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Friday, May 1, 2009

Area H.I.S. Players presents "OUR TOWN" next weekend

West Bend Area Home Educators, HIS Players (Home Is School) will be putting on performances of "OUR TOWN", a wonderful story of life, love (and death) in small town America at the turn of the (last) century.

The public performances will be at:

West Bend High School
May 8th
7:00 p.m.
and again on
May 9th
1:30 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.

There is NO CHARGE for admission so you can attend as many times as you like!

We go to these plays every year and they are always AMAZING! Enormous talent and professionalism...! You won't be disappointed!

Tell your neighbors, co-workers and friends... Take the family!


Concerned West Bend Citizen said...

You do understand that Thorton Wilder was gay, right?

West Bend Citizen Advocate said...

Do you have a problem with that? Does that affect his talent in some way? I don't understand your question. It sounds a bit bigoted, but perhaps you didn't mean it that way.

Concerned West Bend Citizen said...

You understand the concept of irony?

Greggswife said...

Do you understand the meaning of judgement? If you look more closely at the websites you're gaining your info. from you'll find that Thornton Wilder was not at all comfortable w/ his sin of being a homosexual. We all sin and are tempted. Perhaps this was the area he struggled in? This doesn't make him a horrendous individual? Have you ever lied? Stolen something? If so-and we all have at some time, then we're a liar and thief and in need of a Saviour! Thornton Wilder was too-but he was not comfortable in his sin, from what I've researched. Anyway-stop judging Ginny. She wants to encourage our community to protect our children. Why is that such a bad thing? Praise God for people like her!!