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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

West Bend School District talks cutting positions - forgets WEAC

Notice how WEAC is never mentioned by Herdrich.  Let's put the push for INCREASES by WEAC on the inclusion list for "uknown factors."  Seems WEAC is all FOR tax levy increases in West Bend, just as long as it doesn't affect teacher salaries....

Lest we forget:  Shelly Krueger, co-president of the Teacher’s Union, took the microphone together with Kim Will to announce that the Union and the teachers are willing to work on a compromise to help the School District in these financially challenging times. Words like ‘shared sacrifice’ went along side with ‘contract negotiations’.  

   Recommendations for the the 2010-11 preliminary budget the West Bend School Board received Monday included job cuts that would equal 26.1 teaching positions. 
    Balancing the budget will require the board to make $2 million in reductions. 
    The proposed cuts would mean the elimination of a librarian and a gifted and talented teacher at the elementary level; one dean of students at the middle school level; and a minimum of eight teaching positions and two cheerleading coaching positions at the high school.
 Also proposed are reductions in maintenance positions amounting to $125,000 and in system operations, $299,000. 
    Currently unknown factors - such as the staff contract settlement, state aid calculations, potential changes to the levy assumption, and student enrollment will have an impact on what a final budget may look like.

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Unknown said...

If West Bend citizens had agreed to pay higher taxes from the start, this budget issue would not be as severe.