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Sunday, February 15, 2009

West Bend Library serves up GAY books to community YOUTH

Children as young as 11 years old have free access to propaganda-type reading material (I hesitate to call it literature, thanks) that glamorizes and encourages homosexual activity.

Go the on-line SHARE Library website and search for yourself. Look at how many are in the YOUNG ADULT section.


Here is an excerpt of one on the shelf:

Geography Club (sounds innocent, right? WRONG)
Hartinger, Brent.
Hartinger's debut novel is a fast-paced and funny portrait of contemporary teenagers who may not learn any actual geography in their latest club, but who learn plenty about the treacherous social terrain of a typical American high school.
Pub date:
226 p. ;
Item info:
1 copy available at West Bend Community Memorial Library.
DESCRIPTION: Russel Middlebrook is convinced he's the only gay kid at Goodkind High School. Then his online gay-chat buddy turns out to be none other than Kevin, the popular but closeted star of the school's baseball team. Soon Russel meets other gay students too. There's his best friend, Min, who reveals that she's bisexual, and her soccer-playing girlfriend, Terese. And there's Terese's politically active friend, Ike.
But how can kids this diverse get together without drawing attention to themselves?
"We just choose a club that's so boring, nobody in their right mind would ever in a million years join it. We could call it Geography Club!"


Chapter One

I was deep behind enemy lines, in the very heart of the opposing camp. My adversaries were all around me. For the time being, my disguise was holding, but still I felt exposed, naked, as if my secret was obvious to anyone who took the time to look. I knew that any wrong action, however slight, could expose my deception and reveal my true identity. The thought made my skin prickle. The enemy would not take kindly to my infiltration of their ranks, especially not here, in their inner sanctum.

Then Kevin Land leaned over the wooden bench behind my locker and said, "Yo, Middlebrook, let me use your shampoo!"

I was in the high school boys' locker room at the end of third period P.E. class. I'd just come from the showers, and part of the reason I felt naked was because I was naked. I'd slung my wet towel over the metal door of my locker and was standing there all goosebumpy, eager to get dressed and get the hell out of there. Why exactly did I feel like the boys' locker room after third period P.E. was enemy territory -- that the other guys in my class were rival soldiers in some warlike struggle for domination? Well, there's not really a short answer to that question.
"Use your own damn shampoo," I said to Kevin, crouching down in front of my locker, probing the darkness for clean underwear.

Kevin stepped right up next to me and started searching the upper reaches of my locker himself. I could feel the heat of his body, but it did nothing to lessen my goosebumps. "Come on," he said. "Where is it? I know you have some. You always have shampoo, just like you always have clean undies."

I had just found my Jockey shorts, and I was tempted to not give Kevin the satisfaction of seeing he'd been right about me, but I was cold and tired of being exposed. I sat down on the bench, maneuvering my legs through the elastic of my underwear, then pulled them up. I fumbled for the shampoo in my backpack and handed it to Kevin. "Here," I said. "Just bring it back when you're done." Kevin was lean and muscled and dark, with perfect sideburns and a five o'clock shadow by ten in the morning. More important, he was naked too, and suddenly it seemed like there was no place to look in the entire locker room that wasn't his crotch. I glanced away, but there were more visual land mines to avoid -- specifically, the bodies of Leon and Brad and Jarred and Ramone, other guys from our P.E. class, all looking like one of those Abercrombie & Fitch underwear ads come to life.
Okay, maybe there was a short answer to the question of why I felt out of place in the boys' locker room. I liked guys. Seeing them naked, I mean. But -- and this is worth emphasizing -- I liked seeing them naked on the Internet; I had absolutely no interest in seeing them naked, in person, in the boys' locker room after third period P.E. I'd never been naked with a guy -- I mean in a sexual way -- and I had no plans to do it anytime soon. But the fact that I even thought about getting naked with a guy in a sexual way was something that Kevin and Leon and Brad and Jarred and Ramone would never ever understand. I wasn't the most popular guy at Robert L. Goodkind High School, but I wasn't the least popular either. (Kevin Land at least spoke to me, even if it was only to ask for shampoo.) But one sure way to become the least popular guy was to have people think you might be gay. And not being gay wasn't just about not throwing a bone in the showers. It was a whole way of acting around other guys, a level of casualness, of comfort, that says, "I'm one of you. I fit in." I wasn't one of them, I didn't fit in, but they didn't need to know that.

Kevin snatched the shampoo, and I deliberately turned my back to him, stepping awkwardly into my jeans.

"Hey, Middlebrook!" Kevin said to me. "Nice ass!" Leon and Brad and Jarred and Ramone all laughed. Big joke, not exactly at my expense, but in my general vicinity. Some tiny part of me wondered, Do I have a nice ass? Hell, I didn't know. But a much bigger part of me tensed, because I knew this was a test, the kind enemy soldiers in movies give to the hero who they suspect isn't one of them. And from a guy I'd just lent my shampoo to, besides. So much for gratitude.
Everything now depended on my reaction. Would I pass this, Kevin Land's latest test of my manhood?

I glanced back at Kevin, who was still snickering. Halfway down his body, he jiggled, but of course I didn't look.

Instead, I bent over halfway, sticking my rear out in his direction. "You really think so?" I said, squirming back and forth.

It is bad enough that our own library has an "OUT OF THE CLOSET" web page loaded with HOMOSEXUAL BOOK RECOMMENDATIONS for GRADES 6 through 12. Look for yourself: http://www.west-bendlibrary.org/yaglbtq.htm

The libary feels it should indoctrinate the youth in our community with perverted, inappropriate, sex books that steer them into areas of breaking the law; i.e., underage sex, push towards homosexual lifestyle in a state that rejects same-sex marriage.

Let's take it a step further....

