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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Petition to MATC Board and Arizona - Sign Today

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"The MATC Board apparently views their new mission as punishing 
municipalities who do not hold their political views," said Grothman
"I believe their action would be unconstitutional under the Commerce 
Clause of the U.S. Constitution. If every political subdivision were like
 the MATC Board, we would be back to the days of the Articles of 
Confederation in which states fought amongst each other. It is 
particularly embarrassing that an educational institution would take 
the lead in dividing our country based on political belief," said Grothman. 
"I move in very conservative circles and have never heard anybody suggest 
not doing business with companies in states and cities with so-called 
sanctuary-city laws, same-sex marriage statutes, euthanasia laws, etc.
 — this tactic is purely a tool of the totalitarian left."

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Petition to the Milwaukee Area Technical College
District Board and Citizens of Arizona

We, the undersigned, citizens of Wisconsin are offended by the recent actions of the Milwaukee Area Technical College Board in adopting a resolution calling for a boycott of the State of Arizona because of newly-adopted legislation to curb their growing problem with illegal immigration.
MATC’s actions are clearly designed to punish all citizens of the State of Arizona by threatening their jobs at a time of general economic downturn. The actions show a level of unprecedented intolerance towards other states that we believe would be unconstitutional under the Commerce Clause of the U.S. Constitution and completely contrary to the principles under which our great country was founded. Our country will clearly collapse if many more political bodies take it upon themselves to declare economic war on other states and municipalities every time they disagree with a statute or ordinance.
We express support for all people of Arizona of every political stripe and assure them that we will continue to proudly buy goods and services from the State of Arizona and are thoroughly embarrassed by the actions of the six radicals on the MATC Board who have a desire to put a division between the citizens of our two states. We intend to do what we can through our elected officials to bring these unelected radicals back to a position that we are confident the vast majority of people in the Milwaukee area and the State of Wisconsin believe in.
We feel MATC’s actions show a complete lack of respect for the diversity of opinion which exists throughout our nation and has thoroughly embarrassed the entire State of Wisconsin.

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