000.  Here is their breakdown:

EVENT COST:  $3200 per day x 4 days:  $13,200
HOTEL ROOM:  $300 per day x 3 days (maybe 4):   $900
TRANSPORTATION:  $100 to $150 per day x 4 days:  $500
AIR FARE:  $600 - $2500
MISC SUPPLIES:  $100 - $150

Total potential cost:  $16,000 - $18,000

It gets worse.

Under the "PRIVACY GUIDELINES" for the day:

Anyone NOT fully participating the entire day should not have access to the room. (Members of the media are required to be there the full day as participants or can show up at the end of the day only.)


· You are able to control access to the room. Put up “Do Not Disturb” signs or lock the doors from
the inside
to control access.


The room requirement is at least 50’ x 50’ (for 100 youth participants plus 25-35 adults).


· Windows below eye level in the room must be covered to avoid any distractions such as people
walking by, looking in windows, etc.


The handbook states that this group expects a 1:4 ratio of adults to students, and these adults are acting in a capacity as a "counselor/facilitator."  What is our public school doing here?  This is a waste of taxpayer money.  What can we expect of these counselors who "counsel"???  They get no training.  They HAVE no training.  They get 30 mins or so before the event.  That's it.  With an enormous adult to student ratio such as this, one would have expected to see the open invite in a more public place such as, oh, the West Bend Daily News, or perhaps broadcast on our local radio station, WBKV.  

This event handbook further requires that no more than 100 students attend the event session.  With four days of sessions, that's 400 students, meaning 100 adult volunteers are required.

Who are these people?  Who invited them?  

Lots of questions here.

Inquiring minds want to know.

By the way, here is a VIDEO that makes one wonder what our school district is going to do with the emotionally drained students they are left with at the end of the "Challenge."

It’s not only the cost of the implementation, and the “transformational”, New Age, PC/homophobia implications, it’s the explosive cost of school/teacher liability. See extract below.
I’ve discovered one so far in Jersey, too.

http://www.nj.com/gloucester-county/index.ssf/2010/01/c hallenge_day_comes_to_orchard.html (Orchard Valley School, Washington Township, NJ)

Here are other very key links:
http://community.seattletimes.nwsource.com/archive/? date=20020412&slug=skuled12

Extract: Board member Teri Lynn Shaw, who for years has mentored teenage girls, said to Smith, “I (so) support you that I’m like choking over here because I have to say this: Just like me having my organization, I’m held accountable when certain information comes out. In a case like that, you may have a child that it just becomes word vomit; they just start purging. Names can come about; family members can be implicated. We are liable once we have this information.“That’s a true statement because once a teacher becomes aware of a situation, they are liable,” agreed Smith.



Book Reviews for Parents - Focus on the Family

Focus on the Family is now providing a limited number of book reviews made available to parents as a tool for assisting their kids in making good choices at the library.

Drop in and check it out HERE.

Other great resources are listed on the sidebar of this blog.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Censorship - a bunch of "Non Cense"

I read this interesting court case today about censorship called Ginzburg v. United States.  It supports what I have been saying all along about protecting children from inappropriate materials.  Someone who claims to be against censorship tried using this court case to support his viewpoint.  If one didn't do the research, he would almost be believable!  

Censorship-Free Libraries seems to be confused about the usage of this case to lend credibility to his cause.  Or is he?  

He posts this much of the case HERE:

"Censorship reflects a society's lack of confidence in itself. It is a hallmark of an authoritarian regime. Long ago those who wrote our First Amendment charted a different course. They believed a society can be truly strong only when it is truly free. In the realm of expression they put their faith, for better or for worse, in the enlightened choice of the people, free from the interference of a policeman's intrusive thumb or a judge's heavy hand. So it is that the Constitution protects coarse expression as well as refined, and vulgarity no less than elegance. A book worthless to me may convey something of value to my neighbor. In the free society to which our Constitution has committed us, it is for each to choose for himself."
US Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart
In his dissenting opinion, Ginzburg v. United States
383 US 463 (1965)

Here is the interesting thing about this post on a blog that opposes "censorship."  (I oppose censorship, too, by the way!  When it comes to protecting children from inappropriate materials, we know that even the Supreme Court has lent it's support in acknowledging it to be "legitimate and even compelling" to do so.)

