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Sunday, April 5, 2009

West Bend Library Board - A little FYI

An important note that concerns the people who serve on our library board.

1. To correct any myths out there..they are NOT elected. The people who serve on our library board are appointed by the mayor, Kristine Deiss. They were not appointed by THE CURRENT MAYOR, though they ARE ACCOUNTABLE to her.

2. Library board members serve a term of three years. http://www.ci.west-bend.wi.us/Departments/Mayor/CommitteesCommissions.htm

Consists of 9 members (3 year term) appointed by the Mayor. The Board shall have control of the expenditure of all monies collected, donated, or appropriated for the library fund and of the purchase of a site and the erection of a library building whenever authorized. The Board will audit expenditures of the public library.

Ald. Nick Dobberstein
Barbara Deters
Kathryn Engelbrecht, Chairman
Mary Reilly-Kliss
Patti Geidel
Tom Fitz
John R. Aynesworth
James Pouros

Updated 7/08

3. We do not view the library board as our adversaries. On the contrary, it is our hope that this current library board will be an ADVOCATE for the City of West Bend; that they will act as representatives of their community on behalf of the children/families who are library patrons.


Unknown said...

The link is broken.

If you track down the info on how West Bend boards are formed, you'll see that most are NOT elected. Most of the other city boards are also appointed by the mayor, so the way the library board is formed is in line with how other city boards are formed.

West Bend Citizen Advocate said...

Hmmm...I'll check the link. Thanks for the heads up.

I did not say anything one way the other about how MOST library boards are elected. I am just informing.

Unknown said...

Yes, I realize you didn't say anything about how other library boards are formed. I think readers/community members don't know how most city boards are formed (I know I didn't until I researched it), so I simply wanted to point out that the library board is formed the same way as other city boards.

I commend you on the "library board is not your adversary" comment in your original post. Well said.