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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

WFC disses West Bend library

Transcript from radio broadcast of WFC's CEO, Julaine Appling:

Speaking the Truth in/on Love

Have you checked out your local library’s web site lately? Maybe you should. Earlier this month, a concerned West Bend citizen came across quite a surprising web page on the West Bend library website—a page with a list of suggested reading for 6 th to 12 th grade young adults.

Prominently displayed was a page devoted exclusively to gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender fiction and non-fiction.

The list of fifty-eight books contains a theme now familiar to Americans who have been constantly battered by the campaign to normalize homosexuality—that theme being gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender is normal, exciting and fulfilling. Every single book on the list panders to that theme—with no exceptions.

There are no books on ex-gays, no books representing the Christian perspective on homosexuality, no books offering any other lifestyle or alternative message to young adults on homosexuality than the overt message to embrace, exploit, advocate and accept homosexuality.
The book descriptions are replete with suggestive wording, including teenage homosexual “affairs,” “teen sexuality,” “gay sexuality,” a high school drag queen, and “skinny dipping,” to just name a few. In fact, the “young adults” list even includes four books which the librarian labels as “adult.” Why in the world are books the librarian thinks are “adult” on a “young adults” booklist?

More here: http://www.wifamilycouncil.org/Media/Radio%20transcripts/2009/771_022309.htm

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