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Monday, April 18, 2011

Washington County Conservative Citizens Forms

Saturday, tax freedom day, was also the first organizational meeting of Washington County Conservative Citizens or W-C3. W-C3's mission is to provide a central networking place for conservatives. Our stated goal is to bring our County's conservative majority together with a common point of contact.

Bill Meyers, a Washington County Board Supervisor and Treasurer for the group said," It is a Herculean task to bring so many diverse groups together. We were blessed today to have in attendance several of our elected State representatives, members of every prominent Political Action Committee and some of the most important and well respected individuals in Washington County. With this level of participation, we will succeed."

W-C3 is an offspring of the petition drive by Citizens for Elected Executive (C4EE). During their petition drive, the group's organizers saw a void between locally focused Political Action Groups and the broader, statewide focus of our political parties. It is common that many elected offices such as School Boards and County Supervisors cross the geographical borders of cities, towns and villages. W-C3 will be a platform for diverse groups to work together towards a common goal. Ideally, each group will remain autonomous but will now have the opportunity to support each other.

Mike Bassill, another Washington County Board Supervisor and spokesman for the group said," Our own apathy has allowed liberals to take over our local governments. That is going to change starting today!"

W-C3 has scheduled a second organizational meeting for June 9, 2011. For more information, their web site currently under development is www.W-C3.org or contact Mike Bassill atMike.Bassill@W-C3.org.

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