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Thursday, February 12, 2009


Curtsy to Sheboygan Shenanigans

I listened to this segment on Mark Belling and considered posting. Mark calls for Bloggers to lend a hand, and I am. SS got to it before me and did a great job of it.... Be sure to click on the article and read it in its entirety.

If you care about our high taxes in WI, and if you care about business in WI, please check this out…

Democrats now support a hospital tax - and the hospitals aren’t objecting, because of the way Federal law works on Medicaid (coverage for poor - Medicare is coverage for the elderly). When hospitals have these assessments put on them - that’s what they’re calling this hospital tax - they are eligible for more Federal Medicaid reimbursement. So, whatever they have to pay they’ll get back in Federal reimbursements (our tax dollars) so they have no problem supporting the hospital tax.

In the end, these extra costs will get passed onto us consumers by way of even bigger health care bills. This will also mean bigger health care costs for businesses due to higher premiums for both smaller businesses and for major employers.

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Coop said...

How quickly Mr. Doyle forgets history.

The US Bowling Congress left town and moved to Texas because of taxes and health care costs. As I recall, their announcement came the SAME DAY Doyle announced he intended to hike the hospital tax. Nice to know he's still pursuing this; I wonder what other businesses and organizations we'll lose as a result of this?