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Monday, September 13, 2010

West Bend Mayor BREAKS TIE vote AGAIN - River Bluffs coming SOON to a downtown near YOU

With a tie 4-4 vote on the City Council, West Bend Mayor Kris Deiss stated she was in an elected position because she "knows more about these things than the people," then cast her vote to approve the River Bluffs housing project for the downtown area.

Believe it.

UPDATED NOTE:  Ed DuQuaine gave a stellar speech indicating that he was not going to be held hostage by threats from the REE of being sued.  He was more concerned about representing those who voted for him and would prefer not to be sued by the people in the city he represents.  Steve Hutchins, as well, stated that the answer in this situation was "easy" and that he would not back down from representing his constituents wishes saying "it's that simple."  Roger Kist said little, but when it came time to vote had the ability to end the vote FOR the project and chose instead to vote against it stating "I'm going to put this in the Mayor's hands."  

Alan Carter
Ed DuQuaine
Roger Kist
Steve Hutchins

Tony Turner (who maintained his support though admitted his constituents were vehemently against it - remember that on election day, folks...)
Deb Anderson (who also stated that her constituents were strongly opposed until she sold it to them)
Nick Dobberstein 
Mike Schlotfeldt


1 comment:

Unknown said...

Roger Kist didn't have the integrity to state WHY he was voting that way, just that he would leave it to the mayor to break the tie. While his vote meshed with your point of view, it wasn't an example of being a good alderman. He should "grow a couple".

As for the mayor's comment, I looked at the video and it was part of her explanation of how she arrived at her decision. It didn't come out well, and she clarified it on the radio this morning.