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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What the West Bend Library doesn't seem to understand....about PORN

An interesting article....

MADISON (AP) — A former City of Fond du Lac human resources director convicted of viewing child pornography will soon go to jail more than two years after being sentenced. 

    The Fond du Lac Reporter reports that Circuit Court Judge Dale English on Friday ordered 60-year-old Benjamin W. Mercer to report to the county jail within 30 days. 

    In January 2008, English sentenced Mercer to eight years on probation and one year of jail with work release privileges on 14 counts of possession of child pornography. 

    A jury had convicted Mercer on counts involving images viewed on Mercer’s human resources work computer. 

    Mercer appealed, arguing images must be stored in a hard drive to constitute possession but in March an appeals court ruled that viewing child pornography online is also possession. The state Supreme Court said in August it wouldn’t hear the case. 


While the ALA continues to combat local communities, and local librarians follow in hypnotized fashion, public computers remain open and accessible to......porn.  P-O-R-N.  What better place to get your sick fantasy fix than your local public library?  It's FREE.  Since the library refuses to use filtering software for the protection of even children, the ability of the average patron to utilize the facilities (ahem!) for their "perverted personal pleasure" is a slam dunk!  Remember, though.....if you get caught, Wisconsin says that viewing child pornography online is also possession.  


The ALA (and your local library) believes in all materials for all ages.  Does that include porn?  All means all.

The ALA (and your local library) does not want to assist parents in protecting minor children.

Think your kids are safe????  THINK AGAIN.


Andrew Averill said...

I'd like you to get me and your readership some statistics regarding the use of the West Bend library's computers for porn. This is actually quite easy, assuming the library network works how many networks do (history, internet caches, all that jazz.)

What I think you'll find, Ginny, is you are making a big hullabaloo about nothing. Which, Ginny, seems to be a common theme in your crusading. Do you know what men and women do when they watch porn? Masturbate. Have you heard of people masturbating in the public library to porn they are accessing via library computers? I haven't, not in West Bend.

Also, you need to understand the mind of someone who craves porn to the extent they would go to a very lovely, well-manicured library, disregard their computer neighbors less than a foot away from them, and go on a porn website. Internet filters won't keep that kind of person from accessing smutty smut smut.

Your insistence that internet filters be used (because of all that smutty smut smut) is really not a viable option. I was a high school student once, we had filters. Turns out, if someone wants to access information badly enough, like a student who wants to check Facebook or perverted smutty smut smut, there are many ways to do so. I was part of a mailing list that sent me different proxy sites every day which allowed me to pass the censors for benign things like "breast cancer" "play chess online" or "what is this lump on my testicles?"

You have the only foodstuffs in the world and you wish to protect them from starving people — I understand you are a nice person and would not do such a thing, this is a hypothetical scenario— You build a wall. That wall will be burnt down.

Internet filters won't stop a library's imaginary fixation with porn anymore than prohibition stopped alcoholism or the Berlin Wall protected a dictator.

Really, Ginny, stop blowing this idiot wind around.

SafeLibraries® said...

"Have you heard of people masturbating in the public library to porn they are accessing via library computers? I haven't, not in West Bend."

It happens all the time, and in my experience watching this for years that I can recall at the moment, only on unfiltered computers.

In one case dozens of people were clapping after the guy got off. In another the library does not stop people, it just has hazmat kits to clean up afterwords. Those were in university libraries. In a public library, an investigative report caught and broadcast a guy in the act, kids around and all, despite what you say.

Here, take a look: library masturbation.

And filters have improved greatly since you were in high school.

"Really, Ginny, stop blowing this idiot wind around."

Calling someone an idiot won't make the issue go away no matter how loudly or rudely you shout.

I do not know the situation in West Bend at the moment, but if someone says there's a problem, it can be investigated without calling people idiots.

And, like all your other claims, it is false to say anyone can get around filters, implying thereby they should not be used. Ginny, for example, has written about Greensboro, NC, that it is happy using bandwidth filters to slow porn, and its resulting in fewer crimes.

If something happens in the library and the library is sued, damages may be increased where the library knew or should have known of the danger yet refused to take action. The library is already on notice. Now we watch and wait.

Andrew Averill said...

Thank you for your response, SafeLibraries.

First, idiot wind. I was not calling Ginny and idiot. "Idiot wind" is a phrase coined by Bob Dylan. To me, it refers to gossip or "stupid talk," which I believe is very relevant to this post. Ginny is no idiot, but she spouts idiocy, in my opinion.

Now, you also presented information regarding people who do, actually, masturbate in the library. Lets look at this case by case, according to the clips found through the link you offered.

The first one deals with a library in Greensboro, North Carolina. The library, after some snooping around, is located in downtown Greensboro. Greensboro has a total population of 250,000. One of the comments left on the article snub said the types of people who show up at the downtown library are "...vagrants, homeless, and others who want to use it as a bathroom..." My point? West Bend and Greensboro are different places, have different demographics, have different economies. It does not, therefore, pay to scare West Benders into thinking the two libraries can be compared.

Next case, a library in Whittier, California (not much closer to West Bend than Greensboro.) Turns out "In the past few months, library staff members found patrons viewing child and adult pornography online. Employees even found a man masturbating in public while watching porn." Tell me this, SafeLibraries, has that happened in the West Bend Library? Doubtful. Not comparable. Sure, we can debate "but what if it were to happen" all day. But, let's treat the library as it is, not how it could be.

Third case. Surprisingly, this case is from Wisconsin. However, it's not internet porn. Instead, a man, and a known sex offender at that, came into the library, looked at children and touched himself. Disgusting, no doubt. However, this case lends itself more to employing door security than internet filters.

There are many other cases, some which pertain specifically to public library masturbation. But, none which pertain to public masturbation in the West Bend Library. As such, all this "idiot wind" is nonsense.

The point is this, Ginny and SafeLibraries, we are talking about West Bend. W E S T B E N D. We have 100 violent crimes for every 100,000 people. Greensboro has more rapes this year than we have had in at least 10.

There may be people who wish to masturbate at the West Bend Public Library, but where are they? They haven't done it yet, who can confidently claim they will this year? Next year?

And SafeLibraries, I was a high school student three years ago. Whatever technological advances have been made in filtering software, the same advances have been made in getting around filtering software. People don't like to be told what to watch and what not to watch. All filters do is give you a false sense of security.

Safe Libraries, I hope you investigate West Bend. My main issue with Ginny's post was that she has no idea if people use the West Bend Libraries for porn. If she knows, she needs to make it known or her argument is just, dare I say it, idiot wind.

Andrew Averill said...

And for pete's sake, the best place for a child to access porn is on a home computer.