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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

WB Aldermen turn out mayoral library board appointees

Tonight's City Council organizational meeting was a full house.

The aldermen were first sworn in.

Alderman Kist was appointed as Council President.

Alderman Schlodtfeldt was appointed as alderperson to sit on the Planning Commission.

Alderman Carter was appointed as chairperson to Board of Public Works.

Alderman Dobberstein was appointed as chairperson to the Finance Committee.

The "Resolution Designating the Public Depositories" was approved.

The West Bend Daily News was designated the official city newspaper.

The Mayoral appointments were next; quite a number of them....the mayor asked for a motion to accept all of the appointments.


Alderman Terry Vrana asked to have the library board appointments separated out from the other appointments.

Seconded by Ald. Schlodtfeldt (I think, not sure about that)

Ald. Schlodtfeldt asked to have the library board appointments brought up for discussion as a separate issue.

All said aye.

Alderman Vrana began the conversation stating his disappointment in the library board's handling of the issues concerning inappropriate materials in the youth section of the library. He felt that it should have been handled swiftly, and never should have come this far.

Alderman Turner agreed with Vrana and said he felt the citizens of the City of West Bend had been "stonewalled," and the length of time that had passed in trying to resolve this issue was not acceptable. He stated that he felt the citizens should have had the opportunity to meet with the library board long ago.

Alderman Hutchins agreed with Aldermen Turner and Vrana, stating his disappointment with the handling of the issue as well.

Alderman Dobberstein gave information about his many accomplishments with the library board over the years. He also asked if Mr. Tyree, the library director, could speak to the aldermen since he was present.

The mayor denied this request.

Alderman Carter suggested the appointments be put through and "wait for any misconduct issues to be brought forward." If that should happen, they could be addressed at that time.

Alderman Schlodtfeldt (I think, not sure) did not agree with Ald. Carter. Alderman Schlodtfeldt also stated openly that he was angry with Ald. Dobberstein for sending out an email in opposition to the citizens who were addressing the library board. He said it was the equivalent of "throwing gas on the fire."

Alderman Dobberstein gave more information about his tenure on the library board, including the fact that he "built the library." (We do appreciate that, and it is definitely beautiful. That has no bearing on the library issue of the moment, however.)

Alderman Vrana spoke loudly of his opposition, once again, to the actions of the library board.

The attending constituents applauded.

Mayor Deiss did not feel that the current library issue had anything to do with the mayoral appointments to the library board.

Yes, you read that right.




Alderman Dobberstein, Mary Reilly-Kliss, Attorney James Pouros and Tom Fitz are no longer library board members.

A good time was had by all.


James Wigderson said...

Apparently the aldermen understand that if you can't discuss a book in front of the children, it shouldn't be given to the children.

Mom said...

I found it interesting that Nick Dobberstein was the ONLY Nae vote to 1.) consider the library board appointments separately from the other appointments and 2.) DISCUSS the issue among the aldermen before voting. HMMMM

Laura said...

I feel that many citizens of West Bend don’t have any confidence in their teens or the teen’s parents. If teens are raised to know right and wrong and to respect other people there should be no problem with these books being in a teen section of the library. It's my understanding that these books are for teens not children. Besides if they really want the books they can get them elsewhere.

djustus said...

Watch out cuz here we come. All your remarks are turning on you. Keep spewing your "opinion" cuz you are only rallying more citizens against you. Don't you get it people are sick of you bullying people with your own agenda. You say those opposing you have an agenda. So do you. You want to rule the town and decide what we all should or should not do.
By the way you do not even live in the city. You are in the township. You don't even vote for alderman. They do not represent you or your area. By the way I heard that your next target according to the open records act you filed is the public school libraries. Go ahead but you better be willing to put your own homeschooled children in public school.
just wanted to say thanks for bring up support numbers for thosse of us that disagree with you and pullng peeps that were on the fence but leaning in your direction to the opposing side. So please keep talking we love it.