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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Petition Signature Drive brought in droves of people...and signatures...

Beautiful day to be outside! Met lots and lots of folks! Great people in this community!
Someone brought us warm chocolate chip cookies....NICE! (Thank you!) Many offers from people to bring us food/drink, etc..... Some stayed to chat... Volunteers stood with families.. THAT is the community we know and love!
VFW crew were AMAZING! Great facility and super-nice gang! Thanks so much!
WBKV, what can we say? YOU ROCK! (in a "country" kind of way!)
So many brought stacks of completed sheets....HUNDREDS of signatures.... Some left and came back with pages after going through their neighborhoods. VERY ENCOURAGING! WOW!
WEST BEND CITIZENS - Your support today was an enormous statement of your love for the community's kids! WAY TO GO! (Don't stop now! Keep it coming!)

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Elizabeth said...

May I ask what will happen with the petitions after you deliver them to the library? Who has the final say in this matter? Is it returned to the library board?