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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Amazon feedback on "Deal With It!"

Guess others find this book disturbing, too...

Feedback left on Amazon about the book by author Esther Drill, "Deal With It!":

TITLE: No Way You Should Buy This Book For Your Daughter!

What a trashy piece of literature masquerading as a "how to" book for adolescence.
I bought the book for my ten year old and am so glad I read it thoroughly before giving it to her.
Who would think it appropriate for a mother to instruct her daughter on the proper means of orally gratifying a male! That could very well be thought of as bordering on child abuse or molestation.
I am an open minded, loving mother. I am no prude - and found the book very frank and to the point. But I DO NOT recommend any mother give it to her daughter - no matter what her age.


Title: Parents Beware!

I stumbled across this book at the local library. (I have a preteen daughter, so I have an interest in books she might be attracted to.) The book is extremely graphic (subject matter, language, and various sex-related and sexual position illustrations), but very colorful and attractive on the outside. Inside there are plenty of sidebars to send the reader to other parts of the book, I'm sure with intentions of luring the reader through the whole thing.The book is geared toward preteen and teen girls, supposedly to teach the girls about what they need to know in today's society, despite what adults might tell them. Unfortunately, it promotes teen sex, homosexuality as a viable option worth trying, sex with multiple partners (even simultaneously), masturbation (with pornography for added pleasure), and is very condescending about the "outdated" laws of sodomy in some towns.I wasn't surprised when I saw Planned Parenthood, P-Flag, and other extremely liberal organizations listed as references; however, the book writers managed to get the Right To Life organization in there, and I'm not so sure that organization would like to be associated with a book like this. The website, [website], only touches on some of the subject matter in the book, but it's explicit enough, and discerning adults can certainly be able to see the motives of the people behind the website and book. The focus is destructive.However, many youth and parents are not so discerning. I am concerned that a book like this (and its flashy website) is so visually appealing, written by "trustworthy" adult women, and readily available to impressionable young women. My children are going to have a greater battle as teens and adults than I anticipated if their peers are being conformed to this way of thinking.


TITLE: Don't Go There!

My daughter received this book as a gift, and I was appalled by some of its contents. This book should only be purchased by adults and should be removed from adolescent access. "Deal With It" is nothing short of a sex manual. There are ways to present such information without be vulgar. The book contains excerpts, graphics and slang that are unnecessary, as well as inappropriate. This publication gives teenagers disgusting ideas and potentially harmful thoughts/actions.

I am very honest and open-minded when discussing such topics with my daughter of 12 years. I don't want her walking around saying the things that are printed in this book. What happened to discretion? There should be a warning label on this book!

Please review this book thoroughly and carefully before purchasing. I would hate to think that this is the type of "educational/informational" material being fed to our youth. What happened to morals?


TITLE: Why isn't "0" stars an option? (referring to Amazon rating system)

This book "Deal With It!" Is an information manuel on how to find an abortion clinic, diagnose your own sexually transmitted diseases, and its a how to manual on lesbian sex acts. NOT a good choice for anyone. No parent should purchase this book for their children, rather they should sit them down and explain these things to them. Sometimes "read the book" dosen't work.


TITLE: Holy Cow! I was floored!

I admit first off that I did not read this entire book - I flipped it open to a page at random in the bookstore today, and the first thing I read was instructions on how a girl could give a boy a B*ow J*b. If that's what you want for your daughter, knock yourself out, but it sure won't be bought by my family!


TITLE: Unbelievable!

I can't believe any responsible parent would buy or allow their daughters to read this. Sexual education about your body should be taught by the parents. CHILDREN should not be having sex or given INSTRUCTIONS and TIPS on how to do it like this book does. DISGUSTING!

Our thoughts exactly...

(Note: Since posting these reviews, I have received two protests that I did not add "stastistics" and "opposing reviews." Am I required? My opening statement here said that these were people who left reviews that "find this book disturbing, too." My closing statement was "our thoughts exactly." Am I being censored? Just sharing other's sentiments. No statistics or other info needed. But thankyouverymuch for trying to take control of my blog. Yes, that's right. MY blog.)

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