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Friday, June 4, 2010

COMMON GROUND with Fr. Jeff Haines at CABRINI in West Bend THIS SUNDAY

 There will be a Common Ground meeting at St. Francis Cabrini on Sunday June 6th 2010 at 10 a.m. (between the morning masses) in the church hall (lower level) hosted by Fr. Jeff Haines. The topic will be "The Faces of Foreclosure." 

If you aren't aware of what Common Ground is, perhaps these links will be helpful:

This priest seems to be working hard to bring Obama's Chicago-style organization to West Bend through the people at his church, St. Francis Cabrini, and has used many THOUSANDS  of DOLLARS of parishioners MONEY to support Common Ground every year.

This is not just a Cabrini issue; it's a WEST BEND issue.  The idea is to spread this "steal from the rich and give to the poor" mentality in our community.  

Show up at this meeting on Sunday and listen in; hold Jeff Haines accountable.  Don't let this meeting go unnoticed, unattended, and under the radar for one second.  

West Bend should be VERY CONCERNED.

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The Tinamou said...

I'm not sure you're enlightened enough to be appropriately embarrassed about your vague assertions and wiggly bits of guesswork about Jeff Haines and/or Common Ground.

How about really, truly, looking deeper into this -- or please remain on the shallow end.

"Seems to be" and "Obama-Style" Wow...how sad when one must invent enemies you don't have, barely know, or more likely, need for even sadder reasons.

This blog site contains a lot of ideas I agree with, and God knows paranoia in small doses can save lives, but this irresponsible "piece" is both an eye-opener for me and an eye-blackener for WISSUP.

I mean, Jeff Haines doesn't even support the DH and inter-league play. Believe me, WISSUP whiffed on this.

I suppose pitchforks and profiling and premature exclamations are what arouse the riled-up and blindly right crowd the same way it does the grassy-knollers on the left, but the degree to which you're wrong about Jeff Haines defies wasting anymore words on what you clearly don't wanna know.