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Monday, November 24, 2008

Do you have unclaimed property?

From the office of Glenn Grothman:

With the holidays quickly approaching, it doesn’t seem like our dollars are stretching as far as they used to. In light of recent economic concerns, are you aware that the Wisconsin State Treasurer’s Office is currently holding in excess of $330 million in Unclaimed Property? With over one million individuals on the list, could the State be holding some of your or your loved ones property?

Unclaimed Property comes from various sources such as lapsed bank accounts, stocks, certificates of deposit, mature life insurance policies, uncashed death benefit checks, utility deposit refunds, and paychecks among others.

To learn if you or your loved ones may be entitled to receive Unclaimed Property, visit this website

To obtain Unclaimed Property, contact the State Treasurer’s Office directly and provide them with the Property Identification Number.

Office of the State Treasurer
P.O. Box 2114
Madison, WI 53701
1-877-699-9211 – toll-free
www.ost.state.wi.us/home/up.html - website

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