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Monday, February 22, 2010

Electoral College at Risk

Seems the electoral college is a liberal [sic] threat.  National Popular Vote an UNpopular move.

From Eagle Forum:

The EC represents the genius of our Founding Fathers and it was part of the
great compromise which transformed us from 13 rival colonies into a
constitutional republic.

· This great compromise gave us a Congress consisting of the Senate based on
equal representation of the states and the House based on population. The
EC is the mirror image of this compromise and allows all states to be players
in the process of electing our President.
· The EC is the vehicle that gives us a President who achieves a majority in a
functioning political process.
· Without the EC, we would always be saddled with minority Presidents
without an adequate basis of support for leadership.
· The EC ensures that no single faction or issue can elect a president because
he must win many diverse states to be elected.
· This campaign effort is likely just the beginning of an effort to bring national
government under the control of large and liberal states.
· The abolition of the EC contradicts our constitutional republic’s state and
federal government sharing of powers.
· Choosing presidents is one of our states’ powers, and we should not remove it
to begin a centralized national American government

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Unknown said...

The Electoral College completely distorts the popular vote. It diminishes the voice of the indiviudal and undermines one's right to vote. Without it, we would be much closer to a true democracy where everyone can participate in government.