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Friday, April 1, 2011

Wausau Library Censors Movie - Defies ALA Policy

In an odd twist of fate, the Wausau Library has been in the midst of a battle concerning the use of a meeting room for a movie. Thanks to the Pro-Life Thomas More Society lawyers, the victory actually went to the taxpayers.

While here in West Bend our librarians were so afraid of a parent's request to protect minor children from porn that they called in the ALA themselves, in Wausau they are doing just the opposite!

Public library meeting room policy apparently depends on the political whims of library directors. Contrast two recent incidents. In Litchfield, CT, a library refused to prevent a talk by an anti-Semitic speaker. On the other hand, in Wausau, WI, a library canceled the showing of an anti-abortion movie.

West Bend says, "All things for all people, regardless of age."
Litchfield, CT, says, "All things for all people, unless it doesn't fit our political agenda."
Wausau says, "Ditto what Litchfield says."

Or is that what West Bend was saying all along? YOU decide.

Deborah? Wherefore art thou, Deborah?

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