The YOUNG ADULT LIBRARIAN, Kristin Pekoll, has a public Facebook in which she professes she is a "FAN OF HOMOSEXUALS". Perhaps that lends some insight into the materials choices taking place here. http://www.facebook.com/people/Kristin-Lade-Pekoll/720977931

But wait, that's not all....

The head librarian, Michael Tyree, also has a public Facebook. His claim is that is not not just LIBERAL, but that he is VERY LIBERAL. YA THINK?

Here's the clincher, just to be fair!

I looked through each and every book in the Young Adult section containing homosexual/gay/lesbian/transsexual/transgender information for youth (yes, I really did) to see if ANY of them offered information about EX-GAYS, people who have left that lifestyle, and/or the TRUTH behind homosexuality and its origin. Guess what? If there WAS one, I COULD NOT FIND IT.

Both librarians should be fired.
I have filed a formal complaint. YOU SHOULD, TOO.
Call your library and ask to speak to Michael Tyree: 262-335-5151
Call your library and ask them to mail you a formal complaint form: 262-335-5151
Go to the library and pick up a formal complaint form.
Email Michael Tyree: mtyree@west-bendlibrary.org
Write a letter to the editor of the West Bend News: dmuckelbauer@conleynet.com


Jack Eckblad said...

I would like to posit that you have waaayyy too much time on your hands. Every book in the library? Try volunteering somewhere, perhaps you do, try volunteering MORE! More foreclosures than in the history of our country, more kids in need of preK education (which has proven to be one of the most important aspects of education), millions in need of health care. . . surely you can find something that helps us rebuild our society rather than tearing us apart.
My father's a minister, and I can't recall one bible passage when Jesus doesn't refuse to throw a stone. I suggest you read Dietrich Bonheoffer, specifically the Cost of Discipleship. We should be serving the world, not targeting one sin over many.
In all his time on Earth Jesus does not mention homosexuality as a major issue ONCE! Instead he says 'follow me' over and over. Christ refused to stone even those he morally disagreed with, shouldn't he be our highest example?

West Bend Citizen Advocate said...


You really must read the details.

I said that I read through each YOUNG ADULT book listed. That is to say, in the homosexual listings. How I spend my time is my choice.

I volunteer in various places and especially have a passion for our youth, thus my complaint.

This is about a battle for Truth. Jesus spoke the Truth. He did not spare anyone's feelings, or he would have not had such a "hate club" after Him. Think about it.

Call Me Mom said...

The passage you refer to was a passage demonstrating the hypocrisy of the Pharisees who knew that the law condemned the man taken in adultery as well as the woman. The Pharisees knew this but only brought the woman to Jesus to test him on the administration of the law.

Jesus clearly had no problem with administering the correction of the law to the temple's moneychangers. He also instructed his disciples to arm themselves towards the end of his ministry.
Furthermore, true love is not the wishy-washy-make everybody-feel-good-about-themselves nonsense that is currently politically correct. True love is sacrifice. That means you correct someone when they are in error, even though it may cost you their friendship.

Choosing to live as a homosexual is an extremely high risk lifestyle which has been shown to have a increased risk of disease and early(to the tune of 20-40 years early) death associated with it. "Being supportive" of people who make that choice is the epitome of cruelty.

If you had a friend or a sibling that started taking steroids, or opiates, or cutting themselves, or "the self destructive behavior of your choice here" would you "support" their lifestyle choice or would you do everything you could to make them stop for their own good?
If you love them, you do what is in your power to make them stop.

Jesus should be our highest example. I suggest you get yourself into a good Bible study that will teach you how to study the Bible objectively rather than subjectively.

I applaud the author of this blog for her dedication to protecting the lives of the youth in her community.

Jack Eckblad said...

Truth? As letters or as example? Are we to rely merely on Christ's words, or his deeds? Surely he spoke against the pharisees without caring if they agreed or took offense, but he treated everyone who disagreed with compassion.
Enough compassion to give his divine life for the forgiveness of Everyone. Love is not a letter, but an experience, an expression. Anyone who dismisses compassion as "wishy-washiness" dismisses the experience of knowing that the son of God has given HIS life.
We may disagree, but I treat those who disagree with the respect of discourse. I do not attempt to embarass or demonize.

Call Me Mom said...

I'm not sure what you're saying. You seem to be saying you don't care to find an objective Bible study, nor even to find out the difference between objective and subjective. I note that you said your father is a minister. May I inquire as to the denomination of the folks to whom he ministers?

May I submit to you the concept that the truth has nothing to do with your belief in it. You may choose not to believe in trains. No matter how firmly you believe that there is no such thing as a train, if you choose to stand in front of an oncoming train, you will be killed by it. The truth trumps your beliefs, whatever they may be. Jesus spoke the truth without regard to people's feelings or station in life because it was more important that they hear the truth than that they feel good about what they heard. His compassion was in giving His life for us, not in "being supportive" of those who choose to sin.

Love is not a letter, not an experience, and not an expression-although it can take those forms. Love is sacrifice. You turn away from your sins for Him, and He pays the price of them for you.

I am most certainly not dismissing compassion as wishy-washyness. I am saying that supporting someone in a self destructive behavior is the opposite of love.

Jesus did speak about homosexuals. In both Matthew and Luke He tells His disciples that if the people of Sodom(violent homosexuals by the objective reading of the old testament) had seen the miracles He had done in Jerusalem and the other communities He visited, they would have repented for their sins and been spared the destruction of their city. He tells them that it will be better for the inhabitants of Sodom on the day of judgment than for those who refuse the gospel when it's fulfillment is right in front of them.

To the best of my knowledge, I have not attempted to embarass or demonize anyone in our discussion so far,nor has the author of this blog, so why do you bring it up?
Once again, I advise you to find yourself a good, objective Bible study, sir.