Non Censor (the blog owner) fails to provide the footnotes to the quote!  Why?  Because the footnote indicates and affirms that the quote does not support the opposition of censorship! 

Read the footnote for yourself:

Footnote 1 ] Different constitutional questions would arise in a case involving an assault upon individual privacy by publication in a manner so blatant or obtrusive as to make it difficult or impossible for an unwilling individual to avoid exposure to it. Cf. e. g., Breard v. Alexandria, 341 U.S. 622 ; Public Utilities Commission of the District of Columbia v. Pollak, 343 U.S. 451 ; Griswold v. Connecticut, 381 U.S. 479 . Still other considerations might come into play with respect to laws limited in their effect to those deemed insufficiently adult to make an informed choice. No such issues were tendered in this case.

Look at the last two sentences:  "Still other considerations might come into play with respect to laws limited in their effect to those deemed insufficiently adult to make an informed choice. No such issues were tendered in this case."

Non Censor makes the point again and again that keeping inappropriate material from children is censorship.  In this blog post he says nothing, but presents a quote.  The quote makes it appear, indirectly, that keeping inappropriate material from children is censorship and Non Censor is correct.  But he leaves out the footnote.  That footnote specifically exempts the case of "those deemed insufficiently adult to make an informed choice."  Non Censor deliberately left that part out.  If Non Censor were a real lawyer, this kind of thing might be called malpractice, and worse.

What a disgrace.  What a fraud.

Now let's turn the tables a little and take a look at the American Library Association's (ALA's) own Deborah Caldwell-Stone.

The tactics appear, well, similar if not identical.  Misleading, fraudulent, false misrepresentation.  Caldwell-Stone practiced her stratagem on the citizens, parents and taxpayers of WEST BEND, WISCONSIN.  We will not forget.

Here's a tidbit from Dan Kleinman at SafeLibraries.org discussing that issue:

"Lest anyone think it is always censorship to move or remove books in a public library, and if Caldwell-Stone's own comments aren't convincing enough in the context of moving books, consider what the former de factoALA leader said in the context of removing books: "On rare occasion, we have situations where a piece of material is not what it appears to be on the surface and the material is totally inappropriate for a school library. In that case, yes, it is appropriate to remove materials. If it doesn't fit your material selection policy, get it out of there." Get it out of there! If it doesn't fit your material selection policy, get it out of there! Censorship! The ALA believes in censorship!
So the ALA president wrote a totally misleading and propagandistic piece in an effort to fool the West Bend government into doing what the ALA wanted, not what the community wanted."

Kleinman goes on to state "You know what is really outrageous about this? The ALA continues to push its policies on local communities despite having lost on this very issue in the US Supreme Court in 2003. What once used to be a theory that might have been legitimate lost its legitimacy when the ALA lost on the issue six years ago. Yet the ALA continues to insist that anything goes.

Contrast that with the ALA and Deborah Caldwell-Stone. They say the exact opposite. They say protecting young library users from material inappropriate for minors is not legitimate and not compelling. They say it is actually censorship.

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, though, does it?  Just take a look at how Caldwell-Stone's, and Non Censor's, activities mimic the battle cry of the former (now deceased) leader of the ALA, Judith Krug, who once stated ""Parents who would tell their children not to read Playboy'don't really care about their kids growing up and learning to think and explore.'"

Missing Money - Is it YOURS?

MADISON (AP) — The state treasury made more than 26,000 people happy last year by reuniting them with cash they didn’t know they had. 

You can see whether you’re owed money by clicking HERE.

Hope you find your pot o' gold!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

National Popular Vote Bill attacks U.S. Constitution - Take Action

The National Popular Vote Bill was circulated for cosponsorship today. 

