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Friday, November 7, 2008

Kewaskum Ordinance ruled unconstitutional - ADF steps in

This is interesting. I phoned our local police department in West Bend and asked about lit dropping similar information as it pertained to an unconstitutional harassment policy. I was given the exact same spiel. Hmmmmmm............ Methinks an investigation is in order here.

A federal court judge in Milwaukee has ruled a Monroe man's rights were violated when he was prohibited in the village of Kewaskum from leaving religious pamphlets denouncing homosexuality on the door handles of residences.

U.S. District Judge JP Stadtmueller ruled on Oct. 18 that a Village ordinance banning various types of literature distribution was unconstitutional and violated the civil rights of 41-year-old Michael Foht of Monroe, according to a court judgment.

The lawsuit, filed by the Alliance Defense Fund, was dismissed when, faced with the allegations, the village took immediate steps in March to withdraw the ordinance. required by court order to pay the plaintiff's attorneys fees totaling $11,000.



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