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Monday, September 27, 2010

West Bend School District Annual Meeting - Hot Air

I attended the West Bend School District's Annual Meeting of Electors tonight.  Some observations...

While the district wanted to make things look all legit by separating residents from nonresidents with the seating arrangements, and for voting purposes, no identification was asked for and students/kids were counted in the advisory vote.  Looking around the auditorium that hosted about 500+ people tonight, I saw a very large number of teachers and administration from the school district.  Form your own opinion about that.

An enormously boring presentation that was mostly read off of a Power Point by Kris Beaver and Pat Herdrich.  Just visit the District website to know more about that.  You can find it there.  Links aren't working tonight, so just Google it.  

New District nugget "Bambi" from the /Wonderful World of the DPI (former assistant state superintendent, by the way) gushed with spreadsheets and liberal advice that she said she wasn't going to give.  Bambi stated "I'm not here to plug anything for West Bend" and then went on to say "I think your child and your taxpayers deserve to be treated more fairly..."  By the way, heard the District now employs Bambi to the tune of $150/hr.  Oh yes, they do.  Your tax dollars, at their worst.  

Ted Neitzke gave a rather candid synopsis of school district happenings.  At least he kept everyone awake.

I took a few videos with my "UN"hidden camera.  Sorry about the back shots.  Seating was not conducive to full frontal video.  Carry on.

You can always count on West Bend School District employee Mark Maley to have his hand in your wallet.  
Subtitle:  “I’m clueless about this chap, but he is one handsome devil and a real spellbinder."

Former conservative school board candidate Doug Rakowski voices his opposition to the levy increase.

Local Dad says School District not worthy of levy increase.

Bart Williams, former New Berlin school board member, now West Bend taxpayer, says NO to tax levy increase.

West Bend Citizen adamantly against tax levy increase.  

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