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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Exploitation of Children for the grown-up agendas


Concerned West Bend Citizen said...

What exactly is your point in posting this?

West Bend Citizen Advocate said...

Conversation. Good old-fashioned conversation.

Nanette Bulebosh said...

And how is this is different from anti-choice advocates having their kids hold up gruesome images of aborted fetuses at busy intersections? It's different because it's far more benign, and for all we know this girl has chosen to produce this video on her own for a school assignment.

My point is that exploitation of children has taken place for all kinds of financial, social, and political reasons as long as there have been children.

I would argue that progressives and others who support Obama also support policies that are much friendlier to children's interests than the welfare-cutters and anti-children's health assistance folks on the right.

But this is way off topic. Those who support First Amendment rights for children do so because they are well aware that too many children in the modern world do not live in loving and nurturing homes. These children, especially, need access to books that will answer their questions about their own bodies("It's Perfectly Normal" and "Deal with it") will help them see that other young people are going through similar emotional traumas ("Perks of Being a Wallflower"), and will otherwise help them make their way in a world that, so far, has not provided enough support. All three of the books you list on your home page are wonderful for these purposes. They have already helped numberous teens and childen deal with life. They should not only be kept in the young adult section of the library, they should be displayed prominently.

Concerned West Bend Citizen said...

Um, ok. Well, perhaps it would help if you actually provided your own thoughts on the topic? What are you trying to suggest?

Clearly, using kids in political ads or events is nothing new. And this hack you linked to is just trying to stir up hatred and bigotry.

Heck, even John McCain bussed in 4,000 kids to fill the seats at a campaign rally.

Eema-le said...

Anyone who uses children for political purposes is vile. Again, using children for political purposes is VILE. It makes no difference if it's the Obama crowd, Fred Phelps, or you.

Concerned West Bend Citizen said...

Think of the children!