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Thursday, February 25, 2010


The Roman Catholic Diocese, in particular Bishop Ricken and Rev. Doerfler, need to be applauded for the strong statement they are sending by disassociating with ESTHER AND JOSHUA a/k/a WISDOM a/k/a GAMALIEL Foundation, all Chicago-style community organizations that have aligned themselves with pro-choice establishments and promote sugar-daddy government.  These are the organizations that are lobbying our legislators for in-state tuition for illegals, government-run healthcare, drivers licenses for illegals, are in favor of Regional Transit Authority (RTA) and repeal of the QEO, opposed to voter photo ID, opposed to the statewide voter registration list, opposed to property tax freezes and support restrictions on 2nd amendment rights of Milwaukee County residents.  Need I say more?

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Green Bay said Wednesday partisan politics played no role in its decision to call for two Fox Valley interfaith groups to sever their ties from their state organization.

Bishop David Ricken sent a letter Saturday to ESTHER of the Fox Valley and JOSHUA of Green Bay asking them to make the move and calling a meeting with Catholic members of the two groups in March.
In the letter, Ricken says ESTHER and JOSHUA’s affiliation with WISDOM, the state umbrella organization of interfaith groups, is problematic because WISDOM is affiliated with the Gamaliel Foundation, a national group whose strategies run counter to Catholic teachings.

“The end does not justify the means,” the Very Rev. John Doerfler, the diocese’s vicar general and chancellor, told The Post-Crescent on Wednesday.

And here's some wisdom from WISDOM.  DISTURBING.

A metropolitan organization is a mass based, multi‑institution, peoples organization that exits for the purpose of amassing and exercising collective power on a local and regional level to address inequality, injustice, poverty and oppression. Its job is to shift the balance of power by aligning the poor and working class urban population with a (predominantly) white, suburban, working class constituency. Metropolitan Organizations will seek to dominate and even dictate public policy decisions without direct engagement in electoral or partisan politics or through purely legal means. Instead, it will rely on the real power of massive and overwhelming numbers and strategic action to win major issue campaigns and further expand its power. Ultimately, these Metropolitan Organizations will be linked together by their staff and key leadership and will have the power to exercise greater influence on a national scale. As the social and physical condition of the urban areas continues to erode and the economic status of the suburban working class deteriorates, the power and importance of Metropolitan Organizations will grow. They may be the only organizations prepared and willing to take regional power to transform the metropolitan area and redistribute wealth and power. And if enough regions are transformed, America is transformed.

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Soapbox Jill said...

Interesting blog. And this post, in particular struck my eye because I attended a workshop on these groups (and wrote it up, as did Mom at Irate Tireless Minority). The most important thing is to make people aware so they can choose where they want their church donations to go!