This is a direct attack on our U.S. Constitution.  Long story short it would change the way we elect our President.  It would create a situation in which a President could be elected with only 20% of the voting population instead of the current 51%.  If there are 20 candidates running for president the winner would only need a majority (which could be 20% or less depending on how the votes are split up) in order to win.  The candidates would only need to focus on the high populous areas in order to win, creating a VERY slanted playing field.  How would you like CA, FL and NY being the biggest players in deciding who our President would be?  For more information and talking points, click here.

 Contact your WI State Legislators immediately and tell them NOT to support the National Popular Vote Bill.

NOTE - CORRECTION:  It would create a situation in which a President could be elected with only 20% of the voting population instead of the current 51% of the electoral college.

Friday, January 15, 2010

West Bend School Board Candidate Questionnaire available

A comprehensive questionnaire was sent out to West Bend school board candidates running for the two open seats on February 16.

You can read candidate answers HERE.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Feingold (I'm Not) "Listening Session" - Loud & Clear - Pewaukee

This report from Kyle Prast says it all:

Monday, Senator Russ Feingold held a Listening Session at WCTC in Pewaukee. The lecture hall was packed by the time I got there, standing in the hall room only! I asked the security guard how many people the room held. He replied, about 350, plus the people standing at the sides and seated in extra chairs. There were maybe 30 more outside in the hallway. The guesstimate was over 400.
At first some thought the room was packed with Obama supporters, but as the questions were asked, it became clear from the response that most people were against ObamaCare. Just how many would be affirmed later.

I wrote down the questions as best I could and the key words or essence of the response from the Senator. Words I am not sure of are in brackets. My questions and answers are not direct quotes but will at least give you a flavor of the meeting. Topics of questions will be in bold, so you can easily skip to the ones you are interested in or skip to the conclusion at bottom. My favorite 3 questions are in red. Feingold did not always give a response to the question or statement.

See Q's and A's HERE

Libs try to put the kabosh on Indian mascot names

Attended a hearing in Madison yesterday concerning SB25.  This bill deceivingly tries to cry "discrimination" over the use of mascot names such as "warriors" and "arrowhead" and (gasp!), "Indians."

Senator Coggs likens the use of these mascot names to using the "n" word for African Americans.  See video of this session at Wisconsin Eye.  Coggs had the Wisconsin Indian Education Association show up and give a drippingly sad testimony of the terrible abuse these mascot names produce amongst the American Indian children in public school settings.  The WIEA packed the room with American Indian children who ranted the same rhetoric.  

Interestingly, Paul Sherman of the DPI was there to lend "information" regarding this issue.  Instead, he and another representative testified in favor of the bill.  When one Senator questioned Sherman about the DPI's stance in favor of the bill, noting that complainants could not expect a fair hearing from the DPI because of their obvious bias, Sherman had absolutely NOTHING to say in response.  This raised eyebrows around the room as the DPI had taken a neutral stance and was there to supposedly provide "information," as stated above.  Hmmmmmm.....  Good call on the Senator's part.

You can watch the hearing on Wisconsin Eye starting at 17:56.  Click "watch" under the Senate Committee on Higher Education header.

Bottom line of this bill:  Yet another governmental move to remove local control from the elected officials in local communities.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Disney ordered to include EX-gays in sexual orientation policies


BURBANK, Calif., Jan. 13 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) has directed the Walt Disney Company to accept a shareholder resolution requesting the inclusion of ex-gays in Disney's sexual orientation policies and corporate diversity programs. Disney had opposed the ex-gay resolution and asked the SEC for permission to exclude it from stockholder consideration.

"Like many corporations, Disney implements mandatory diversity training for employees that emphasizes gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgenders, but fails to include ex-gays," said Regina Griggs, executive director of Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays & Gays (PFOX). "It is a serious omission both for the ex-gay community and their supporters."


