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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Left rising up to appeal ban on same-sex marriage

In tracking numerous efforts by liberals to further their agenda here in Wisconsin and around the country, it is very apparent their success is often attained through the courts rather than through state legislatures and the court of public opinion. In reading the article below, it is most probable that yet another lawsuit may be brought to strike down Wisconsin's Traditional Marriage Amendment similar to what is happening right now with California's Supreme Court and what has happened previously in the Massachusetts and Connecticut Supreme Courts. Even though 59% of Wisconsin's citizens showed their solid support for the sanctity of marriage a few years back in amending our State Constitution, it appears that the Left is marching on. Stay tuned. Be watchful.


California let the cause of equality down this year, just as Wisconsin let it down two years ago.
But that does not mean that the votes in these two states on measures to ban same-sex marriage were identical.

Wisconsin wrote discriminatory language into its state Constitution for the first time -- an indefensibly awful move. But Wisconsin had never allowed same-sex couples to marry.
California did something even more unsettling. After the courts had determined that gays and lesbians in that state had a right to marry their partners, marriages began to be performed. Families finally received the legal recognition they had a right to expect.
The Nov. 4 referendum vote took that right away.
It is bad enough when rights are denied.
It is, somehow, even worse when they are taken away.


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