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Thursday, April 7, 2011

West Bend Police Department Puts Smack Down on Thank-You Card for Sen. Grothman

Thought I'd try to do a nice thing...

WEST BEND – Over 100 signatures were collected within a matter of hours today at West Bend’s city hall in response to a recall effort for State Senator Glenn Grothman.

The signatures, however, were on a “thank you” card for Grothman.

“We love Senator Glenn Grothman,” said card maker Ginny Maziarka. “I knew my simple card would be well received.”

Instead, I was dissed by my own police department...

A town of West Bend woman said she will file complaints about how she was treated by West Bend police officers Tuesday as she attempted to gather signatures on a thank you card for a local politician.


Next, Maziarka said, a West Bend police officer told her that it was illegal for her to ask people to sign the card as they approached City Hall, and she could only collect signatures as voters exited. Maziarka said the officer told her to turn her back to people entering.

A short time later, Maziarka said the officer returned with City Clerk Amy Reuteman and Maziarka was given a Government Accountability Board memo addressing the circulation of recall petitions at polling places.

That memo was issued to offer guidance to municipalities of the Government Accountability Board’s
interpretation of a criminal statute pertaining to recall petition signature drives at polling stations, said Mike Haas, GAB staff counsel.

Said Maziarka: “I looked through the bullet points on the memo and could find nothing that related to thank you cards. I saw vague terminology asking to refrain from ‘campaign activity’ and what petitioners ‘should not’ do. I saw nothing about thank you cards,” she said.


Some of the more interesting things I heard that day:

  • We need more senators like him!
  • This is great!
  • Someone's got to get the budget in line.
  • I just gave $500 to his campaign. Does that tell you how I feel about Glenn Grothman?

On the card:

  • Never quit!
  • Thanks for all you do.
  • God bless!
  • Power to the people!
  • Keep up the fight!
  • Great ideas about voucher to private schools!
  • You make us proud!
  • We are thankful that you are wiling to stand up for our beliefs. We appreciate your courage!

Here are some photos from the "eventful" day:


bill meyers said...

As members of the POLICE UNION, does anyone think the West Bend Police Department could have been smarter?

Curt Casetta said...

I would hope that if enough recall signatures could be garnered in such a heavily conservative district, at least it might make my state senator realize he represents a wide constituency, not just those in the majority. Regarding the issue of the card, according to the GAB guidelines for collecting political signatures, only getting signatures as voters left seems an appropriate request.

West Bend Citizen Advocate said...

Thanks for stopping by TIC! And thanks, too, for the respectful dialogue.

What I learned from my day of collecting signatures for my thank-you card is that West Bend and, indeed, Washington County is hugely conservative and will never be able to pull off a recall of Senator Grothman. As for the request, that was not the issue. I didn't have a problem with the request. I have a problem with inappropriate and unfair, if not illegal application of a law to only one group.

Call Me Mom said...

Good for you. Sen. Grothman is appreciated more widely than just in his own district.