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Friday, September 3, 2010

Local Vocalist, JOSH POPE - Check it out...

We know this young man from Cedarburg, and his talent is absolutely astounding.  Check out these music downloads.  You can listen to them first, then purchase for your IPod if you love 'em.  If you're a Sarah McLachlin fan, Josh's rendition of "Angel" will move you.....  BTW, he is a gifted pianist as well, and plays his own accompaniment.  His record label and articles can be found HERE.
Whether it's the score of a complex soundtrack or a scintillating pop song, Josh Pope's music is the confluence of stirring genius, profound gifts, and a rich understanding of music's history and theory. Josh's fans openly debate where he is most gifted: as a composer, a singer, or a performer.
Pope includes performers like Damien Rice, James Horner, and Josh Groban among his strongest influences. His first recorded foray, "Way Back Home,"includes a stirring cover of a Sara McLachlan's "Angel," along with some of his own original work.


Amanda said...

That's still not how you spell McLachlan.

West Bend Citizen Advocate said...

Thanks a bunch for the heads' up, Amanda. Most fans would know who I meant anyway....but the correct spelling is always nice, right?