"Disney should treat ex-gays and their friends with the respect they deserve," said Bobbie Strobhar, the stockholder who submitted the shareholder resolution. "We need more of these resolutions nationwide to assure tolerance and safety in the workplace for the ex-gay community and their supporters."

Friday, January 8, 2010

Menomonee Falls Spring Ballot Info

Randy Melchert reports:

Waukesha County Supervisors representing Menomonee Falls are running unopposed:
  • District 4: James Dwyer (inc.)
  • District 5: James Jeskewitz (inc.)
  • District 6: Janel Brandtjen (inc.)
And turning to the Menomonee Falls School District which has three seats open, we have five candidates:
  • Faith VanderHorst (inc.)
  • Robert C. Schneider
  • Scott Ternes
  • Lori Blodorn
  • Mike Dillhyon
If you’ve taken out papers and are wanting to run for MF School District, please comment here and share your views on why you want to be elected.
And for good measure the Menomonee Falls Village Board:
  • Seat No. 4: Michael McDonald (inc.), Scott Krause, Jefferson E. Davis. A Feb. 16 primary will narrow the field to two.
  • Seat No. 5: Jeffrey Steliga (inc.)
  • Seat No. 6: Steve Raymonds (inc.)

BWW Blazin' Challenge in West Bend - Girl's Just Gotta Have Fun

Though this was last year, this willowy young gal just makes me laugh as she breaks the stereotype for BWW hot-wing pounders!  12 wings in under two minutes!  UGOGIRL!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ballot order chosen for West Bend School Board Primary

The ballot order was drawn this afternoon for the primary race between West Bend School District candidates.  The names will appear on the ballot in the following order:

Doug Ziegler
Carl Knepel
Dave Weigand
Randy Marquardt
Bart Williams
Lynn Corazzi
Doug Rakowski
Kathy VanEerden

Racine "Bonfire Tea Party" next Saturday, Jan. 16


Racine, WI – Fired up about high taxes?  Come join the first ever “Bonfire Tea Party” in Racine. Not only will the bonfire be a great way to keep warm in chilly nights, but concerned taxpayers from all over Wisconsin and Illinois will be able to make sure their voices are heard by politicians.     

The event will feature Joe the Plumber, Vicki McKenna and Dr. Tracey Purath.  State Representative Robin Vos and Tim Dake of the Wisconsin Grandsons of Liberty will announce the Healthcare Freedom Amendment to the state Constitution. The organizer of the Racine “Bonfire Tea Party,” Lora Halberstadt, says after seeing what was happening in Washington DC and Madison, she had to act.

“The Racine Tea Party movement is concerned that the burden to our next generation is already at the breaking point and is completely unsustainable!” Halberstadt said, “We owe it to our children and grandchildren to protect their freedom and make their America a better place.”

WHAT: First ever “Bonfire Tea Party”
WHERE: 4505 Highway H, Franksville, WI
WHEN: Saturday, January 16, 2010, 3:00- 4:30 pm

Feingold (I'm Not) "Listening Session" this MONDAY in Waukesha


Don't miss this opportunity to voice your growing conservative concerns...

Russ Feingold will be holding a listening session Monday, January 11th at 12:15pm
in the Lecture Hall of the Business building at Waukesha County Technical College
Pewaukee Campus, 800 Main Street, Pewaukee.

The meeting will last up to an hour.

On this day in Wisconsin history.....

From the Wisconsin Historical Society -

1901 - Robert Marion La Follette Inaugurated as Governor
On this date Robert M. La Follette was inaugurated as governor after winning the November 6, 1900 election. La Follette was born in Dane County in 1855. A Wisconsin Law School graduate and three-term member of congress, La Follette was renowned for his oratorical style. He was the first Wisconsin-born individual to serve as governor. [Source: Dictionary of Wisconsin History]

Kewaskum Mom throws party for minors - serves up liquor and condoms

Okay, this came out in the paper yesterday and I was flabbergasted.  I didn't comment on it as it seemed to be all over the blogosphere and I didn't feel like being redundant.  I saw today, though, that this woman, Sarah Shay, will not receive criminal charges for the following:

