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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

School board candidacy closes in West Bend with 8 running

Today was the final day for filing candidacy papers to run for the West Bend School District board.

The following persons have filed:

*Denotes incumbent

Carl W. Knepel (Heard he was going to withdraw from running.  He wouldn't stand a chance in this race anyway.)
Kathy Van Eerden*  (Yes to tax levy.  Yes to harassment policy that gives special protection to only certain classes of kids.  Yes to all things Joe Carlson.)
Bart Williams
Lynn Corazzi* (Filling in for John Duwell who stepped down earlier this year.  Head nodder.  Yes to tax levy. Yes, yes, yes.)
Randy Marquardt
Doug Ziegler
Douglas Rakowski (Library board member - a good thing to take note of)
Dave Weigand

So glad to see Bart Williams' name in the hat.  Smart as a whip, previous experience with New Berlin school board, unafraid.  Randy Marquardt is a strong choice for a candidate as well as Dave Weigand.  With these three in the forefront, I believe this will be a very, very good race for conservatives in spring.

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