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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Kewaskum's Andrew Kuehl NOT a Responsible Choice for School Board

I've heard rumblings that Andy Kuehl is casting himself in the conservative light to gain a Kewasku School Board seat. NOT SO, dear ones.

Lest we forget:

Andy does not appear to have the best interests of children in mind. A seat on the school board should be the FURTHEST thing on anyone's mind.

If one could check "dislike" on the ballot, perhaps that would send a clearer message to someone who deceptively calls himself conservative. One can easily see via the links above that he is something very different than what he lets on.

A vote for Andy Kuehl on Tuesday? Only if you want to leave the kids in your district wide open to an "anything goes" mentality. Remember, you're responsible for what you fill in. Better safe than sorry. VERY sorry.

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