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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

WB School Board says voters too IRRATIONAL to vote on referendum yesterday

If you voted on the West Bend School District’s referendum Tuesday, get ready for some déjàvu. You could vote on the same or similar plan on the April 7 ballot. In spring, it will count.


District 3 Chief Inspector Dean Benzer said most people didn’t ask about the referendum. He addressed those who did. “You can tell the voters they don’t have to pay any attention to it if they don’t want to,” he said. “Most people said ‘Oh, OK.’” District 4 Chief Inspector Midge Bast said most voters were told to ignore the referendum. That’s what District 4 voter Josh Tonn did. “They told me to ignore it,” he said.


So let me get this right. People were just randomly told to ignore something on the ballot and they just trusted? Where were the official signs that were going to be placed at the polls? I did not see one at MY polling place. Do uninformed citizens just trust officials when they tell us "not to pay attention to" something on our ballots? This is not appropriate.


A few board members cautioned against holding a referendum while emotion is driving decisions. Board President Joe Carlson said he doesn’t want to “taint” the plan on “irrational thinking.”


So was the real reason to get it off the Nov. 4 ballot because of the "emotion" concerning the Obama/McCain election? OR...as the school board had alluded to previously, was it because of "compassion" concerning the current financial condition of the nation? And this is irrational thinking how????????? That is, actually, rather insulting.


The referendum is now slated for April 7. The same questions are expected to be on the ballot, but the School Board has to approve them again in February.


Just say NO.

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