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Friday, April 24, 2009


More and more our city and COUNTY citizens are becoming vocal about the standards we are setting for the youth in our communities. Read on...


Just FYI, I got a call this P.M. from someone in Jackson complaining that I was "allowing" the petition drive on Sat. at Kewaskum DQ and gave me your web site address. After reviewing your site, YOU HAVE MY FULL CONFIDENCE; AND I WILL NOT BE INTIMIDATED BY THE PRO GAY LOBBY TRYING TO PROSELYTIZE CHILDREN!!!!!

Just FYI for your group, because I was disappointed to see the Quilted Bear drop off your location list. Many businesses will cave in on just one opposing phone call on any political issue as "not to offend anyone". I believe this same phone call was made to the Quilted Bear.

Naturally, government never has to worry about being defunded, thereby can offend citizens with impunity.

I'm tired of government walking on the average taxpayer, especially those that try to raise their kids with Christ-centered values. If my small allowance for "democracy" in my parking lot "stirs the pot" with the intolerant gay lobby, so be it! I do not want my children exposed to this material while innocently looking for random library material!

Your group's demands are more than reasonable. I will be opening the DQ at 8 AM, 2 hours early, and any "troublemaking" elements interfering with your great exercise of democracy, via petition for redress of grievances, will be asked to leave.

I will gladly sign your petition in the A.M.

You may post my comments, signatures, and titles.

Kevin Scheunemann
Kewaskum, WI
DQ Owner
International Dairy Queen Drive-thru Champion(record 254 cars in one hour)
Kewaskum Village Trustee
Treasurer, St. Lucas Evangelical Lutheran Church, Kewaskum

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