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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Charter School endorsed by panel in WEST BEND

A GOOD thing.

The idea of establishing a charter school in the West Bend School District will come before the entire School Board next month, following the recommendation made Monday by Board of Instruction committee members to advance the concept. 

    Information about the proposed charter school, Crossroads Academy, was presented to school board members Tim Stepanski, Dave Weigand and Kris Beaver during the committee meeting Monday evening. 

    “I think ultimately we have to, in today’s budgets, at least look at other opportunities,” Stepanski said. “I would like to see it go forward to the board for further discussion.” 

    Bruce Dunford, West Bend resident and pastor of First Baptist Church, filed a petition to establish a charter school over the summer. 

    The purpose of starting a charter school, Dunford said, is to present the families of West Bend with a high quality, publicly funded alternative to the public school system. 

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Curt Casetta said...

Charter schools are not a panacea, but they can be effective if they have excellent staff and leadership that can target what is best to help their student population truly learn. I hope the Board keeps this in mind as they head into uncharted (or, perhaps more precisely, chartered), waters...