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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

DC officials force Christians to turn T-shirts inside out

Received this disturbing, yet revealing, email from a friend of mine who just returned from D.C. I guess free speech ends on the Supreme Court steps.

We just got back late last night from Washington D.C., and meeting with our Senators about the hate crime legislation that they will be voting on this week. (pictures attached) Here's where we are in America.

Monday morning we arrive outside "OUR" Supreme Court Building. Doc Johnston and his four children, myself and a few others were headed into the building to use the rest rooms. We all wore the same red shirts which said: "Jesus is the Standard" on the front and the back read: "Hate is Truth to those that hate the truth. Have I now become your enemy by telling you the truth?"

We were approached by a female guard and she told us that we would have to take off our shirts and turn them wrong side out before entering the building. (emphasis mine) I missed the shot--didn't have my camera out yet. We've known for a long time that our Government hates God, but this is our tax dollars at it's best. Trained guards to censor every expression of God entering the building. I tried to find a shirt that was given a pass by that guard, but it was chilly and jackets concealed some of the shirts.

They must now make it illegal to speak the truth--S. 909 is focused on silencing the Christian voice.

Find out what it will do here: http://www.operationsaveamerica.org/536.htm

They are expected to vote on it this week, so make those calls. Obama said he wants it on his desk and signed by Memorial day (May 28th).


Concerned West Bend Citizen said...

I'm pretty sure the Supreme Court doesn't allow any kind of declarative statement on clothing to enter the building. It is more about creating a professional and neutral space, rather than preventing certain types of speech.

Also, I'm pretty sure that "In God We Trust" is carved into the building in a few places.

So, perhaps everyone should calm down a little bit?

Amanda said...

I'm pretty sure the Supreme Court doesn't allow any kind of declarative statement on clothing to enter the buildingI don't think that's true - if it is, there's no information about it on their website. Although I think it's horrific that these people are using Jesus' name to oppose hate crime legislation, they are totally right about being ordered to turn their shirts inside out. They should complain about this to their congressman or somebody, because if there IS some kind of dress code for visitors to the Court, it's never mentioned publicly. Pretty dubious. As long as you're not causing a disruption, you should be able to wear anything that would be OK out on the street.

Although the real travesty is the Supreme Court's website: here. Yikes! What year is it? I was making better looking websites in 1996.

Aurick said...

I believe the Supreme Court, as do most courts, have the right to prevent anyone from entering that is wearing clothing that can be seen as disruptive or that represents a specific moral belief.

Amanda, I checked out that Supreme Court website.