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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

SafeLibraries applauds West Bend City Council

West Bend, WI, has set a national example of how local communities can stand up to pressure from outside groups seeking to mislead local citizens.

Even in the face of tremendous pressure from the American Library Association [ALA], the National Council Against Censorship [NCAC], and the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Information Sciences, the town's government has refused to reverse its decision to not reappoint library board members who protected ALA agenda by refusing to hear the complaint of one of its citizens. (To confirm this and more, read here.)

For an example of the kind of tactics used by the pressure groups and why people should realize they are paper tigers, both the ALA and the NCAC have spoken out directly against me, likely because I have been scoring direct hits on them (example), then both have failed to respond to my legitimate questions/concerns about local control. Both hit and ran. No response from Deborah Caldwell-Stone of the ALA. No response from the NCAC.

What a coincidence, the West Bend library board members were not reappointed precisely because they provided no response to citizen concerns, just like the ALA/NCAC!

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