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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

West Bend Mayor approves alderman's emails

Mr. & Mrs. Maziarka,

I will assume that this is the issue you wished to speak to me about when you left your phone message at my home while I was celebrating Easter this weekend with my family.

Alderman Dobberstein, as well as the other members of the Library Board, certainly have the right to speak their views on any issue facing the Board. It is no different then any of the alderman who serve on the Common Council. They are certainly free to speak out on any of the issues that come before the Council and they often do. It appears that the only reason you want Alderman Dobberstein removed is because he disagrees with your viewpoint. I see no reason to remove him from the Library Board nor any of the other members for voicing their opinions be it pro or con on any issue before them. As I stated to you previously, any formal complaints made to the Library will be handled by the procedure they have in place. If it comes before the Board, I do not feel it is the place of the Mayor to coerce, threaten, or dictate what course of action they are to take. It will be their decision; not mine and not yours. I know there are strong emotions on both sides of this issue, but I am confident that if this does come before the Board, their decision will be what they think is best for all.

Kristine M. Deiss
Mayor, City of West Bend

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