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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

UW Meriter sends email "Fact Sheet" for "Pregnancy Termination Services"

Well. I just had to rewrite the general undertone of the letter to clarify the "facts".... My rewrite is in red... This email was sent to anyone who sent an oppositional email to authorities at UW Meriter concerning the provision of 2nd trimester abortions.

Pregnancy termination services at Madison Surgery Center
Murder at a Price - Madison Killing Center
Fact Sheet
(Truth Sheet)

The decision to terminate a pregnancy is an intensely personal one, permitted by the laws of Wisconsin and the United States government.

The desire to kill a baby is an intensely heartless one, permitted by the laws of our tarnished state of Wisconsin and the morally corrupt U.S. government.

The debate over whether second-trimester terminations are right or wrong is a societal discussion.

The decision as to whether it is okay to rip a baby apart piece by piece from his or her mother's womb as right or wrong belongs to those who feel murder is an acceptable form of a solution. (What's next? Nursing homes?)

The joint partners in Madison Surgery Center believe it is their responsibility to provide a full continuum of care in all medical areas – including the full range of legal services associated with women’s health, family planning and reproductive health care.

The partners of heinous acts at Madison Killing Center believe it is their right to allow unprofessional, uncaring and unethical employees to jam instruments into baby's skulls, suction their brains out, crush their heads and yank them out of existence - including the full range of immoral, biased, liberal and heartless legal services associated with stripping a woman of her unborn child, keeping another human being from living his or her life to it's fullest, and raping the womb of life.

This is not a new service for the Madison area, nor are increases in the number of second trimester terminations anticipated. What has changed is the location. These procedures have been available in Madison for many years by Dr. Dennis Christensen, who retired in December. The decision to continue offering these procedures at Madison Surgery Center assures continuity of access to this service in a patient-oriented environment.

Naturally, we all know that Madison proudly proclaims to have been killing children for a long time; therefore, this it not new, just exposed. And just to be clear, they are switching locations so that more people can be murdered, more people can HELP murder, and more money can be MADE in the process. Dr. Dennis Christensen's retirement merely reinforces us to pray more fervently for a repentant heart, as this man we loosely call "doctor" has blood on his hands.

No state funding will be used to compensate physicians for performing second trimester terminations. Payment is solely through private, third-party coverage or self-pay. The malpractice insurance of those physicians is through private, third-party coverage only, not via public funding.

Baby killers may not be getting their fun money from the government, but they will definitely get it from your health insurance, or somebody else.

Second trimester terminations account for approximately 10 percent of all pregnancy terminations. Approximately 120-130 have been performed annually in Madison.

Madison is proud of their statistics. They have chopped up, suctioned out, ripped apart and burned 120 to 130 babies that were most likely old enough to survive on their own, if given the chance; a real gem for Madison to brag about. And that's just 10% of the deaths!

No physicians, residents, students or staff will be required to participate in any aspect of this procedure if it is against their personal beliefs. Participation is strictly voluntary.

Only those people who enjoy watching innocent babies murdered, and those who reap financial reward for taking the life of child, get to play; much like Holocaust victims on the edge of their burial ditches awaiting the firing squad.

There is no research of any sort associated with these procedures. Tissue from the procedures will be collected and disposed of in the same manner as tissues from other surgical procedures performed at Madison Surgery Center.

Of course, Madison claims they don't use any cord blood, stem cells or any other human body features for research. (Uh huh. Right. And how exactly do you throw away a baby, by the way?)

There is no financial incentive for the MSC to perform second trimester terminations. These procedures are offered to ensure that the Madison-area community has safe access to a legal medical procedure.

There is no financial incentive to kill these kids. The price is negotiated, and then they do the deed. Murder is performed in order to assure that Madison keeps the census down and the revenue up.

Any patient requesting second trimester pregnancy termination health services must offer full consent, agree to a 24-hour waiting period, and will receive counseling services that offer alternatives to the procedure.

Naturally, compassion is shown on the poor Moms who don't get it that the baby is not theirs to kill. They are asked to sign a full consent (as opposed to half a consent? What the heck?), agree to a 24-hour waiting period (because the abortion mill wants to be sure she has time to read all the revolting materials that were sent home with her, just in case she wasn't fully convinced to kill the baby when she came in), and...if that isn't enough, there are accomplices waiting in the wings to offer other methods to kill your baby.


Very convincing.

Thanks UW Meriter.

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