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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Stimulus encourages senior citizen death strategy

From Eagle Forum of New Jersey

One of the five youngest Presidents in the history of the United States has quietly
solved the nagging question how Generations X and Y will be able to
subsidize Social Security and Medicare for 78 Million about to retire
Baby Boomers. By new federal government standardized "cost effective"
measures and another gargantuan bureaucracy set up within the
Obama/Reid/Pelosi STIMULUS plan, if senior citizens become a might too
sick and old to make it cost effective to treat them, well, they'll just
have to suffer the pain and die! (See Bloomberg article/highlights
Not only do Generations X and Y save money not having to pay
Social Security and health costs for Boomers this way, the Boomers won't
be around long to compete for part time jobs that would have subsidized
their retirement income.

No more time left to be nice. Voice your strong opposition to your U.S. Senators, Representative, and Governor Again!

This Stimulus Plan will kill us!


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