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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Conservatives are....."anti-education????"

Let the cartoons begin.

West Bend Daily News today:

  “I think it is very clear there are two sides of this debate,” said Corazzi. “There are two candidates who are committed to no tax increases and two candidates dedicated to maintaining quality education. The vote shows there are more people in the pro-education camp.” 

So let's try to understand what Corazzi is saying here.  Quality education means higher taxes and more money. Period.  No options.  If you don't agree, you are "anti-education."  Uh huh.  Right.  It appears that this is just an attempt to smear while giving thanks for passing the primary.  I noticed nobody else seized that opportunity.  Maybe it's because they have class.

That's okay.  Go ahead, Mr. C, do your thing.  

Tax and spend, Mr. Corazzi.  Tax and spend.

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Elena said...

Until today when I saw the phrase "pro-responsible spending = pro-education" on Weigand's blog, I had not seen or heard any mention of he or Marquardt being dedicated to preserving or improving the quality of education in West Bend. As a taxpayer, the only real platform I got from them was from the standpoint of making cuts or lowering taxes, while the incumbents have stressed the importance of the quality of education. Therefore, I think Corazzi's comparison of the candidates as either "no tax" or "pro-education" is pretty fair. If Weigand and Marquardt wanted to market themselves as "pro-education" or anything else, they've had ample opportunity.

And Corazzi never called them "anti-education." But you just did.