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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

West Bend School District Serves Up Sex/Drug Survey for 11-year-olds???

Please make it stop.

From "What's New in West Bend Schools":

Sex and Drug survey for kids 11-18 years old

How would you like your son or daughter to go to school and be asked:

During your life, with whom have you had
sexual contact?
A. I have never had sexual contact
B. Females
C. Males
D. Females and males

During the past 3 months, with how many
people did you have sexual intercourse?
A. I have never had sexual intercourse
B. I have had sexual intercourse, but not
during the past 3 months
C. 1 person
D. 2 people
E. 3 people
F. 4 people
G. 5 people
H. 6 or more people

If you attempted suicide during the past
12 months, did any attempt result in an
injury, poisoning, or overdose that had to be
treated by a doctor or nurse?
A. I did not attempt suicide during the
past 12 months
B. Yes
C. No

These questions are found on the upcoming survey sponsored by the West Bend School District, and your child will be filling it out unless you opt them out. The complete survey can be found at:http://www.dpi.state.wi.us/sspw/pdf/yrbs09hsques.pdf
It has been updated for this year.

Parents received a letter this week informing them of the survey and advising them to fill out a form if they want to OPT OUT their child, and return the form to the school. No return envelope was provided. The date of the survey was not given. If a parent fails to return the form their child is automatically going to be a participant in this anonymous survey. The school district asks that all students take part in the survey.

I have a few questions myself.

1. If the district insists on asking such questions of our children, shouldn't the option be to OPT IN and not OPT OUT?
2. How many children will participate in this survey without parental knowledge?
3. Is this a good use of our tax dollars and class time?
4. What thoughts enter a child's mind when such questions are posed?
5. How can a parent decide if they want their child to participate when the survey was not included in the correspondence?


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