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Saturday, April 18, 2009

West Bend Mayor says reasons not good enough to table Library Board appt.

We expected this.

West Bend Mayor Kristine Deiss said she will not delay appointing members to the city’s Library Board, even though a local couple wants the appointments tabled until their complaint about sexually explicit books at the library is decided.

Friday, Ginny and Jim Maziarka sent an e-mail to local media outlets, conservative commentators and the town of West Bend clerk, asking they help stop the Library Board appointments.

Tuesday, the Common Council is holding its organizational meeting following the April 7 election.
Normally, an elected body’s organizational meeting is fairly routine. Newly elected members are swore in, committee chairmanships are decided and, in this case, the mayor announces her appointments to various city boards, committees and commissions. “I don’t see why,” Deiss said Friday when asked if she would consider tabling the Library appointments. “Nobody’s given me a good reason.”

While the mayor makes committee appointments, ultimately it is up to the aldermen on the Common Council to approve those appointments, Deiss said.

Current members of the Library Board are: Chairperson Kathryn Engelbrecht, Doberstein, Barbara Deters, Mary Reilly-Kliss, Pattie Geidel, Tom Fitz, John Aynesworth and James Pouros.
Dobberstein, Reilly-Kliss, Fitz and Pouros are finishing their current appointed terms on the board Tuesday.

Dobberstein said Friday that Deiss asked him to serve another term on the Library Board “and I said yes.”

In their e-mail Friday afternoon, Jim and Ginny Maziarka label themselves “Advocates” and also list the citizen group they formed, West Bend Citizens for Safe Libraries.

Tuesday, newly elected aldermen Steve Hutchins, District 2, and Roger Kist, District 8 as well as reelected aldermen Dobberstein, District 4, and Michael Schlotfeldt, District 6, will be sworn in.
Monday, the Common Council will meet with its current membership, including Aldermen David Krolchak and Neil Narveson, who were defeated in the April 7 general election by Hutchins and Kist.

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