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Friday, June 25, 2010

Peggy West Can't Define South (of the Border)

Ok, I wasn't going to go there.  Mostly because everyone else is going there.  I just couldn't help myself.  This is truly a sorry example for a county supervisor.  Milwaukee should be more than embarrassed.  Mortified is more like it.

Here's the scoop from Freedom Eden:

Milwaukee County Supervisor Peggy West, elected Democrat, and the Milwaukee County Board's proposed boycott of Arizona are getting national attention.

On his program today, Rush Limbaugh mentioned West and her understanding of the Arizona - Mexico border as it relates to the illegal immigration problem.
RUSH LIMBAUGH: It's ground zero, you idiot. You people in Milwaukee! What in the hell are you doing? Who are you electing here? I'm sorry.

Good questions.

Watch the video.

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