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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Green Bay taking the hit with open enrollment - losing 600+ students; West Bend next?

Parents, do you like where your children are going?

GREEN BAY (AP) — Wisconsin’s school districts are competing for students and state aid with the beginning of the open enrollment period today.
From viral videos to newspaper ads and front page links on school district Web sites, recruiting efforts are under way.
The open enrollment period, from Feb. 1 to Feb. 19, allows parents to apply to send their children to any public school district of their choice. Last school year, more than 28,000 students participated.
WLUK-TV reports that school districts are faced with tight budgets and are competing to fill their buildings in order to avoid cuts. School districts receive nearly $6,500 in state aid for each student enrolled.

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Call Me Mom said...

Provide schools that are accountable to the values of the community's parents, not child prisons, indoctrination centers or day care programs and the students will come.