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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Area Business Owner hit by Fire - Needs help of West Benders

Local hair salon owner, Barb Justman, had her business, BJ & COMPANY, heavily damaged by a major fire yesterday.

Another area business, CREATIVE CUT SALON, 530 Walnut Street, has graciously allowed Barb to temporarily MOVE HER BUSINESS while damage is assessed and repairs take place. BARB CONTINUES TO TAKE CALLS FOR BUSINESS from her home at 338-6009.

Here is a time for WEST BENDERS to lend a hand, and a community hug:

1. DROP BOXES OFF AT 446 S. Main so Barb can pack up equipment and move things out for cleanup (she hopes to reopen in one week).
2. Call her and offer to lend a hand with packing or ??? word of encouragement ?? or ???
3. Get the word out (blog, email, etc.).

West Bend, do your thing!

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