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Sunday, September 26, 2010

West Bend School District - VOTE on School Budget TOMORROW - Monday

Show up, be heard.  

6:30 p.m., MONDAY, West Bend High School Auditorium (located in East High School)

The school board will vote on the District budget tomorrow night.  In an awkward attempt to get an "advisory" vote from district residents, the school board intends to have attendees stand up to lend their vote on the budget themselves.  You can be sure that average citizens are expecting their school board to lend fair representation without their presence needed.  With a little WEAC intervention, you can be sure the heavy weight of teachers and local liberal activists will smote unsuspecting parents and taxpayers.  We trust our elected officials to lend fair representation.

The annual meeting of the West Bend School Board will take place Monday, and district officials have taken steps to try to ensure that this year’s affair goes more smoothly than the year before. 

    Last year’s meeting drew between 600 and 700 people, presenting challenges in terms of space, visibility and acoustics....


Residents will be separated from non-residents, with eligible voters seated on the lower level and non-residents in the upper, according to Superinten- dent Pat Herdrich.

    Only those eligible to vote will be able to speak of items on the meeting agenda, Herdrich said, and time will be limited to two minutes per speaker. Speakers may address the board twice on any given item. 


New this year, residents will be asked to vote by standing — instead of speaking — and they will be counted.

    “We wanted to make sure that the voting process is going to be fair,” Carlson said. “It’s just for residents and registered voters. They are the ones who will be counted.”

    The vote is, however, just advisory and non-binding. 


    Weigand, who joined the school board in April with Randy Marquardt, was the sole board member to vote against the passage of the preliminary budget in May.

    Levying to the maximum allowable limit, which is what the district is proposing, is a practice he said he opposes philosophically.

    “Just because you can isn’t a reason to go there all the time,” he said. “There are other things to consider; public opinion. If it wasn’t a big issue with the public there might not be anything wrong with it, but this is a case where voters have said they don’t want this to happen and you have to be conscientious of that fact.” 


 Registration for that annual meeting begins at 6 p.m. The budget hearing will take place at 6:30 p.m. and will be followed by the annual meeting at 7 p.m. 

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