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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Liberty University says "goodbye" to Democratic club

A reasonable move, maintaining this private school's pro-life, pro-tradiational marriage position.

RICHMOND, May 22 -- Liberty University will no longer recognize its campus Democratic club because, officials say, the national party's platform goes against the conservative Christian school's moral principles.

Officials at the private Lynchburg school, which was founded by the Rev. Jerry Falwell, said they made the decision after receiving complaints from trustees, parents and donors.

"They really are great kids and good friends of mine," said Jerry Falwell Jr., who became the school's chancellor after his father died in 2007. "It's just an issue of what Liberty's mission is."


McDonnell, who attended Notre Dame and spoke at Liberty in March, said through his spokesman that he "personally disagrees" with Liberty's decision but that because it is a private school its leaders can make their own decisions.

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Concerned West Bend Citizen said...

"because it is a private school its leaders can make their own decisions"

I'm glad you bolded that part of the remark, because yes, private institutions can (generally) do whatever they way.

Public institutions, however, must uphold certain constitutional guarantees of speech, equal treatment, due process, etc. Which is why public schools and public libraries must not be pressured by vocal minorities to change their policies and procedures that are there to serve the entire public.