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Monday, April 11, 2011

JFC Tidbits - Wash. Cty. Sup. Hensel, MICAH and More Madness

A few noteworthy tidbits worth passing on.

Seems that local Washington County Supervisor and, ahem, former schoolteacher, Ralph Hensel, spoke in opposition at today's JFC Budget Hearing. Seems that Hensel, also a former schoolteacher, made mention of the Constitution, indicating that it clearly stated separation of church and state when referencing school vouchers. An unfortunate incidence of a public school teacher not knowing what the US Constitution says.

This is the same guy who signed THIS petition:

From http://www.savelocalcontrol.org/ scroll down--

Donna Tarpinian, Member, Stoughton Area School District Board of Education
James R. Anderson, Village President Sauk City,
Roberta Rasmus, school board member, Chippewa Falls Area Unified Schools
Jeri Lawrenz, Retired clerk, Town of Dane
Thomas Green, Assistant Village Superintendent, Village of Merrillan
Paul Ehlinger, Town Supervisor, Town of Wabeno
Larry Henke, Town Chairman, Town of Neshkoro
Gina Palazzari, School Board Member, School District of Menomonee Falls
Karen Bowen, Retired member, two-term president, Oshkosh Area School District Board of Education
Ivan Collins, Rock County Supervisor, Rock County Board
Steven Nass, Jefferson County Supervisor, Jefferson County, WI
Steve Doyle, County Board Chair, La Crosse County Board
Susan Kopras, Village President, Village of Exeland/Sawyer County
Sue Disch, County Board Supervisor and 2nd Vice Chair, Green County Board of Supervisors
Sue Disch, County Board Supervisor and 2nd Vice Chair, Green County
Brian Kranz, City Administrator, City of Kewaunee
Thomas Eagon, District Attorney, Portage County
Vernon Koch, Supervisor, Sheboygan County Board
Dennis Uecker, Village President, Village of Hustisford
Bob Von Haden, City Council Member, City of Eau Claire
Chris Schmidt, Alder, District 11, City of Madison Common Council
Kenneth Brown, 4th Ward Alderman, Ladysmith City Council
Patrick King, City Council Person, City of Wautoma
John Van Dinter, Chairperson, Town of Westport Dane County, Wi
Analiese Eicher, District 5 Supervisor, Dane County Board
Debra Durchslag, School Board Member, Rhinelander School District
Debra Green, Village Clerk-Treasurer, Village of Merrillan
Christopher Robinson, Former Alderman - Fifth District, City of Stevens Point
Steven Nass, Jefferson County Supervisor, Jefferson County, WI
Loretta Drinkwater, Trustee, Village of Oxford
Beth Roberts, Alderperson, City of Park Falls
Kathleen Pellerin, Retired Clerk-Treasurer, Village of River Hills
Debra Eichsteadt, Village Clerk, Village of Biron
Dianne Hesselbein, Dane County Board of Supervisors,
Duane Swanson, Village Trustee, Village of Crivitz
Diana McGiney, Past President, School Board, Stevens Point Area Public School District
Dana Wachs, City Council, Eau Claire
Ed Bowen, Member, City of Oshkosh Plan Commission
Denise Duranczyk, Dane County Board Supervisor, Dane County Board
Diana McGinley, Past President, School Board, Stevens Point Area Public School District
Tony Palmeri, Alderman, Oshkosh Common Council
Kathy Stresman, Vice President, Brown Deer School Board
David Liebenthal, Supervisor, Town of Fountain Prairie
Kerry Kincaid, City Council President, Eau Claire
Trish Cummins, Former School Board Member, Eau Claire Area School District
Lisa Totten, School Board Member, Stevens Point Area Public School School Board
Jim Abrahamson, Kewaunee County Board Supervisor, Kewaunee County Board
Tod Ohnstad, Alderman, City of Kenosha
Colleen Weber, city council person, City of Altoona
Ronald Huebner, Supervisor, Town of Fountain Prairie
Matt Veldran, County Board Supervisor, Dane County Board
Andrew Werthmann, City Council member, City of Eau Claire
Karl Dommershausen, Commissioner, Janesville School District Board
Beverly Krejci, Supervisor, Town of Harrison, Marathon County
Jerry Voigt, former Town Chairman, Town of Cedarburg
Margaret Wood, Supervisor, La Crosse County Board
Patrick Miles, County Board Supervisor District 37, Dane County Board
Marilyn Holte, Supervisor, Chippewa County Board
Laurie Dutcher, Deputy Clerk, Waukesha County
Jim Wexler, President Pro Tem, Middleton Common Council
Don Richards, Mayor, City of River Falls
Chuck Erickson, County Board Supervisor, District 13, Dane County Board
John Lenarz, Member, Gilman Town Planning Commission
Kathy Bultman, School Board Member of 9 Years, Monona Grove School Board
Ralph Hensel, Supervisor, Washington County

Wonder how his constituents in District 3, West Bend, would feel about this? They can always drop him a note and tell him themselves... ralph.hensel@co.washington.wi.us (which he seldom checks)
629 Highland View Dr. , West Bend, WI 53095 or call him at (262) 334-7965

And more tidbits....

There was an onslaught of "poor me" MICAH proponents speaking out on behalf of the Gimme Group. Don’t let the name fool you. MICAH stands for Milwaukee Inner City Congregations Allied for Hope. Sounds all nice and Catholic, right? Nope! The Archdiocese (of Green Bay) cut the apron strings last year (with sister organizations ESTHER and JOSHUA) , and rightly so. Lest we have forgotten - read THIS POST from last year for a quick refresher. The trickle down from WISDOM and GAMALIEL is telling. Another George Soros travesty and an organization that Obama "community organized."

MICAH is nothing more than a group that supports killing babies, in-state tuition for illegals, government-run healthcare, drivers licenses for illegals, killing babies, are in favor of Regional Transit Authority (RTA) and repeal of the QEO, killing babies, opposed to voter photo ID, opposed to the statewide voter registration list, killing babies, opposed to property tax freezes and support restrictions on 2nd amendment rights of Milwaukee County residents, and supports killing babies.

Killing babies. Nice Christian ring to it. It's no wonder they need the government handout to survive.

Guilty by association.

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