Hosting and chaperoning a 12-year-old birthday party at a hotel (that included one 11-year-old) and:

  • Serving all 10 of the kids champagne and Mike's Hard Lemonade while riding around in a limo.
  • Having a stack of condoms available as a "joke" (???).
 The kids — including one 11-year-old, three 12-year-olds, four 13-year-olds and two 14-year-olds — were picked up after school on Dec. 18 in a limousine and taken to the party at the Hampton Inn Hotel in West Bend, according to Police Lt. Paul Pokorski. 
    One bottle of champagne was divided among the 10 children, who also had at least one bottle of spiked lemonade, Pokorski said. 
    “There were condoms at the party, but (Shay) said they were not intended to be used for sex. It was sort of a misguided joke,” said Pokorski. 
 Shay won’t be facing criminal charges for her conduct, but will pay a heavy price, with a citation amount totaling nearly $7,000. 
    Washington County District Attorney Todd Martens said he talked to members of the police department about possible criminal charges, including contributing to the delinquency of a minor, exposing a child to harmful materials and causing mental harm to a child. However, none of those charges were appropriate since children cannot be found delinquent for drinking or smoking and the other charges relate to sex offenses. 

    “Although she showed atrocious judgement, the conduct did not constitute a crime under Wisconsin law,” Martens said.

In another case earlier last year, the perpetrating Partymoms were held on $20,000+ bond. 

Wondering about Wisconsin State law, i.e., misdemeanor charges as endangering the welfare of a child, unlawfully dealing with a child or violating the Alcoholic Beverage Control Law by serving minors. Misdemeanor convictions bring a criminal record and up to a year in jail.

I won't be the least bit surprised if parents took further action.  They should.  This goes beyond "atrocious judgement."

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Oak Creek Aldermen say YES to SMUT

OAK CREEK can thank the following aldermen for saying "yes" to more "sex in the city" - 

Dan Jakubczyk
Daniel Bukiewicz (seat is up in spring)
Tom Michalski

Oak Creek — Despite resident disapproval as well as a distaste shared by every member of the Common Council, a new adult bookstore will open at the site where an old one was previously forced out of business.
The New Spice II will open on 27th Street after the council reluctantly voted 3-2 Tuesday night to grant it an adult entertainment business license to its owner.

But when a new adult-entertainment business applied for a license to operate at that same corner of 27th and Rawson, Bolender and the majority of the council believed the U.S. Constitution and Oak Creek ordinances gave them little choice but to approve it.

If they are applying for a NEW license, then grandfathering shouldn't apply.  So let's see what aldermen were bold enough to stand on that premise:  

Steve Scaffidi and Ken Gehl

Your efforts will not go unnoticed by your constituents.  Great work!

My guess is that Bukiewicz will be going buh-bye soon.  
The Oak Creekers are pretty angry about this.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

School board candidacy closes in West Bend with 8 running

Today was the final day for filing candidacy papers to run for the West Bend School District board.

The following persons have filed:

*Denotes incumbent

Carl W. Knepel (Heard he was going to withdraw from running.  He wouldn't stand a chance in this race anyway.)
Kathy Van Eerden*  (Yes to tax levy.  Yes to harassment policy that gives special protection to only certain classes of kids.  Yes to all things Joe Carlson.)
Bart Williams
Lynn Corazzi* (Filling in for John Duwell who stepped down earlier this year.  Head nodder.  Yes to tax levy. Yes, yes, yes.)
Randy Marquardt
Doug Ziegler
Douglas Rakowski (Library board member - a good thing to take note of)
Dave Weigand

So glad to see Bart Williams' name in the hat.  Smart as a whip, previous experience with New Berlin school board, unafraid.  Randy Marquardt is a strong choice for a candidate as well as Dave Weigand.  With these three in the forefront, I believe this will be a very, very good race for conservatives in spring.